Apply for CWS decision-makers mentoring programme

Applications are invited for those interested in joining Christian World Service’s 12-month “Action against poverty - decision-makers mentoring programme”, which will offer you:

  • Exposure to governance in a faith-based aid organisation , supported by an experienced and qualified governance mentoring group
  • The opportunity to offer your ideas and support to CWS
  • The opportunity to express your faith through action in a caring and supportive environment
  • The ability to gain governance experience to complement your education and career development, and enhance your CV

Our mentoring programme is structured to include:

  • Participation in board meetings (as a mentee, not a formal Board member)
  • Participation in strategic discussions
  • Involvement in a CWS fundraising initiative
  • Two days voluntary work contribution, either in the national (Christchurch) or Auckland office, or elsewhere as an ambassador/presenter
  • Completion of a short (2-3 hours) on-line governance training course

Applications close 30 June. For more information or to apply, click here.