Timaru Presbytery Records

Chalmers Church, Timaru -

  • No Communion rolls 1916 to 1927.

Geraldine Presbyterian Church -

  • The following records were lost when the ten roomed manse (built c.1864 with an addition recently added) was destroyed by fire in 1889 -
    Board of Managers minutes to 1889, Marriage registers 1879 to 1889, Baptismal register 1879 to 1889 (Advised by Parish in 1954). The manse was insured for £300 and the furniture and books for £700. Some furniture and items were removed from the new wing of the house prior to its destruction.
  • Their Minister, the Rev George Barclay, also suffered the loss of his valuable library and most of his possessions in the fire (refer seperate entry under his name).
  • Board of Manager's minutes 1889 to 1892 also missing (noted as missing in 1954).

Mackenzie County Parish -

  • Management Committee minutes 1907 to 1917 missing.

Morven Presbyterian Church -

  • No Communion roll prior to 1916.

Orari Presbyterian Church -

  • No Communion roll prior to 1924; no Session minutes prior to 1920.

Pleasant Point Presbyterian Church -

  • Session minutes prior to 1891 missing; Management Committee minutes prior to 1905 missing ? (a 1954 record from the Parish advised that the Management Committee minute books from 1875 to 1923 were extant); no Communion rolls prior to 1891.

St Paul's Presbyterian Church, Timaru -

  • A record from 1931 states that "No records [found] except those in [current] use". We presume that such records have subsequently been located.
  • A letter from the daughter of the former caretaker dated 2000 says that "Over thirty years ago...there was a great clearing-out of an accumulation of "stuff" in the hall, particularly under the stage". A leather-bound family bible was saved and later returned to the church from Australia.

Southburn Presbyterian Church -

  • A return of records in 1931 states "Only records now in use [are currently held], we will endeavour to see that these are not destroyed when finished!". This rather cryptic comment perhaps indicates that someearlier records had indeed been destroyed.

Temuka Presbyterian Church -

  • No Communion rolls prior to 1897 and from 1907 to 1911.

Trinity Presbyterian Church, Timaru -

  • Baptismal register c.1873 to 1881 missing (noted as missing in 1954). No Communion rolls 1865 to Feb 1875, no marriage registers 1865 to Mar 1875.

Waimate Presbyterian Church -

  • No Baptism register 1880 to 1892 (noted in 1992).

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