Taranaki Presbytery Records

Hawera Presbyterian Church - Baptismal register from 1874 to at least the 1880's missing. We have asked the Parish to confirm when the existing register starts. 
New Plymouth Presbyterian Church - The Church burnt down on Saturday the 19th August 1882. 
An enquiry into the fire determined that the fire had been lit by some unknown incendiary (traces of an accellerant were found). Suspicion rested heavily on their Minister, the Rev Moses S. Breach who had fallen out with his congregation due to differences of opinion and Church attendance had consequently dropped off alarmingly. After due consideration Presbytery resolved "That Mr Breach be now loosed from the Pastorate of New Plymouth congregation". Instead of appearing before Presbytery as requested he simply tendered his resignation. He was therefore declared no longer a Minister of the Presbyterian Church of New Zealand. 
Unfortunately, the Insurance company refused to pay out the amount for which the Church was insured, therefore the congregation were left without a Church, without a Minister, and without funds. Unfortunately, their troubles did not end there! 
The "Hawkes Bay Herald" reported the following event which took place six years later on the 2 June 1888 :
"New Plymouth - A most disgraceful scene occurred today at the Presbyterian Church here. Mr Breach, who was minister several years at the old church (since burned down) has suddenly asserted some claim to the new building for alleged arrears of salary.  He took possession of the church on Thursday, taking off the lock and putting on a new one, and placing a padlock on the gate....... Then a scuffle ensued between the Police and Mr Breach which ended in Mr Breach, after considerable difficulty, being ejected from the premises.  A watchman has been placed in the building all night to guard against another attempt on the part of Mr Breach to take possession." 
On the 19th June 1888, the "Hawkes Bay Harald" further reported :
"An important case was heard at the Police Court today in which the Rev Moses Breach was charged with malicious injury to the Presbyterian Church by removing the lock from the [Church] door and replacing it with another." 
It is unknown if any records were lost in the fire of 1882.
Patea Presbyterian Church - Board of Manager's minutes Dec 1881 to 1887 missing (noted as missing in 1984).
Waverley Presbyterian Church - According to a record from 1938, the Parish once issued Communion tokens, however as at that date none could be located. It is not known if the tokens were of card or metal.

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