Funds administered by the Synod

Educational Fund

  • The aim of this fund is to promote both secular and religious education, for the benefit of the community as well as the church.
  • Applications are accepted from community and church organisations which are providers of educational programmes in Otago/Southland, and from the national church for Otago/Southland based educational operations e.g. Knox Centre for Ministry and Learning
  • Preference is given to tertiary educational institutions, and schools recognised by the Church and/or State, but this does not exclude other applicants.
  • The bulk of the fund is allocated to 3 or 4 large enterprises, with a limited amount reserved for small allocations to enterprises meriting support.

Forms are available from the executive officer and applications close on 30 November of each year.

Ecclesiastical Fund

  • This fund is open only to Otago/Southland Presbyterian and Union/Co-operating parishes, and Presbyterian church camps.
  • Allocations are made towards the purchase, building or upgrading of churches, manses, church halls and church campsite buildings. The buildings must be Presbyterian-owned.
  • Applications are assessed in terms of the extent to which the buildings have the potential to facilitate the strategic mission of the Church in the region.
  • Priority is given to:
  • Upgrade/expansion of buildings which are well used, have a thriving community mission focus, and have been identified as strategic assets.
  • Upgrade of manses to ensure a reasonable standard of accommodation for the minister.
  • A portion of this fund is also allocated for Knox Centre for Ministry and Learning teaching salaries.

Forms are available from the executive officer applications close on 15 October of each year.

Mission & Evangelism Fund

  • This fund is open to presbyteries and Presbyterian and Union/Co-operating parishes and church camps in Otago and Southland, and to national church enterprises which are based in Otago / Southland.
  • The fund offers financial support for mission projects, particularly those which reach out to disadvantaged or underprivileged people in the wider community.
  • Priority is given to funding projects which have a regional impact, so that the greatest number of people may benefit, but this does not exclude individual parish applications.

Forms are available from the executive officer and applications close on 15 June and 15 October of each year.

Heritage Fund

This fund is open only to specified Presbyterian church buildings with a Historic Places Class 1 rating. The current list is: St Paul’s Church - Oamaru, First Church of Otago, Iona Church – Port Chalmers, Knox Church – Dunedin , Caversham Church - Dunedin , First Church – Invercargill, Milton Church - Milton, Palmerston Church - Palmerston.

College Fund

The income from this fund may be used only for constructing/ repairing/maintaining buildings on the site occupied by Knox College and Salmond College.