Wairarapa Presbytery Records

Featherston Presbyterian Church -

  • Baptismal register 1900 to 1914 missing; Marriage registers 1900 to 1936 missing; Board of Manager's minutes 1900 to Jun 1914 missing (all noted missing in 1954).

Greytown Presbyterian Church -

  • Session book prior to 1955 missing; no Communion rolls prior to 1931; Board of  Manager's minutes prior to 1929 missing (all noted as missing in 1954).

Knox Presbyterian Church, Masterton

  • The original Church building dating from 1869 (then used as the Sunday School Hall) was destroyed by fire on the 9th March 1938. "The Outlook" Church magazine reported the loss of all old and current Sunday School records and papers including all furnishings and a library. A later listing from the Parish quotes Sunday School minutes and registers as being intact however it appears highly likely that at least some material may have been lost. The insurance claim quotes contents as having been "damaged". The roof of the Primary Sunday School Hall including tiles and electrical fittings on another Church building building were damaged. The insurance claim amounted to £2,278 pounds. 
  • An earthquake so badly damaged the Church on the 24th June 1942 that it had to be abandoned for the duration of the Second World War as no repairs could be effected at this time. It was finally restored, strengthened and re-opened in 1952. 
  • Board of Manager's minutes 1929 to 1934 missing; Session minutes 1930 to 1953 missing (all noted as missing in 1984). No Communion roll prior to 1897.

Landsdowne Presbyterian Church, Masterton -

  • Baptismal Register 1912 to 1945 missing (noted as missing in 1954).

Martinborough Presbyterian Church -

  • Session book prior to 1889 missing (?); early Sunday School records missing (noted as missing in 1954).

St Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Eketehuna -

  • Baptismal register c.1914 to 1925 missing; Communion roll c.1914 to 1960 missing (all noted missing in 1984).

Wairarapa Presbytery Records -

  • All minutes and records of the Wairarapa Presbytery dating from 1911 to 1971 are missing. Past and retired Ministers of the Presbytery (which is now the Wairarapa District Union Council) have not been able to thrown any light on their whereabouts.

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