A Rocha International – Executive Director - 22 Mar deadline

A Rocha International is seeking a new Executive Director to provide leadership, coordinate strategic priorities, embed an empowering, bottom-up approach to leadership across the network and build relationships with key partners, decision-makers and funders.

A Rocha : A Rocha is an international family of Christian organisations which together strive to live out God’s calling to care for creation and equip others to do likewise. Founded in 1983 by Peter and Miranda Harris with the establishment of a field study centre in Portugal, A Rocha has since grown to be a global network of 22 organisations with a combined annual income of circa £8.1m and a distinctive mandate inviting people to join in with God’s great plan to redeem creation. 

Global Structure
The A Rocha Worldwide Family (ARWF) now consists of 22 organisations. This comprises of 20 national or local organisations, Climate Stewards (a thematic organisation) and A Rocha International (ARI). All A Rocha Organisations (AROs) were started locally and operate as independent legal entities with their own boards.

A Rocha International (ARI) with circa 16 staff (all working from home) and a £1.4m budget is an equal member of the ARWF with the unique purpose and role to serve as the coordinating body for the ARWF.

Terms and Conditions
Location: Flexible. There is no formal ARI office base so all ARI staff work from home. If not based in the UK,
attendance of meetings in the UK for one week per quarter in the UK is expected.
Term: Full time. Permanent, upon successful completion of 6 months induction period. Employability: the
successful candidate must be eligible for relevant visas.
Reporting to: The Board of Trustees of ARI, in particular the Chair of the Board who will oversee
performance reviews, goal setting and delivery. At appropriate times, opportunities for learning and
development may be presented as part of the position.
Compensation Package: A comprehensive package will be finalised at the time of appointment.
The key elements include:
• Salary: Circa £85,000 pa
• Pension: 7.5% employer’s; 2.5% employee’s contribution
• Office accommodation: £[247]pm (or equivalent if non-UK-based) paid as salary .

Download application pack for more information and details of how to apply.

Applications close 22 March 2023.

A selection of candidates will be invited to zoom interviews on 11th or 12th May with a second round of interviews planned to take place in London on 8th June.