Waikato Presbytery Records

Coromandel-Whitianga Parish -

  • Baptismal register 1873 to 1887 missing; Marriage register Apr 1879 to Oct 1897 missing (all noted missing in 1954).

First Presbyterian Church, Taumarunui -

  • No Communion rolls c.1905 to 1918; Session book c.1907 to Nov 1915 missing; Board of Managers minutes c.1907 to 1928 missing; no Marriage registers prior to 1916 (all noted missing in 1984).

Kihi Kihi Presbyterian Church -

  • The Church and contents were completely destroyed by fire c.1923-24. Hymn books, the Church organ, choir and Sunday School books, and a beautiful new Communion set just presented by the Ladies Guild were destroyed. The Church bell was just a twisted mass of metal. Noting the heavily burnt Pulpit Bible among the ruins, the Missionary could just read the following text : "And they put it in the hand of the workmen, that had the oversight of the House of the Lord, and they gave it to the workmen that wrought in the House of the Lord, to repair and amend the house." (2 Chron. 34:10,11). Picking up the Bible, it crumbled into a thousand pieces of ash. It is unknown what Church records may have been lost.

Knox Presbyterian Church, Hamilton East -

  • Board of Managers minutes May 1955 to Mar 1964 missing (noted missing in 1984).

Knox Presbyterian Church, Morrinsville -

  • The wooden Church, which had been built in 1910, was blown off its piles in 1930. Butresses were then added to the exterior of the building which cost the Parish £68 pounds & ten shillings.

Knox Presbyterian Church, Huntly -

  • Fire destroyed the Church during the Christmas holiday period, Dec 1923. The fire had started in miner's cottages next to the church and quickly engulfed the dry kauri building (built post 1898). Sadly, the Church bell, having been donated by Mrs Friar, was stolen from the ruins. What records were lost is not recorded but the fire would appear to account for the loss of at least the Board of Managers minutes below.
  • A parish history written in 1998 states that information regarding the first ten years of the Parish is limited. Board of Managers Minutes prior to Nov 1923 missing, Session minutes prior to 1909 missing (?); Baptismal register to 1930 missing; Marriage registers 20 Aug 1922 to 23 Apr 1926 missing; no Communion rolls prior to 1917 (all noted missing in 1954).
Knox Presbyterian Church, Ngaruawahia - Baptism register prior to 1951 missing.

Paeroa Presbyterian Church -

  • A small fire in the back of the Church caused some unspecified damage about 1948.
  • 'Miss Buchanan's' Infant Sunday School register (with names) dated 1900 was located in the Auckland Genealogy Society Library. After having received no reponse from the Parish they forwarded it (in 2008) down to the Presbyterian Archives in Dunedin.

Paterangi Presbyterian Church -

  • Board of Manager's minutes 1920 to 1933 missing (noted as missing in 1954). Baptismal register c.1875 to 1913 missing; Marriage registers c.1875 to 1913 missing (noted as missing in 1984).
  • The parish advised us in 1984 that "Early records destroyed by fire". The date of this event is unknown.

Raglan Parish -

  • Baptismal registers prior to 1935 missing; no Communion rolls prior to 1944. 
  • The Parish advised us in 1984 that some earlier records were missing.

Rotowaro Presbyterian Church -

  • The exterior of the Church was damaged by fire c.1956-57.

St Andrew's Presbyterian Church (Waikato West), Te Awamutu -

  • The following records were lost when the manse was destroyed by fire in 1884 - Session minute book 1872 to 1884, Board of Managers minutes to 1884, Communion register to 1884. (advised by Parish in 1954). Thankfully the then Session Clerk, Mr FC Germann, thoughtfully made some notes on the early history of the Parish. As the Rev T Blain was appointed to Alexandra (Pirongia), Te Awamutu and Raglan in 1867, some records may in fact have been lost from this date.
  • Baptismal register 1880 to 1913 missing (advised by Parish in 1984).

St Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Te Kuiti -

  • The Church and manse were completely flooded in 1958 with considerable damage to Church fittings and resources.

St David's Presbyterian Church, Otorohanga -

  • The Church and manse were completely flooded in 1958 with considerable damage to Church fittings and resources.

Te Aroha Presbyterian Church -

  • Baptismal register prior to Mar 1914 missing; no Communion rolls prior to Sept 1927; Board of Manager's minutes prior to 1906 missing (all noted missing in 1954).

Thames Presbyterian Church -

  • Baptism rolls prior to 1904 missing; no Communion rolls prior to 1922 (all noted missing in 1984).
  • The Pahu Road Sunday School building was badly damaged by fire in 1912.

Trinity Presbyterian Church, Cambridge -

  • Baptismal roll 1908 to 1950 missing (1908 to 1912 noted as missing in 1954).
    No Communion rolls 1908 to 1914 and from 1934 to 1953 .

Westside Presbyterian Church, Hamilton -

  • Quick work by firefighters saved the old wooden Church from major damage after an arsonist set the Church alight on the 3rd September 1985.

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