An Affirmation of Faith (1993)

(Adopted by 1993 General Assembly for use in the church)

Christ Jesus,
Child of Mary, God with us,
King and Suffering Servant,
High Priest and Lamb of God,
Teacher and Word,
living, suffering, dying and rising again,
you challenge, redeem and restore us.

Holy Spirit,
Breath of life,
Counsellor and Comforter,
Fire of God,
you inspire, sustain, and purify us.

Forming us in the nature of Christ,
transforming us with your gifts,
you bind us together in one body, your church.
God of all creation,
made known to us in Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit,
your boundless love exposes our rebellion and greed.

A mother who will not abandon her child,
a father who welcomes the prodigal home,
you forgive, accept and embrace us
and call us into loving communion for ever.
In life and death we belong to you,
everlasting God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.