Canton Villages Missionaries  and children at the old Mission Compound,
Fong T'suen, Canton, 1914 :

This image includes the following Missionaries and their children (left to right):

Back Row - Rev H Davies; Dr E W Kirk; Rev P Milne.

2nd Row  - Dr R E Paterson (Holding Muriel?); Mrs C. Paterson; Sr EM Prentice; Miss Winifred Stubbs;
Sr. Annie James (Front); Miss Annie Hancock; Miss AM McEwan; Mrs Hazel Milne; Rev W Mawson
(holding George Mawson).

Front Row - Jean McNeur; Mrs Margaret Davies (holding Jock Davies); Mrs Margaret J McNeur;
Rev George H McNeur; Mrs S. Margaretta Mawson.  (Front); Sr. EE Wright; Margaret Mawson (at front);
Gordon Mawson.

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