Sources of funding

Press Go

Press Go is the Church's mechanism for collectively funding promising growth ideas. The Board was established by General Assembly in 2008 to support church growth by facilitating a process that provides resources for new and innovative mission and outreach. Press Go was established with a vision that every church or presbytery committed to a missional growth project receives the resources they need. Press Go is about the Church together sharing in God's mission, impacting the nation with the Good News.

Press Go helps by providing professional leadership to help build capacity and skills within a congregation so that they can both deal with their property challenges and pursue missional growth. We do this in three ways:

  1. Inspiring Mission - events, activities and resources that share "best practice" and inspiring stories of ordinary people who are achieving extraordinary things for God's Kingdom. We offer regular "Learning Parties" to equip missional leaders and help the wider Church membership to develop a missional imagination and openness to the leading of God's Spirit.
  2. Building Capacity - the Press Go Catalyst and members of the Press Go Board are available to meet with church councils, sessions and presbyteries to facilitate a strategic planning process that considers the missional context of the church or presbytery, their mission objectives, financial position, challenges and imperatives, options and choices. Based on this, we may be able to provide access to other specific skills such as legal, resource consent, fundraising, financial management, as required and agreed. The intention is that the church or presbytery is empowered and more effective in making decisions which enable it to purse a development strategy.
  3. Seed Funding - Limited seed funding is available for exceptional projects. The Press Go team will also help churches and presbyteries identify and seek external funding, partnerships and explore other revenue-generating ideas. In the first instance there is an expectation that members of the congregation are substantial supporters of the proposed initiative or development. Guidance on stewardship, operational giving and capital fundraising is available to support this.

The first point of contact is the Press Go Catalyst. Click here to email Lisa Wells, or telephone 027 4455 723, or write to P O Box 13103, Dunedin 9052.

Presbyterian Foundation

The Presbyterian Foundation distributes grants that promote the ongoing regional and other mission of the Church, as well facilitating the development of innovative mission opportunities conceived at a local and regional level.

Priority is given to ministry of people to people; new creative ventures of mission (outside usual patterns and beyond current church membership); and collaborative ventures.

Unlikely to receive funding are: routine salaries and overheads, vehicles, technical equipment, building renovations, furniture or fittings.

The majority of Presbyterian Foundation grants are under $10,000.

Apply for a Presbyterian Foundation grant

Other sources

You can also consider:

 “Presbyterian Savings & Development Society Inc. exists solely for the purpose of serving the Presbyterian and associated churches.  It provides finance at less than market rates to churches for capital projects and grants to individual churches and national projects where funds are available”   -  then a link to our website

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