Gisborne Presbytery Records

"The passing of pioneers, shortness of memory, the scantiness of such written records as have been preserved, and the limits of space here available combine to make it necessarily brief" - Forward to the Waroa Parish 75th Anniversary History 1878-1953 (the actual printed history runs to only two and half A3 size pages)

Matawhero Presbyterian Church - A return of records from the Parish in 1954 states "All [Session] books burned by a previous Session clerk." These books probably dated from 1899.
St Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Gisborne - No Communion rolls 1888 to 1916 and from 1894 to 1919; no annual reports 1873 to 1902 (noted as missing in 1954 and 1984).
The congregations 8 Communion Trays were destroyed by fire in a cabinet makers shop c.1938-39, presumably prior to delivery. The Church Insurance Committee paid the cost which was £5 pounds.  
Tokomaru Bay Presbyterian Church - Session book c.1916 to 1947 "lost in an Accountant's fire"; Baptismal register prior to 1922 missing; no Communion rolls prior to 1923 (noted as missing in 1954).
Wairoa Presbyterian Church - The church was severly damaged in an earthquake in 1931.
No Communion rolls 1900 to 1943; Baptism rolls to 1924 missing (noted as missing in 1954 and 1984).

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