Nelson - Marlborough Presbytery Records

Collingwood Presbyterian Church -

  • The Church Hall and Manse were totally destroyed by fire in 1930.
  • A record dated 1931 states that "Minute & Treasurer's books to be sent to Wellington [for safekeeping].... Marriage Registers and Baptismal Registers burnt".

Renwicktown (Renwick / Omaka) Presbyterian Church -

  • A record dated 1931 states in regards to records "Nothing to be found, established 73 years ago". This means that all records from c.1858 have been lost.
  • An historical article from 1948 states that the first meeting in the district to find a Minister for the Parish was in Dec 1856.
  • During a great flood in 1868, the half completed Church was lifted of its piles "and only saved from being carried out to sea by catching against one of the town bridges." Subsequently, the title to the land upon which the Church was built, being an abandoned roadway, was questioned. The Church then nearly perished "in one of Blenheim's frequent fires." As if that was not enough their new Minister, the Rev Archibald Russell, died of diptheria one week after the new Church was opened.
  • The manse was completely destroyed by fire c.1956-57.
  • Renwick(town) is noted as being a Home Mission Station from at least 1901.

St Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Blenheim -

  • Session minutes prior to 1870 missing (?); no Communion rolls prior  to 1903. 

St Paul's Presbyterian Church, Kaikoura -

  • Baptism roll prior to c.1878 to 1896 missing; no Communion rolls 1930 to 1936 (all noted as missing in 1984).
  • While parish records are stored in the Marlborough Historical Society Archives & Museum in Blenheim, the current whereabouts of the marriage registers are unknown. These were last known to be stored in a building in Kaikoura which had suffered a flood.

St Paul's Presbyterian Church, Picton -

  • Session book Nov 1901 to 1909 missing (?); Board of Managers minutes prior to 1927 missing (?); Baptism register prior to 1907 missing; no Communion rolls Oct 1903 to Dec 1907 (all noted as missing in 1954).
  • The Picton Sunday School building was totally destroyed by fire in 1932. It is unknown if any records were lost. A fire in the Church caused damage to fittings in 1935.

St Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Takaka -

  • Church Committee / Board of Managers minute book 1903 to 1907 missing.
  • Cash Book 1904 to 1907 missing.

Tasman Presbyterian Church, Moutere Hills -

  • The Church burnt to the ground on 31st October 1956 with the insurance payment being £750 pounds. It is unknown if any records were lost in the fire.
  • The Church was rebuilt in 1958 as St Andrew's Church.
  • A full list of extant records as at 1954 is held by the Presbyterian Archives.

Trinity Presbyterian Church, Nelson -

  • A fire destroyed the Church Hall on the 1st May 1951, causing £3,612 pounds worth of damage. It is unkown if any of the following missing  records were lost in this or an earlier (unspecified) fire : 
    Session minutes 1848 to 1890 missing; Deacon's Court minutes 1848 to 1866 and 1878 to 1886 missing; Baptismal register 1848 to 1892 and between 1912 and 1916 missing; Marriage registers 1848 to 1852 and from 1856 to 1858 missing; Treasurer's Report book 1897 to 1917 missing; Communion rolls 1848 to 1891 missing; YMBC minutes 1923 to (?) missing; Sunday School minutes 1928 to 1958 missing, roll books 1925 to 1951 missing.

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