Auckland Presbytery Records
(Includes North Shore Presbytery)

"Any Church only keeps records of a certain kind - usually very formal ones which are dry in more sense than one when they come to be examined after years of storage in the old tin trunk" - St. Paul's Devonport Parish Auckland History, 1966.

"A combination of inappropriate storage and damp conditions had reduced the earlist minute books of the Session and Management Committee to virtual pulp" - St Andrew's Birkenhead Parish History 1914-1964.

Balmoral Presbyterian Church, Auckland (Previously known as Edendale Presbyterian Church) -

  • No Communion rolls 1904 to 1934; Board of Manager's minutes 1919 to 1934 missing (all noted missing in 1954).
  • The Balmoral congregation was formed on the 8th August 1888 when a congregation of over 40 parishioners met in a converted fisherman's cottage fitted with seats and a harmonium. On the 5th November 1888 fire destroyed the cottage, but undaunted nor dismayed, they promptly moved into a large room in another house nearby. What, if any records were lost is unknown. 
  • An unspecified fire c.1934-35 caused £186 pounds worth of damage. We do not know if this accounts for the loss of the above records but it appears highly probable. 

Belmont Presbyterian Church, North Shore -

  • Session minutes 1911 to 1925 missing (noted missing in 1954).

Ellerslie Presbyterian Church -

  • Session book 1906 to Jun 1922 missing (noted missing in 1954).

Epsom Presbyterian Church, Auckland -

  • Session minutes prior to 1908 missing. No Communion roll prior to 1913 (noted missing in 1954).

Helensville Presbyterian Church, Auckland -

  • Baptismal register prior to 1910 missing; Board of Manger's minutes prior to 1918 missing, Session minutes prior to 1918 and from 1924 to 1930 missing; no Communion rolls prior to 1918; Presbyterian Women's Missionary Union minutes 1939 to 1946 missing.
  • The Parish advised us in 1984 that early records were destroyed in a fire.

Hobsonville Presbyterian Church, Auckland -

  • No Communion rolls 1911 to 1921.
  • We were advised in 1984 that the records of the early Hobsonville charge, later to become the Hobsonville Home Mission Station were believed to have been destroyed in a house fire about 1909.

Knox Presbyterian Church, Parnell, Auckland -

  • Session minutes 1941 to 1956 missing, Board of Managers minutes missing 1905 to 1920.

Mahurangi Presbyterian Church -

  • Church Committee minutes 1857 to Apr 1889 missing.
  • The old Mahurangi Heads Church building was was blown off its piles during a windstorm in 1987, casuing severe 'undulations' to the internal flooring.

Mangere Presbyterian Church -

  • Baptismal register 1873 to Feb 1898 and Jun 1909 to Oct 1925 missing; Session Book Jan 1886 to Apr 1894 and Jul 1920 to Jul 1925 missing; Marriage registers Jul 1907 to Mar 1926 missing; no Communion rolls Jul 1879 to Sept 1881. (all noted missing in 1954).

Mongonui Presbyterian Church -

  • No early records survive (1883 to 1888). These were noted as missing in 1939.

Mt. Albert Presbyterian Church, Auckland -

  • Session minutes between Apr 1912 and Mar 1915 missing.
  • Marriage Register 1933 to 1937 missing.

Mt Eden Presbyterian Church, Auckland -

  • Board of Manager's minutes 1915 to 1924 missing (noted missing in 1954).

Onehunga Presbyterian Church -

  • Session minutes 1860 to 1892 missing; Baptism register 1864 to 1873 missing, no Communion rolls prior to 1906; Board of Manager's minutes 1860 to 1864 missing (most of these records noted as missing in 1954). 
  • Baptismal records to May 1881 including from Jun 1886 to Sept 1898 and Board of Manager's minutes to 1937 may also have subsequently gone missing (post 1984 information).

Orakei Presbyterian Church, Auckland -

  • An unspecified fire damaged non-parish records (see PWMU records below) stored in this Church. It is unknown if any Parish records were lost. 

St Aidan's Presbyterian Church, Auckland -

  • No Session minute book prior to Oct 1905; no Communion roll 1930 to 1935; no Marriage registers prior to Oct 1904.

St Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Birkenhead -

  • The Parish history, partially completed by the Rev Malcolm Johnston before his untimely and sudden death, notes that "A combination of inappropriate storage and damp conditions had reduced the earlist minute books of the Session and Management Committee [dating from 1914] to virtual pulp and for much of the information recourse had to be made to the records of neighbouring parishes..."
  • Baptism Register prior to 1938 missing. No Communion rolls prior to Nov 1950.

St Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Henderson -

  • Session minutes prior to 1921 missing(?); No Communion rolls prior to 1924.

St Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Howick, Auckland -

  • The Parish history compiled in March 2004 notes that many documents relating to the Bible Class and Sunday School as well as other documents had been thrown out as being no longer relevant.
  • Early material relating to this area (when it was under the oversight of the Rev John Macky) were destroyed when his house at Papatoetoe burnt down about 1872.

St David's Presbyterian Church, Mangapai -

  • Session minutes prior to 1919 missing; Baptism register prior to 1916 missing; no Communion rolls prior to 1916; no Marriage registers prior to Sept 1913.

St David's Presbyterian Church, Parnell, Auckland -

  • Early records were noted as being lost or destroyed as at 1939. The Session and Board of Manager's minutes from 1878 onwards survive; Baptism Register prior to 1890 missing.

St George's Presbyterian Church, Takapuna, North Shore -

  • While Session minutes and marriage registers 1900 to 1914 were previously recorded as missing (noted missing in 1954), only a Sunday School was formed at Takapuna (under St Paul's Devonport) in 1902. St George's Parish at Takapuna formally became a Home Mission station in 1914, therefore Session and marriage records for this area were under St Paul's Devonport prior to 1914.
  • No Communion rolls prior to 1919.
  • The St George's Presbyterian Women's Missionary Union [PWMU] celebrated their Jubilee in 1964. However their earliest minute book only commences with the "first meeting" in March 1920. Strangely the same meeting minutes also record that "The Chairwoman explained that as Mrs Alexander, the late Secretary, had not given the Minute Book to any of the members there were no minutes to read." The St George's PWMU may very well have also come out of St Paul's Devonport.

St Helier's Bay Presbyterian Church, Auckland -

  • No Communion rolls prior to Nov 1929, Jul 1935 to Aug 1942, Jul 1948 to Aug 1953; Session minutes c.1916 to Feb 1938 missing; Presbyterian Women's Missionary Union minutes Oct 1924 to Jul 1931 missing (all noted missing in 1984).

St James Presbyterian Church, Auckland -

  • Board of Managers minutes missing 1861 to Sept 1881 missing; Marriage register 1861 to 1868 missing (all noted missing in 1954).
  • Fire damaged two small wooden halls in 1941 causing £103 pounds worth of damage.
    "While paint was being burnt off [the Church c.1950-51], fire broke out, and a second fire, for the same reason, occured a few days later. The total damage amounted to £378 pounds."

St Mungo's Presbyterian Church, Grey Lynn, Auckland -

  • Baptismal register 1911 to 1930 missing; Marriage registers 1931 to 1935 missing; no Communion rolls 1911 to 1930; Board of Manager's minutes 1911 to 1919 and 1930 to 1948 missing; Bible Class records 1911 to 1948 missing; Sunday School records 1911 to 1953 missing; Annual reports 1911 to 1953 missing (all noted missing in 1954).

St Ninian's  Presbyterian Church, Avondale, ("The Whau"), Auckland -

  • Session minutes 1898 to 1899 missing; Baptism register prior to 1925 and between 1935 and 1940 missing (noted missing in 1954); Board of Manager's minutes prior to 1898 missing; no Communion roll prior to 1916 (all noted missing in 1984)
  • During a rampage of deliberate setting of fires, an arsonist broke into the Church Hall at 2.30am on the evening of the 19th November 1987, piled rubbish against the walls in four different places and then lit each pile with a cigarette lighter. He also placed two piles of rubbish against the rear of the Church and lit them. The hall was extensivelt damaged to the extent of 70% damage at a cost of $10,000 with the Church receiving some minor damage at a cost of $400  Out on parole, his reason for setting fires to five seperate buildings was to go back to prison "to be with his mates". It is unknown if any records or artifacts were lost.

St Paul's Presbyterian Church, Devonport, North Shore -

  • Marriage registers 1866 to 1889 missing; no Session Minute book prior to Jul 1889; No Management Committee minute books prior to Nov 1879 and from Mar 1883 to Feb 1889; no Communion rolls prior to 1890, Baptismal register Mar 1866 to Apr 1896 missing.
  • It appears now that there was no Session specifically constituted for Devonport from the inception of the Parish in Mar 1866 up to early 1888.
  • The Parish advised us in 1984 : "It would appear that the earlier registers were lost many years ago". 
  • The Centennial history of 1966 states "Early records are meagre, some being missing, and others having suffered from the ravages of time".

St Peter's Presbyterian Church, Grey Lynn, Auckland -

  • During the construction of the Church in 1884, a sudden wind storm brought down the newly erected framework and one of the contractors was killed.
  • Baptismal register 1908 to 1930 missing; no Communion rolls 1923 to 1935 (all noted missing in 1954). 

St Stephen's Presbyterian Church, Ponsonby, Auckland -

  • Baptismal register 1878 to 1908 missing (noted missing in 1954). Presbyterian Women's Missionary Union minutes 1919 to 1940 missing (noted missing in 1984).

Tamaki Presbyterian Church, Point England, Auckland -

  • There is a possibility that early records have been lost. In 1954 the Parish were requested to forward a return of local records held and replied as follows : "Celebrating our centenary in August [1954]. First 100 years a write-off".

Auckland District Bible Class District Committee -

  • Auckland District Bible Class District Committee minutes 1911 to 1916 missing.

Auckland Presbyterian Women's Missionary Union Presbyterial -

  • Minute books 1902 to 1964 and Financial records 1953 to 1964 damaged in a fire at Orakei Presbyterian Church and are now in a very fragile state. (These records have been transferred to microfilm).

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