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KINERA, Rev Philomena
Methodist Ch
Kaiapoi Co-op ChP 9 Feb 2012

HM Paeroa WkP 1901

KING, Mr A.W.     & Mrs
Maori Miss
Maori Boys Training Farm Te Whaiti, carpentry  instructor 1946; Mrs Assist Matron.   
Res 31.12.1948 on his being accepted as stud at Ak Teachers Coll.
Supplied Birkenhead HM Station 1952, while stud at Train Coll.
HM Birkenhead 1952 (Student’s Supply) ???

KING,  Rev Edwin David Molesworth
w Caroline King, died 22 April 1963 aged 84 years
Native of Australia, 29 years in New Zealand
Home Missionary, Ratanui, Clutha Presbytery, 1921,  Ordained Home Missionary, 1922
Appointed to Seacliff, Dunedin Presbytery, 1924, but he was ill, not well enough to take up work.
Report 1925: forced to withdraw through ill-health for lengthy rest.
Hoped he may take up work later. (Evidently did not do so.) 
Died 12 January 1932 aged 64 years, Andersons Bay Cemetery records list Edwin David N King,
Births, Deaths and Marriages Online list Edwin David Molesworth King died 1932 aged 64 years

KING, Rev Edmund Thomas
b 16.3.1879; w Edith b 12.7.1892 m 14.7.1915 d 1.8.1970
HM Toko TkP 1910
Ohura WkP 1912
Taumarunui-Ongarue WkP 1915,  Ord HM 1915
Seddon NMP  4.1918
Ratanui ClP  1921
Seddon NMP 1922, raised to full status by Ass 27.11.1923
Ord Min  Seddon NMP  14.4.1924
Motueka NMP 5.11.1925
Taihape WgP 27.10.1931
Wairoa GP  2.10.1941  ret 31.12.1944
Died 23.5.1956 Levin

KING, Rev. Dr. Geoffrey (Geoff) Stewart                         BA(Hons)., BD., PhD.
born Waipawa, New Zealand
wife Gillian Ruth nee Bolitho married 16 January 1988
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) 1988 Massey University; Bachelor of Divinity 1995 University of Otago; Doctor of Philosophy 1998 University of Otago
Licensed Caversham Church, Dunedin Presbytery on behalf of Auckland Presbytery 30 October 1984
Ordained Stated Supply (six months), Knox Church Dunedin, 17 November 1994 to 4 June 1995.
Inducted Chaplain (Territorial - part time), New Zealand Defence Force - Fourth Battalion, Otago and Southland, Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment
Chaplain, Columba Girls’ College Dunedin, Dunedin Presbytery 12 February 1998 - resigned
To Minister within the Bounds, Methodist appointment to Dunedin Methodist Parish, 1 February 2000 to 18 May 2003
Chaplain, Fourth Battalion, New Zealand Defence Force, East Timor, 5 May to August 2001
Knox Church, Christchurch, Christchurch Presbytery, 22 May 2003 to 25 December 2012
Director, Petersgate Counselling Centre, Riccarton January 2013
School Guidance Counsellor, Burnside School, Christchurch

KING, Rev George Stuart
born 25 January 1874 Dalkeith Scotland; wife Helen born 17 January 1876 married 18 June 1902 died 25 November 1966
Reported 1903: he studied at Edinburgh University; worked as student; 2 years in Queensland as Home Missionary and came to New Zealand in 1903 highly commended by Home Mission Committee of that Church
Norsewood, Hawkes Bay Presbytery, student preacher, 1903 (formed new parish 1903)
Hall 1906-1908
Student Missionary, Russell Street, First Church of Otago, Dunedin, 2 July 1906 — terminated 13 September 1907
Ordained Pleasant Point, South Canterbury Presbytery, 13 April 1909
Chaplain 1st Main Body New Zealand Expeditionary Force, 1914-1918; resigned Pleasant Point, 30 September 1918
After the War he visited South Africa and Australia, visiting schools and universities, and brought back new ideas. 
Seacliff, Dunedin Presbytery, 28 February 1919
Lansdowne, Masterton, Wairarapa Presbytery, 3 May 1923
St James, Wanganui East, 2 November 1927
Strath Taieri (Middlemarch), 18 June 1937
Motueka, Nelson-Marlborough Presbytery,  26 September 1940
‘A fruitful and faithful ministry.’
Died 30 January 1944 in office.
Memorial plaque at St. John's Church, Pleasant Point, removed and put into storage, July 2016

HM Owhango 1916  res 1917

KING, Rev James Norby
born 13 August 1921
wife Helen Alice  born 15 February 1921  married 6 September 1947 died ????
Flight Lieutenant 413089 Royal New Zealand Airforce, Attached Royal Canadian Airforce, 485 Squadron, 1941
Theological Hall 1970-1972
Ordained Ngaruawahia Union, Waikato Presbytery, 6 February 1973 — resigned 31 January 1979 and withdrew.
Minister Emeritus, November 1979
Green Kiwi versus German Eagle: The Journal of a New Zealand Spitfire Pilot (1991)
Died 14 February 2014 aged 93 at Caughey Preston Hospital Auckland

KING, Jason Robert
from a Rangiora family, childhood in Christchurch
wife: Kate married September 2010
Diverse employment background: warehouse manager prior to entering theological study and part time store-man, office worker, cleaner while studying
made a Christian commitment at age of 23
Bachelor of Ministries, Laidlaw College, Christchurch 2005
Youth and Young Adults Leader, City New Life Church, Christchurch 1998 to 2004
Community Development Pastor (part-time), Opawa Baptist Church, 2004- 2007 ordained June 2005
Fully registered member, Baptist Association of New Zealand, 2007
Senior minister, North Avon Church, 2008-2015 — a leader for Delta Trust, and Club Chaplain, Richmond Working Men's Club
Sabbatical year at Oxford Terrace Baptist Church, leading worship, preaching and mentoring a young persons' group, 2016
Member, John Knox Presbyterian Church, Rangiora 7 May 2017
Appointed assistant minister (12 month stated supply), John Knox Church, Rangiora, May 2017
Stated Supply Minister, John Knox Church, Rangiora, 2018
Minister, Rangiora Presbyterian Church, 21 February 2019

KING, Rev Linda
Hauraki Plains Co-operating Church, WkP 2007

HM Silverdale NSP 1923 res 1924 & wthd.

KING, Rev Philip (Phil) Leslie         B.A., B.D.
born Dunedin
wife Keryn Jan nee Irving married 19 May 1984
Bachelor of Arts 1982 Otago University; Bachelor of Divinity 1990 Otago University
Theological Hall 1986-88
Licensed Maryhill Church Mornington Dunedin, 3 December 1989
Ordained Waipukurau Co-operating Hawkes Bay Presbytery 13 February 1990
Bishopdale-St.Margaret’s Presbyterian Church Christchurch Presbytery, 4 February 1996
Interim Moderator, Wadestown Presbyterian Church, Presbytery Central - Nukuhau Tapu 12 July 2016

KING, Mr Rex Frederick                B.A.
b. Invercargill
Educated at Southland Boys High School (1950-54), Otago University, Canterbury University
and Christchurch Teachers College. Holds a Teachers “B” Certificate.
Missionary Teacher to Hong Kong - Headmaster at Hoh Fuk Tong College - Appt. from 1.1.1963
Short course at All Saints College, Sydney completed 7.6.1963 then helped at Onesua High School
and Tangoa Training Institute (New Hebrides) until departure for Hong Kong 23.8.1963
Original 3 year term extended to 5 years.
Language study 1966
Appt. Head of Min Yin School Hong Kong, Sep 1966
Appt. Headmaster of Ying Wa College Hong Kong Sept. 1972 under Government grant.
Rep 1972: he is now to be supported by Hong Kong Council of Ch of Christ in China, &
taken off staff of our Ch.  (becomes overseas worker from that date.)
Off staff 31.8.1972

KINGAN, Sr Rae                       Mrs J. Hewson
Maori Miss
Turakina Maori Girls Coll, teacher 1946 temp
Nuhaka & Miss School Waimana 1.2.1947
Deac Coll 1948-50
Matahi School, teacher 1.9.1952,  Ord Deac 1953 
res 31.12.1954 to marry;  lived Rakaia

KINGI, Miss Tamai
Turakina Maori Girls Coll - was Dux in 1914, & Assist Teacher in 1915.

KINGSLEY, Rev David Calvin
fr USA on exchange at St Ninians Karori WnP  8.1991

KINLOCH, Rev Denis Thomas Wright  (Jock)
b 29.10.1918 Kilmalcolm Scot; w Isabella Mary b 4.2.1923 m 19.12.1942 d 4.3.1988
He worked with Pickering & Inglis, publishers, Glasgow. 
In 1939 he joined Sth Afr Police Salisbury, Rhodesia (now Harare, Zimbabwe);
In 1960 he came to NZ with the aim of becoming Hosp Chap, & entered Hall.
Hall 1961-3
Ord Chap Waikato Hosp with PSSA Hamilton 4.2.1964
St Johns Wn 27.6.1968
Hosp Chap Tauranga 4.2.1975  ret 28.2.1982
Died 4.5.1984 cancer

KINMONT, Rev Alexander Williamson         M.A.
b 26.10.1861 Edinburgh
w. Margaret  H.F.M. b 1.8.1864 m 6.4.1892 d 4.12.1944
Studied at Edinburgh University (M.A.1882) & New College Edinburgh
Licensed by the Free Church Presbytery of Edinburgh 1886
Ordained by the Free Church Presbytery of Kirkcaldy 1888
Mministered 14 years in Scotland at Couper Fife & at United Free Church Burnt Island
Arrived New Zealand 1903
Ind East Taieri DnP 3.9.1903- resigned 30.6.1918 due to ill-health
Assist Knox Church Dunedin for some time - Retired 1919
On recovering he supplied in various places and laboured at Kensington for 2 years.  He was
among the first to advocate a Home for aged people.  Supplied St Andrews Christchurch;
St Davids Auckland; and St Andrews Dunedin.
Vigorously supported the temperance cause. Lost a son in a tragic accident Christmas Eve,
Dec 1915
Died 21.8.1926, aged 64

KINMONT, Rev William
Resident of Knox College Dunedin 1914-17, 1918-19
Served with Forces in World War One.
Theological Hall 1923-4
Rep 1924: he failed in Hebrew, Greek & Ch History in 1923, & was required to repeat 1st yr;
he intimated that he refused to do so and withdrew as student for ministry.
Noted as Being a Presbyterian Minister in Tasmania; St Columba Church Woolhara NSW to 1956;
Coomba NSW 1956 to ? ; Retired to Canberra 1960.
Died (?)

KINROSS, Miss Ethel Margaret                                     M.B.E.
b. 25.12.1893  at Woodville
Grew up in Canterbury after attending Christhurch Teachers Training School she taught
under the ‘native school’ branch of the Education Dept. as head Teacher at Pipiriki Maori
School on the Wanganui River for 2 years. 
Invited by the Maori Mission Committee to take the position of :
Principal of Turakina Maori Girls College at Marton 1.3.1920 - retired 28.2.1950, after
30 years service. In this school Miss Kinross gave faithful service during a thirty year
period which had its own particular difficulties.
Retired to Hawkes Bay but spent another 10 years teaching at Iona College in Hawkes Bay.
Also became Business Manager of the PWMU “Harvest Field” magazine – retired 1966
Awarded the M.B.E. in 1953 for her services to Maori education, an award which she
personally received from the Queen at a function in Wellington.
“There is a quality of life in Miss Kinross that is felt by all who know her”
Died 22 Sept 1997 at Durart Aged Centre, Havelock North in her 104th year

KIRGAN, Rev R. Gordon
HM Takaka NMP 1905
Ngaruawahia & Huntly WkP  1907
Helensville AP 1910
Kaponga TkP 1915,  Ord HM 1915
Normanby TkP  1916
Hobsonville AP 1918 res fr HM serv 1922.

KIRIAU, Rev Jimmy
w Ngametua  m 16.1.1957
Hall 1973-6
Ord PIC Ak 24.2.1977
Assoc PIC Newtown WnP 28.10.1980 res fr min 20.6.1989

KIRK, Mr Athol L.             J.P.
Maori Miss
Clerk of Maori Synod, Whakatane 1963 res 12.1966

KIRK, Rev Cecil            
b. Ireland
Ordained in Ireland
From the Canadian Presbyterian Church.
Central Southland Parish, Winton (Supply)  SP  2003 – term completed Sept 2003

KIRK, Dr Edward (Eddy) Wilfrid       M.B., Ch.B.(Edin), F.R.C.S.(Edin); M.R.C.O.G.
born 30.10.1886 at Edinburgh, Scotland.
wife Winifred Mary Stubbs born 8 April 1885 at Newcastle upon Tyne, England married 10 April 1918 at Toronto, Canada died 1957 (Refer also entry for Miss WM Stubbs).
A son of the Rev John Kirk of Edinburgh.
After going to George Watson's College he received his medical education at Edinburgh University, graduating in 1908.
He held house appointments at the Royal Infirmary and the Deaconess Hospital, Edinburgh.
Appointed Missionary to Presbyterian Church of New Zealand Canton Villages Mission, China he was one of the student Missionary volunteers, accepted at 1907 General Assembly.
Came to New Zealand in 1909 and ordained as an Elder before he leaving for Canton Nov 1909.
On outbreak of World War One he was set free for voluntary medical service.
Arrived France 10 February 1916
Served in France and Belgium with the rank of Lieutenant, rising to Captain, in the R.A.M.C.; attached in March as Medical Officer to the 9th Gordon Highlanders until seriously injured in an accident (fracture of his skull) on 13 November 1917.
On his recovery he acted as Surgeon in Bangour Hospital, West Lothian (then on a war footing), until the Armistice in November 1918, when, after becoming F.R.C.S.Ed.(Edinburgh), he returned to China.
Married in Toronto Canada to Winifred M. Stubbs, who went to Canton as a Nurse on Mission staff. 
Returned to Missionary service in Canton, 31 December 1926, but political conditions made it impossible for work to resume in Canton, and he left to take a position in a Chinese controlled Medical College at Changsha, where he was Associate Professor of Anatomy from 1 January 1927
One record indicates that he took a position in 1926 on the staff of St John’s University in Shanghai.
In 1928 he was resident in Hong Kong holding an appointment under the Colony Government in connexion with Chinese Hospitals.  He withdrew from Missions staff on entering Government service. 
One record states that he took up private practice in surgery and gynaecology in Hong Kong until the fall of Hong Kong to the Japanese in the Second World War when he was interned until the end of hostilities.
Noted as being Doctor in Stanley Internment Camp in Hong Kong during World War II.
Left China 1946
Obtained the M.R.C.O.G. in 1949 and took up hospital work in gynaecology in London (Buckhurst Hill) until retirement age.
Thereafter he worked at intervals until age began to tell.
Lived in London during retirement, being a keen golf player.
"Many will recall his sterling character and generous nature, as also his capable and helpful ministrations."
(Latter information partially gleaned from his obituary in the British Medical Journal, 27 April 1963)
Brother of Dr John Kirk.
Died 28 March 1963, aged 76 years.

KIRK, Mrs E.W.           see                  Stubbs, Winifred

KIRK, Rev Hamish Murray Laurenson                          E.D., BTh.(Hons), Dip Mins, MIntlSy, PSC(J)
wife Kisten (Kirsty) Kirk married 20 August 1988, St Timothy's Anglican Church, Burnside, Christchurch
Brought up Anglican
Fitter and turner, foreman in an engineering shop and union delegate
Bachelor of Theology (Honours) 1992 Otago University
Hall 1989-1991
Licensed St Stephens, Christchurch, 1 December 1992
Ordained Grants Braes, Dunedin Presbytery, 18 February 1993
Trinity Presbyterian Church, Nelson, Nelson Marlborough Presbytery, 2 May 1996
Appointed Police Chaplain, Nelson Tasman District, 1996 to 2012
Commissioned Territorial Army Chaplain Class IV (Captain) to the Second Canterbury, Nelson-Marlborough and West Coast Battalion, D Company, Nelson, 2004 — promoted Chaplain Class III (Major) 2009
Deployed Regional Assistant Mission to the Solomon Islands (RAMSI) 2006
Deployed Operation GYRO 9 (Timor Leste-East Timor)
Chaplain, Linton Military Camp, Manawatu Wanganui Presbytery, 1 October 2011
Masters in International Security Studies 2017-2018
Chaplain, Trentham Military Camp, Wellington, Central Presbytery, 2019
Awarded Efficiency Decoration, 2021
Chaplain, Linton Military Camp, 2021
Retired from Military Chaplaincy and placed on Retired List 2023 after 18 years service
Other recognised minister, Presbytery Central – Nukuhau Tapu, 2 February 2023

KIRK, Dr (Professor) John        M.B.,Ch.B.(Edin), F.R.C.S.; F.R.C.S.(Edin)
born: 27 November 1881 in Edinburgh, Scotland.
wife: Norah Elizabeth Hughes born in Dublin 11 August 1881, married 2 October 1908 at Hong Kong. Died at her daughter's residence, Edgware, London 18 February 1962
"As a qualified Nurse trained at Mildmay, London, she travelled to China in October 1908 to be married to Dr John Kirk. …With devoted zeal she worked with her husband in the opening of medical work in our mission district, with its medical headquarters in the primitive-makeshift hospital in the Ko Tong Market. There she played a significant part in the establishment of the Nurses' Training School"
Son of the Rev John Kirk of Edinburgh.
Educated at George Watson's College and at Edinburgh University, where he graduated M.B., Ch.B. in July 1904. During the course of his student career he was twice awarded medals in practical anatomy and prizes in systematic and clinical surgery.
After graduation he held the appointment of House Surgeon at the Mildmay Mission Hospital, Bethnal Green, London Sept 1904 to May 1906 Dr Kirk had been a fellow student of Medical Missionary Dr Joseph Ings.
On hearing of Dr Ings' death at Canton in Aug 1906 he volunteered for Mission service.
After visiting and touring New Zealand left for Canton, 10 October 1908.
Doctor at Ko Tong Mission Hospital then at Kong Chuen Mission Hospital from 1916.
While on leave 1913-1914 he was admitted as a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh; also attending the University course on Diseases of Tropical Climates, gaining the class medal.
Appointed Lecturer in Operative and Clinical Surgery at the Kung Yee Medical College, Canton 1914.
On 1 December 1919 he was set free from Kong Chuen Hospital and became a Lecturer in Human Anatomy at the Kung Yee Medical College, Canton, becoming heavily involved with the Union Medical Education Scheme. 
Convener of the Canton Missionary Conference Medical Committee 1920, the Committee to organize medical mission work in the Province and co-ordinate it.
During furlough in 1921-1922 he worked as a full-time Demonstrator in Anatomy in the University of Birmingham.
Placed in charge of the new Dept of Anatomy at Kung Yee Medical College in 1924, the first of its kind in China. Some years later it became the Medical Faculty of the National University of South China.
A member of the Council on Medical Education of the Chinese Medical Association for 6 years and President from 1923 to 1925.
Chairman of the Joint Conference on Medical Education arranged by the Chinese Medical Association and the Hong Kong and China Branch of the British Medical Association, 1925.
Resigned 31 October 1929 for family reasons and returned to England.
His contribution to the medical work of the Canton Villages Mission was significant.
Appointed full-time demonstrator in anatomy at University College, London, becoming senior demonstrator in 1930. Later became sub-dean of the faculty of medical science at the college, and senior tutor in the faculties of medicine, science, and engineering, and lecturer in anatomy to the Slade School of Fine Art.
In 1937 appointed to the S.A. Courtauld chair of Anatomy at Middlesex Hospital Medical School, occupying the chair until retirement in 1949.
The outbreak of war left him shouldering a heavy burden, the pre clinical side of the Medical School having to be evacuated first to Bristol then later to Leeds.
The title of Professor Emeritus was then conferred upon him.
From 1943 to 1945 secretary of the board of studies in human anatomy and morphology, and chairman of the board from 1945 to 1947.
In the service of medical education he was chairman of the committee of anatomical supply for the London area from 1937 to 1947, and had been chairman of the committee of licensed teachers of anatomy in Great Britain.
Vice-President of the Anatomical Society of Great Britain and Ireland from 1947 to 1949.
Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of England in 1952.
A member of the British Medical Association for over 50 years, serving as President of the Section of Anatomy and physiology at its annual meeting in Harrogate in 1949.
In retirement, he responded to the invitation of the General Medical Council to act as their Visitor, spending some years inspecting in turn every department of anatomy in Great Britain and Ireland.
"He was a Christian, simple - in the finest sense of that word, steadfast, and strong for everything that seemed to him worthy and of good report... Amongst the people of China he will be remembered as a beloved Physician and a skilled Surgeon, who came to them in that far country with a message of hope and good cheer. In our Medical School and University [at Middlesex] we remember a magnificent Teacher, a splendid administrator, a wise counsellor; yet in our hearts and minds he will live for qualities which are finer by far; kindness - for he was generous as the day, and full of wholesome laughter; honesty – he was guileless as a little child; humility - for he took pride in the achievements of others; fearlessness - for he shared the life which had overcome darkness. His interest in his students travelled far beyond the classroom and laboratory, and his influence will go with them for the rest of their lives. His serenity and strength stemmed from an unswerving reliance on the Christian faith and standing by his side for more than fifty years, he had in Mrs Kirk one as true and dauntless as himself."
(Taken from an address by Professor EW Walls, Professor John Kirk's sucessor, at the Memorial Service in the Middlesex Hospital Chapel on 29 October 1959)
Brother of Dr EW Kirk.
Died 26th September 1959, peacefully in his sleep, at home, Stanmore, Middlesex, England, aged 77 years.

KIRK, Rev John Brown
b 19.5.1874 Otokia, Taieri;
w (1) Agnes b (?)  m 26.4.1899  d (?)
w (2) Ruth b 27.10.1883 m 1.9.1909 d 8.2.1964
He farmed his Father’s property for several years; preached in neighbouring places when needed.
He felt the Call for fuller service and joined the Home Missions service 1908.
HM Ratanui ClP 1908
Rep 1909: he was laid aside by a severe attack of typhoid in 1909; when he recovered it was
thought advisable to transfer him to -
Athol SP 1909  -  he left the service because of health in a short time.  After some years of poor
health he felt fit again to re-enter the HM service.
Wakanui AsP 1921,  Ord HM  1923
Reefton WsP  1926
Ida Valley COP  1927, raised to full status 18.11.1927
Ord Min Ida Valley 21.2.1928
Waihao Valley SCP 26.9.1930 - retired 6.12.1938
Died 24.8.1947

KIRK, Miss Margaret
born 1927
Grew up in Whakatane, trained as a nurse at Waikato Hospital, completed her training as a public nurse in Toronto and nursed in Canada
Overseas Worker with Overseas Missionary Fellowship in Indonesia, 1959-1989
Worked as trained nurse in two Christian hospitals and training schools in East Java
Tutor, School of Nursing, Immanuel Hospital, Bandung, West Java, 1965
Training College for teachers of scripture, Church of Central Sulawesi, living at Tentena, Sulawesi, 1970
Gilbert Island, 1976
Theological Training Centre, Sulteng, Indonesia 1979-1984
Returned to Whakatane, 1989
Her interest in Mission continued and Bay of Plenty Presbytery and APW Presbyterial benefited from her research and presentations.
Involved at Parish level: taking services and communion, Parish Council, Church Education Committee, Sunday School, Alpha, Home Groups, pastoral visiting, etc.
Writer: God was a Stranger, That Greater Freedom, Let Justice Flow, and Gumboots and a Sarong.
died January 2003 after illness
"We have always admired Margaret for her willingness and ability to go it on her own. The years in Sulawesi were challenging, but in the strength of the Lord she always went on even though she was aware of the pain of loneliness. The same grit stood her well as she put the record of God's faithfulness into print. What a lot she has achieved in her life., Alan Bennett, New Zealand OMF Director.

KIRK, Mrs Nancy          nee Clark
Miss New Hebrides  (Vanuatu)
Tongoa app 1953
Rep 1957: has come back earlier than expected owing to husband’s illness.
(also listed under Clark)

KIRKBY, Rev Donald Alan              B.A.,B.D.
b 18.10.1918;
w (1) Mary Letitia b 18.6.1918 m 22.11.1947 d 1.11.1982
w (2) Betty Louise b -  m 16.12.1983
Theological Hall 1948-50
Ord Dargaville NP  19.12.1950
Pukekohe SAP 31.5.1957 - resigned 14.3.1969
Brother of Rev EL Kirkby.
Died 16.9.1985

KIRKBY, Rev Edward Leonard              B.A.
b 26.2.1917
w Mary Florence b 5.7.1913 m 29.12.1942 d 9.5.1993
Theological Hall 1942 - attended first couple of weeks,  then called up to Air Force.
Returned to the Hall after released from War Service.
Theological Hall 1946-48
Ord Tapanui MtP  14.12.1948
Katikati BPP  16.11.1954
Helensville AP  27.2.1964 - retired 31.5.1982
Brother of Rev DA Kirkby.
Died 14.10.1988   

KIRKBY, Rev Robin Walker               B.A., B.D.
b.  Wellington 13.8.1921
w. Mavis Jean Stoddart  b. Manaia, Taranaki  26.12.1923 m. 2.12.1950. She trained
for two years at the BibleTraining Institute, Auckland and then took her certificate
as a trained Maternity Nurse at Palmerston North.
Rev Kirkby educated at Hawera Primary and High Schools, Auckland Teachers’
Training College (1939-40), Victoria University Wellington. Holds a Teachers “C”
Certificate. Intended becoming a Teacher however War service interrupted his training.
It was during this time that he heard God’s call to the ministry.
Army Service in NZ, Egypt, Italy 1941-46. Returned to NZ 1946
Thelogical Hall 1948-50
Ordained at Manaia Church January 1951
Volunteered as Missionary under the Australian Presbyterian Board of Missions – Ordained
as District Missionary, being stationed on Ambrim Island, New Hebrides 3.1951
Transferred to NZ Church and appointed :
Principal Tangoa Teachers’ Training Institute 8.5.1953 - duties including administration,
lecturing on Biblical and Theological Subjects, and leading them in Evangelistic work on
South Santo. Mrs Kirkby assisting among the wives of the students.
Intimated in 1956 that he would resign 12.1958.
Mahurangi (Warkworth) 19.2.1959 - resigned 5.5.1961
NZ Bible Training Institute Auckland – Lecturer in Old Testament studies 1.5.1961 –
Retired 31.12.1977 due to ill health and retired to Waihi.
“Rob brought to his teaching ministry a deep respect for the authority of the Bible as the
Word of God, and a methodical mind that presented lecture material in a well-prepared,
ordely fashion spiced by a delightful sense of humour. He is rememberred as thorough,
dependable, humble, interested in people, a family person and a man with a compelling
Rob’s great passion was the missionary outreach of the church, which found expression
through his own stint in Vanuatu, in training students for missionary service, in his
support of several missionary societies and in his intentional and dedicated prayer life.”
(from Obit.)
Died 16.1.1996

KIRKBY-SING, Rev Michael (Mike)
Wife: Christine
English to Speakers of Other Languages teacher, and high school teacher, Hamilton
Theological degree by distance, Laidlaw College
Intern, Rotorua, two years, completed studies, December 2017
Licenciate, 8 December 2017
Ordained and inducted Minister (Stated Supply), Lumsden Balfour Kingston Presbyterian Church, 15 December 2017
Bethlehem Community Church, Kaimai Presbytery, 27 August 2023

KIRKLAND, Rev Andrew Dougal
b 28.6.1871
w Doris J. b 2.10.1900 m 18.12.1919 d 19.5.1970
Theological Hall Dunedin 1896-98
Ord Riversdale MtP 1.3.1899
Waianiwa SP 24.10.1905 - resigned 30.9.1912
Waikari ChP 30.9.1913
Mt Ida COP 29.6.1920 - resigned 31.12.1922
Mayfield AsP  4.11.1924
Cust ChP  8.8.1936 - retired 31.12.1940
Wakanui AsP (Supply) 25.2.1941 – retired 31.1.1945
Son of Rev James Kirkland
Died 28.8.1949   

w. Mary Kirkland, b. (Scotland), m.(?) d. 25 Oct 1921, aged 84 years.
Studied at Glasgow University & Free Church College, Glasgow.
Licensed by the Free Church Presbytery of Glasgow 1862.
Received as a Probationer by Presbyterian Synod of Otago & Southland 24.6.1863
Ord Inchclutha & Kaitangata ClP 10.9.1863
Hokitika WsP 10.9.1872
West Taieri DnP  4.10.1875 - retired 1902
Moderator of the Presbyterian Synod of Otago & Southland 1872
Father of Rev A.D. Kirkland
Died 14.2.1902 (one record states 15.2.1902), aged 69 years.
Interred in Northern Cemetery, Dunedin.

KIRKPATRICK, Rev Peter Murray             B.Com, LLB, M.Th.  
wife: Phyllis (Phyl) Ann married 16 April 1988
Auckland Grammar 1973; Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Law 1979 Auckland University; Bachelor of Theology (honours) 1987 Bible College of New Zealand; Master of Theology 1993 Otago University
Chartered accountant, KPMG Peat Marwick 1980 to 1984, 1988 to 1991
Member, St Columba's Presbyterian Church Pakuranga 1974
Theological Hall  1991-1993
Bay of Islands Co-operating (Supply) Northland Presbytery February 1991
Ordained  St Andrews Dargaville, Northland Presbytery, 9 February 1994 
Manaia Union Taranaki Presbytery 28 January 1997
Minister within the Bounds, 18 April 1999
St. Giles, Te Atatu, South Auckland Presbytery, 10 February 2000
Minister within the Bounds Auckland Presbytery 26 February 2006
Minister Emeritus 30 June 2011

KIRKWOOD,  Ann McGilp  (Sr Anna)
b 29.12.1907 Scot
Turakina Maori Girls Coll, teacher 1929-30 
St Stephens Ak 1.2.1931, Ord Deac  8.1931  res 30.4.1933
Youth Dept YWBC Org Sec 17.5.1933 to 31.12.1937
Maori Miss - relieving  1938
Maori Miss 23.2.1939 res 29.2.1940 ill-health
Pres Ch of Vict Aust Youth Dept, Org Sec PGF 1940-1; returned to NZ to -
Youth Dept Chch, editorial & field work 8.4.1943 res 31.12.1945
Organizer Bible-in-schools Dn 1.2.1946  res 12.1950
HQ NZ Council for Chr Educ Wn  12.1950
YWCA New Plymouth 1954
YWCA Dn 12.1956
National YWCA Wn  1969  ret 1973
Died 15.6.1986 Woburn Home Lower Hutt 
Sister of Rev AM Kirkwood.

KIRKWOOD, Rev Archibald McGilp               B.E.M., B.A.
b 28.5.1915 at Dunedin
w Diana Pont Allchurch b 7.4.1916 m 13.11.1948
Educated at Musselburgh Primary School and Otago Boys High School.
Worked for 10 years in the hardware trade then decided to study for the ministry.
Studied at Otago University, being elected President of the SCM (Student Christian
Movement). Life member of the University Athletic Association.
Theological Hall, Dunedin 1943-45
Licensed by Dunedin Presbytery 29.10.1945
Ord Associate Minister First Church Invercargill SP 29.11.1945
Teviot (Roxburgh COP) 11.11.1948 This was at the start of the construction of the Roxburgh hydro dam,
they exercised an effective ministry among locals and construction workers alike.
While here he was seconded at one stage to the Refugee Camp at Pahiatua.
Heretaunga WnP  30.10.1952
Devonport NSP  12.9.1957
Waverley Invercargill 4.2.1965 - after an operation in Hospital he became a paraplegic,
and later a quadraplegic. It was a long and hard struggle back to limited mobility recovery but he was
permanently confined to a wheelchair.
Resigned 30.6.1968
Chaplain Green Lane Hospitaland national Women's Hospital Auckland (working from a wheel chair) 20.3.1969
He served with distinction, endearing himself to both patients and staff alike.
Retired 1.7.1974. 
Took a part time appointment as Chaplain to Lady Allum Home, where his minsitry and exhuberant cheerfulness
was much appreciated. Retired in 1984.
Retired to Lady Allum Home and Hospital at Westlake, North Shore, Auckland.
Suffered a stroke late in 1984 from which he made a remarkable recovery but a second stroke left him severely
"Arch was a person who was interested in people. He had a wide humanity and made friends across a wide
spectrum of each community in which he lived, and they were friendships which persisted through the years.
Through all the years in good health and in poor health he was faithful to his calling as a Minister of the Gospel,
being ably supported by his wife." [from Memorial Minute]
Died 12.3.1986 at Lady Allum Hospital.
Brother of Sr AM Kirkwood.

Maori Mission - Turakina Maori Girls Coll, teacher 1929 - resigned 1931

KIRTON, Rev Wlliam
w. Mary b.(?) m. (prior to 1850) d.(?)
From the Church of Scotland; had a charge in Shields, England and left from there for NZ;
Arrived on the "berkshire" at Nelson a Feb 1850 thence to Wellington on the "Woodstock", arrived 18 Feb 1850.
St Andrew's (Scot's Church) Wellington (as successor to Rev John MacFarlane) WnP  3.1850
Many of the congregation had belonged to the Free Church and regarded Mr Kirton as having too strong a conformity
to the established Church. In Nov 1851 a memorial signed by 69 people was sent to the Free Church of Scotland asking
that an Ordained Minister be sent out to form them into a seperate congregation. This request was granted and the Rev
John Moir was sent out to Wellington where he formed the congregation later known as St John's.
The smaller congregation now at St. Andrew's and the conmtinuing conflict must have encouraged Mr Kirton to accept
a call to Kaiapoi in January 1863.
Kaiapoi ChP  6.2.1863, laboured here till his death.
Died  27.8.1871 Kaiapoi,  in office

Native of Denmark.
Rep 1880; he did Church Extension work.  It was stated that there were a good many
Danes on Banks Peninsula, and he was able to preach to them in the Danish language.
Banks Peninsula ChP  1880-

KITTO, Rev William Charles Arthur
born 9 July 1919 Dunedin
wife Beverley Merle born 26 September 1914 married 2 December 1944 died 20 July 2008
He was educated at Waitaki Boy’s High School, and then became a clerk in the Head Office of the Social Security Department in Wellington. He continued his connection with the Young Men’s Bible Class, and became Dominion President of the YMBC in 1943-1945. Also Vice-President of the CYC and Secretary of the YCCRE.
Joined the Home Missionary service in 1946.
Home Missionary, Awhitu, South Auckland Presbytery 8 December 1946 — involving a number of shifts from manse to manse
Dannevirke Outfields, Hawkes Bay Presbytery, 1950
Coromandel-Whitianga, Waikato Presbytery, 1953, Ordained Home Missionary 1954
Grants Braes-Tomahawk, Dunedin Presbytery 1956
Hall 1957-59
St Margarets New Plymouth, Taranaki Presbytery 2 December 1959
Roseneath, Wellington Presbytery, 22 August 1968 — retired 31 March 1981
Died 18 October 1988

KIWARA, Rev Rere Moana
b 24.1.1922 Te Araroa;
w Waireti (Violet) {alternative spelling Waere Ti} b 30.5.1924 m 14.2.1959
He served in the army in WW2 overseas.  On return he came to know Sr Emily Ross & was
greatly influenced by her; largely  thr her influence he entered Maori Theol Coll for 3 yrs.
Maori Theol Coll Whakatane  1959-61
Taumarunui 19.6.1962 (probation)
Ord Taumarunui Maori 4.6.1964
Opotiki Maori  4.2.1969
Turangi Maori  3.2.1970
Whakatane Maori  16.5.1973
Heretaunga  (Maori - Taradale)  8.2.1976 - hip op 1976; in 1978 began to have heart attacks
& health deteriorated.
Died   25.8.1980 Hastings

KNIGHT, Rev Donald Stewart               B.A.
b 4.3.1926; w Paula Austin b 2.5.1929 m 22.2.1958
Hall 1954-6
Ord Lincoln ChP  12.12.1956
St James Chch 23.8.1962
Taupo BPP 9.9.1969
Taupo Union BPP 23.11.1972
Orewa NSP  30.1.1979
Napier West Collegiate  23.9.1982
Patea TkP 14.4.1988
Patea Co-op TkP  1.7.1990
Minister Emeritus 31.7.1991 at Knox Church Christchurch in which he had grown up
d. 19.10.2012 at Princess Margaret Hospital in Christchurch

KNIGHT, Very Rev. Dr. George Angus Fulton  O.N., M.A., B.D.(Glas), D.D.(Glas, Iowa, & Melb,Otago)
b. Perth, Scotland 12.5.1909; the descendant of a long line of Free Church and Church of Scotland Ministers.
w Agnes (Nancy) Eadie b 10.3.1909 m 26.6.1935  d. (?) pre-deceased him.
Educated at Glasgow University and Trinity College Glasgow. Graduated Master of Arts 1927
and Master of Arts with 2nd class Honours in 1932. Awarded Bachelor of Divinity Degree in 1935.
Active in the Student Christian Movement and an officer in the Boys’ Brigade; Prior to Ordination
took charge of a mission in a slum area of Glasgow, lectured to Glasgow’s Jewish community, and acted as an
assistant at a Church in Pollokshields, Glasgow. From the age of 16 he had a passion for boats and adventure by
exploring Scotland’s Western Isles and searching for archaelogical evidence of the early Celtic Church.
Licensed and Ordained by the Presbytery of Glasgow 1935.
In 1935 appointed Director of the Church of Scotland Jewish Mission and Schools in Budapest, Hungary.
At outbreak of World War II in 1940 he enlisted in confidential part-time work with the British Legation in Budapest.
Returned safely to Scotland in 1941 with his wife and child on the last passenger service to cross the channel.
Appointed to Ruchill Church Glasgow.
Appointed agent of the Jewish Mission Committee for the Church of  Scotland 1942
Official Lecturer to the Military forces.
Returned to Hungary 1947 to report to Church of Scotland on post-war Hungary.
Appointed by Assembly 1946 as -
Professor of Old Testament Studies at Theological Hall Dunedin, Inducted 27.2.1947
Each Summer he relieved other Ministers in rural Parishes believing “A theology not worth preaching is not
worth teaching”. Established the Bachelor of Divinity programme. He also became highly involved in the life
of the City, with refugees and displaced persons from Europe (he knew some 12 languages). Lectured
throughout New Zealand on anti-Semitism.
Took 6 months’ leave of absence 1955 partly to study at Edinburgh University and also to visit Holland to gain
an understanding into the life and background of the Dutch settlers coming to New Zealand.
Resigned 1.1.1959
Appointed Lecturer in Hebrew and Old Testament Studies at St Andrews University Scotland  1959
Appointed Professor of Old Testament Studies at McCormick Theological Seminary, Chicago USA 1960
Awarded the Honour of Officer of the Order of Orange Nassau by The Queen of the Netherlands 1960 
Awarded a Doctorate of Divinity by the Melbourne College of Divinity, Australia 1962
Awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Divinity by Coe College, Iowa, USA 1963
Awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Divinity by Glasgow University, Scotland 1964
Appointed first Principal of the Pacific Theological College, Suva Fiji  July1966
Lectureship at St Andrews University Sydney Australia 1972
Minister Emeritus 1.1.1973
St Heliers Associate Minister AP 1977; 
Retired to Dunedin 1985.
Moderator of the General Assembly of the PCNZ 1974
Awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Divinity by Otago University, NZ 2000
A notable Scholar in Old Testament and Hebrew studies and author of about 40 publications and numerous
essays and articles including “A Christian Theology of the Old Testament” and his autobiography
“What Next?”. He could speak or understand at least 15 ancient and modern languages. A Life Fellow
of Knox College, Dunedin and born the same year the College was founded, 1909.
“Dr Knight had long been recognized as one of the 20th century’s major commentators on the books of the
Old Testament and the author of one of the most serious attempts to deal with Old Testament theology as the
formative framework of New Testament Theological statement….
Even his harshest critics have acknowledged his creativity, his capacity to stimulate fresh reflection, the
imaginativeness of his analyses of Hebrew and ancient Judaic culture and the care of his exegeses.”
(From Obituary)
Dr Knight served as Secretary of the Otago Council of Churches for eight years, was vice-chairman of the John
McGlashan Board of Governors, President of the Otago Battalion of the Boy’s Brigade and Moderator of the
Dunedin Presbytery. He and 11 others, founded the St Martin’s Island Retreat in Otago Harbour in 1951.
"....the Hungarian Jewry will never forget him, remembering forever his deeds and his name. In Hungary in
1944 to save Jewish souls was an utmost dangerous, heroic action. He didn't care for his own life,
disregarded perils. In his mind dominated exclusively his noble mission to save as much human lives as
possible..."(sic) - From Rabbi Schoner, the Rector of the Jewish Theological Seminary in Budapest to the
Assembly Executive Secretary, Feb 2003.
Died 22 December 2002 at Dunedin after a brief illness, aged 93 years.

KNIGHT, Rev Thomas
b 1852 Banffshire Scotland
Came to Auckland New Zealand and was for a number of years in business there;
An elder and a lay preacher he joined the Home Misssion staff.
HM Opunake TkP 1904
Springburn ChP 1906
Lauder COP  1910
Centre Bush SP 1913,  Ord HM 1913
Kumara WsP 1916
Otorohanga WkP 1918
Granity WsP  1919
Cheviot ChP 1921
Mokoreta-Redan MtP 1923
Tuapeka West ClP 1927; raised to full status by Assembly 22.11.1928
Ordained Minister Beaumont ClP 15.10.1929 - retired 31.3.1932.
‘A sincere, faithful, kindly and hard-working servant of the Church.’
Died 16.6.1938 at Papanui Christchurch 

KNIPE, Rev Norman William
born 29 August 1933, Auckland
wife Lois Anne Willmott born Timaru married 24 September 1960
Educated at Otahuhu College then served a five year apprenticeship in coach building with New Zealand Railway Service.
Worked for two years as a tradesman then a short time in the Navy. At this time he felt a call to the ministry and then undertook a four year theology course at the Congregational Church College at Mt Eden, Auckland.
Ordained into the United Congregational Church, Albany Street, Dunedin, 1959
Congregational Church, Maungaturoto (Northland), 1964 to 1967
Congregational Church  Missionary — he was an Overseas Worker in Papua New Guinea on the staff of Council for World Mission.
Received into Presbyterian Church of New Zealand with Congregational Church Ministers at General Assembly, 1969.
To All Saints College, Sydney for six months training course, 1967
Kwikila, Papua New Guinea, December 1967 — appointed as Superintendent Minister for the Oroko Circuit.
Appointed Chaplain to Kwikala High School in Central District of Papua New Guinea,  January 1970.
Returned to New Zealand, 19 December 1975
Maniototo, Central Otago Presbytery, 1 April 1976
Upper Hutt Co-operating, Wellington Presbytery, 3 February 1981 — resigned 1 January 1991
Exchange ministry, New York, 1989; tertiary chaplain, Central Institute of Technology
Minister within the Bounds, Wellington Presbytery, January 1991
Retired to Silverstream, Upper Hutt and continued to have an interest in justice, ministry and education
died Monday, 3 December 2018

KNOX, Mr James Richard
b. Papakura
Member of St Paul’s Katikati. 4 years Sunday School teaching & 1 year as Bible Class Leader.
Served apprenticeship as carpenter and received NZ Trade Certificate in Carpentry & Joinery.
Missionary Carpenter - New Hebrides (Vanuatu) appt. 9.9.1957
Left for New Hebrides 13.19.1957 – to build house for Principal at Tongoa Training Institute
Left New Hebrides  9.1958 (?)
Service with Committee ends 3.12.1959

KO, Rev Chang-Bum (Boaz)
born Sung-Nam City, South Korea
wife Hyee-Young (Ruth)
Church Music, Chan-Yung Theological School, March 1994-July 1995
Bachelor of Arts, Presbyterian General Assembly of Korea Christian Theological Seminary, 20 February 1997
Master of Arts in Religious Education, Christian Divinity School, 23 February 1999
Bachelor of Applied Theology, Carey Baptist College, April 2006
Assistant Pastor for Youth, Sung-An Presbyterian Church, January 1995 to 28 November 1999
Assistant Pastor (Worship Leader) New Zealand Hamilton Global Church, Hamilton (Baptist) June 2002 to December 2003
Senior Pastor, New Zealand Good Neighbour Church May 2009
Ordained Sung-An Presbyterian Church HabDong-JungTong, Sung-Nam City, Korea, 13 April 2010
Received into the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand, 23 December 2010
Other Recognised Minister, North Shore Presbytery, 9 February 2011
Stated Supply, New Zealand Good Neighbour Church, Northern Presbytery, 2011
Minister, Good Neighbour Church, Northern Presbytery, 11 October 2012
Other recognised minister, Northern Presbytery, 6 November 2023

de KOCK, Rev J.G.
fr United Pres Ch USA  -  recd Ass 1972
No further mention.

KOIA, Mrs Naomi Harata   (wife of Ra Snr below)
b 22.7.1937; h Raharuhi Thomas (Ra Snr)   m 31.8.1957
Ord Gisborne Maori (self-supporting) 2.8.1981
Whakatane Maori Pastorate 17.3.1982
Chap Turakina Maori Girls Coll (Amorangi) 1.2.1985
Whakatane Maori (Amorangi, or self-supporting)  5.9.1990
In 1991 she moved to Dn to take BD course.  She made an impact on Hall life, & at the Arai
Te Uri marae.
Died  18.4.1991  Dunedin.

KOIA, Rev Patricia
Whakatane Maori Pastorate  (Te Aka Puaho)  14 April 2002

KOIA, Rev Puhi Elijah Kura
Amorangi Minister, Whakatane Maori Pastorate, Te Aka Puaho 19 October 2008

KOIA, Rev Raharuhi Thomas  (Ra Snr)
wife (1) Naomi Harata born 24 February 1937 married 31 August 1957 died 18 April 1991
wife (2) married 2001
Te Whaiti Nui-A-Toi Farm Boys' Training School 1949
Maori Theological College Whakatane 1962-1964, applied for extra yearr, granted - 1965
Licensed Probationer, Maori Synod, Rotorua 3 December 1966
Ordained Gisborne Maori, 20 December 1966
Moderator of Maori Synod, Whakatane, February 1982
Whakatane Maori Pastorate (Te Aka Puaho) 5 Septeber 1990
Minister Emeritus (Te Aka Puaho), 20 August 2002 

KOIA, Rev  Raharuhi Thomas (Ra)  Jnr                Dip.Theo, B.Th
wife Suzanne Lynn Koia married 15 April 1979
Evangelist and Youth Worker, Marton, 1 February 1985
Ordained Whakatane Maori Parish (non-stipendiary), 29 February 1992 for six months
David Hogg Hostel Committee (Maori Synod), April 1994
Chaplain: Forces (Army Burnham) (Te Aka Puaho), 9 March 1995
Chaplain: Forces (Army Waioru) (Te Aka Puaho), 10 March 1999
Chaplain: Defence, Northern Presbytery, 1 June 2011
Chaplain, Presbytery Central Nukuhau Tapu, 1 June 2015 — left defence chaplaincy 2016
Other Recognised Minister, Kaimai Presbytery, 17 July 2020
Other Recognised Minister, Te Aka Puaho – Maori Synod, 17 September 2022
Minister Taneatua Maori Pastorate , Te Aka Puaho, (part-time) July 2020; 21 May 2023

KOKO, Rev Elifasa Ma'afala                       B.Th., Dip.Min., RPN
born Samoa
wife Malu Koko married 14 August 1974
Theological Hall, Dunedin 1988-1990
Licensed Pacific Island Church House, Porirua 16 December 1990
Ordained Owairaka Pacific Islanders Church Auckland Presbytery, 26 January 1991
Pacific Islander's Church (Samoan), Newton, Auckland Presbytery 22 January 2008

KOLO'OFA'I, Rev Salmone
Meth Ch
Brockville Union DnP  1.2.1992  term completed  31.1.1994 

KONINGS, Rev Christopher (Chris) Peter                   BSc, BMin
born Waikato Hospital, Hamilton, New Zealand
wife: Mary Jane Konings m.(?)
Youth pastor, Pakuranga, Auckland, and Knox Lower Hutt, co-author Mentoring: The Penguins' Guide
Bachelor of Science 1985 Waikato University; Diploma (Old Testament) 1990 Bible College of New Zealand; Bachelor of Ministry 2004 Bible College of New Zealand; Diploma of Ministry 2006 School of Ministry Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand; Graduated at Highgate Presbyterian Church, Maori Hill, 11 November 2006
Licensed Wellington Presbytery 25 January 2007
Ordained and Inducted Minister Stated Supply Mosgiel-North Taieri Presbyterian Parish Dunedin Presbytery 29 March 2007
Member Dunedin Presbytery 31 December 2007
Other Recognised Minister Dunedin Presbytery 7 August 2008
Appointed interim minister (stated supply), St Stephen, South Canterbury Presbytery, 26 October 2008
inducted Minister - 50%, Trinity and 50% St Stephen's, South Canterbury Presbytery, 1 February 2009
Minister, Timaru Presbyterian Parish (Joint Ministry) South Canterbury Presbytery 29 November 2009
Other recognised ministry, Alpine Presbytery, 25 February 2017

KONINGS, Rev Mary-Jane
born Oamaru, New Zealand
husband Chris Konings m.(?)
Speech and Drama, Associate of the Trinity College of London 1986; Bachelor of Agricultural Science 1989; Bible College of New Zealand 1990; Diploma of Teaching - Biology and Chemistry, Auckland College of Education 1992; Bachelor of Theology, University of Otago 2004; Diploma of Ministry, School of Ministry 2006
Teacher, Edgewater College, Auckland 1993 to 1997; Teacher, AgResearch Education Outreach, Lower Hutt (part-time) 1997 to 2004, with teaching diploma and first-class honours degree in agricultural science, Bachelor of Theology
Worship Leader, Trinity Methodist Church, Auckland 1993 to 1997; Worship co-ordinator, Knox Lower Hutt 1997 to 2004; Worship Leader, Leith Valley Presbyterian Church 2005 to 2006 while training for ordained ministry, and co-author Mentoring: The Penguins' Guide
Graduated at Highgate Presbyterian Church, Maori Hill, 11 November 2006
Ordained and Inducted Minister with responsibility for Children and Families (Stated Supply) Mosgiel-North Taieri Presbyterian Parish Dunedin Presbytery 29 March 2007
Member Dunedin Presbytery 31 December 2007
Minister - 25% St Stephen's and Minister - 25% Trinity-Timaru, South Canterbury Presbytery, 1 February 2009
Timaru Presbyerian Parish (Joint Ministry) South Canterbury Presbytery 29 November 2009 — Resigned March 2014
teacher, Roncalli College, Timaru, 27 July 2015

KOPA, Rev George Ioane
wife: Lusia Kopa
born Avarua, Rarotonga, Cook Islands, raised in the Cook Islands Christian Church
employed in factory work and corporate sector, Auckland
from Newton Pacific Island Presbyterian Church, Edinburgh St, Auckland
Bachelor of Ministries, Bible College of New Zealand, 2000
Licensed Auckland Presbytery, 4 December 2003
Tapanui Presbyterian Church, Clutha Presbytery, 3 February 2004
Inducted Manurewa - St Paul’s Presbyterian Church, Northern Presbytery, 7 May 2022

KORIA, Rev Nokise Malaefou                    BTh.
b 5.8.1920
w Faimanifo Lilly  m 28.4.1962
Ordained by Auckland Presbytery as Minister Emeritus  26.11.1987
Owairaka   AP  SS (Samoan)  26.11.1987
Minister Emeritus Nov 1987

KOROA, Rev Ron
wife: Hinerangi
Inducted Murupara, Te Aka Puahou, 10 December 2023

Youth Staff -  Young Adult Worker in Auckland district 1970 
Resigned 2.1974 - to take school guidance counselling position Auckland.

KRIEL, Rev David Johannes
Dutch Reformed Church Nederduitsch Hervormde Kerk van Afrika
born Jan Kempdorp, South Africa
wife: Elna married 5 December 1982
Bachelor of Arts 1981 Potchefstroom University; Bachelor of Divinity 1984 Pretoria University
Ordained Chaplain at Naval Base, Walvisbay May 1985 to December 1986; Johannesburg South January 1987 to April 1988
Minister, Dutch Reformed Congregation, Vaalharts, Northern Cape Province, South Africa May 1988 to March 1997
Stated Supply St. Andrew’s Te Kauwhata circa 1998 Inducted 22 April 1999
Received Council of Assembly March 1999
St Enoch’s Tauranga, Bay of Plenty, 1 February 2001
Minister within the Bounds, Bay of Plenty Presbytery, 31 December 2005
To Uniting Church of Australia
Noranda Uniting Church, Western Australia 2009; Mission Planner, Synod Office 2012; Admitted as a minister in the Uniting Church December 2016; Trinity Church Uniting Church 2018
removed from roll, 1 December 2020

KUHTZ, Rev Herbert
b 24.7.1922; w Florence Mary b 23.10.1920  m 12.1.1948
Maori Miss
Tumanako Maori Boys Hostel Ak  1972, Master & Matron
lic 2.1984  Te Maungorongo Marae
Ord  Takotutaki Ch Centre, Whakatane (Amorangi)  9.6.1984
res  31.8.1992.

KUSILIFU, Rev Allan Bobby
born Auki, Malaita Province, Solomon Islands
wife Lois Aburi Kusilifu
Solomon Islands School Certificate 1978; Diploma Secondary Teaching, University of Papua New Guinea, 1980; Certificate in Christian Service, Onepusu Bible College 1986; Bachelor of Theology, Bible College of New Zealand, 1995; Masters in Theological Studies, Bible College of New Zealand / Tyndale Graduate School of Theology, 2002
Secondary School Teacher, Su'u Secondary School, Malaita, Solomon Islands, 1981; Curriculum Officer, Ministry of Education, Solomon Islands 1982 to 1985
Pastor, Kukum Campus Church, Honiara, South Sea Evangelical Church in Solomon Islands, 1990-1999
The process of ordination in the South Sea Evangelical Church is a point system normally taking five years during which he served as President of the denomination twice 1993 to 1999, and chose not to ordain himself; Diploma of Ordination, Central Church, Honiara, South Sea Evangelical Church, Solomon Islands 18 January 2004
Stated Supply, Palmerston/Dunback, North Otago Presbytery, 16 February 2004
Inducted minister in charge, Palmerston/Dunback Presbyterian Parish, Southern Presbytery, 29 January 2006
Minister, Lansdowne Presbyterian Church and St Luke's Union Church, Wairarapa Presbytery, 2 June 2013
St Paul's Presbyterian Church, Feilding, Presbytery Central, 7 November 2019

KUIPER, Mr J.J.                M.A.
Editor of Written Word, Dept Information Wn 1.2.1978 

KWOK, Mr Wai Shang
A Chinese, & trained teacher, secured by Mr Don from the American Pres Miss Canton in
1886, on a 3 yr engagement; stationed at Round Hill, Riverton, & then at Lawrence.  He did
good work but the term agreed ended in the middle of 1890.

KYD, Rev William Anderson                 M.A.
b 23.4.1842 (or 1841) Dundee, Scotland
w Amelia Atkinson Gall  b 23.3.1849  m -  d 20.1.1924
Son of David Kyd and Margaret Anderson. Educated at the University of St Andrew’s (MA 1867),
Initially an Evangelical Union Minister then Church of Scotland. 
To Australia –
Received by the Presb. Church of Tasmania 1888
Stanley 20.6.1888 to 1893 (on leave from 1.5.1893)
To New Zealand -
Inducted Dipton SP  3.10.1893 
Kelso MtP  11.1895 - resigned 1904
Malvern ChP  9.6.1905 - resigned 30.6.1908
Takaka NMP  1909 - resigned 1910
Returned to Scotland, where he retired 15.11.1911; he took an active interest in NZ soldiers
wounded in World War I.
Brother of Dr Kyd, Church of Scotland Minister at Dowally.
Died 11.12.1916 Glasgow, Scotland

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