Wanganui Presbytery Records


Bulls Presbyterian Church -

  • Baptismal register prior to 1910 missing (noted as missing in 1954).

Knox-St Mark's Presbyterian Church, Wanganui -

  • No Communion register c.1912 to 1948.

Mangaweka-Rewa Presbyterian Church -

  • A fire destroyed some Mangaweka Church records in 1923.
  • An unspecified Minute Book commences in 1924 which could be Session or Management Committee, no other Minute books are extant prior to this date. A Ladies Guild Minute book also commences in 1923. The Marriage registers (from 1908), Communion roll (from 1956 only), and Baptismal register (From 1912) are extant. 
  • A record compiled by the Parish in 1954 and now held in the Archives lists more surviving Mangaweka records than above and the information and dates conflict markedly however we have been unable to determine the correct details as yet.

Marton Presbyterian Church -

  • Church exterior damaged in 1911 by a fire on the opposite side of the street. 

Ohakune Presbyterian Church -

  • According to a minute in the Wanganui Presbytery minutes, "The new Church at Ohakune has been severely twisted by the cyclonic wind which accompanied the Raetihi fire".

St Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Hunterville -

  • The Parish Centennial History 1889 - 1989 records that "It is a great pity that most of the Church records before 1919 have been lost, so an accurate record of that period is not possible".

St Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Marton -

  • No Communicant's roll from 1873 to 1915; Baptism register from 1873 to Apr 1884 missing (all noted as missing in 1984).

St Paul's Presbyterian Church, Wanganui -

  • As the original Church dating from 1856 was now too small, a new Church was constructed in 1868. By July 1868, the Church was almost ready for use with the bell being hung and tested. On the night of the 23rd July, the new Church was seen to be on fire. As there was no water supply the citizens of Wanganui could do nothing but watch their new Church burn to the ground, together with the old 1856 Church building which was on the same section. The spire burned furiously before it crashed to the ground, carrying the bell with it. 
    The 'Wanganui Evening Herald' reported that "Of the splendid and handsome building, that a few hours ago adorned our town, there is not a single trace left except the brick foundation." Despite valid concerns that the Builder, Mr Lamont, may have started the fire due to a serious disagreement with the Church Building Committee concerning poor workmanship, delays in completion of the building, and his later refusal to admit inspection of the building, he was entirely exonerated by an official jury acting on behalf of the local Coroner and the Insurance Company involved. The jury also took exception to the local paper who appeared to place all blame in the contractor's hands. There appears no doubt that arson was still suspected despite Mr Lamont's exoneration from all blame. The Building Committee desired to resign from their 'onerous charge' after such a severe trial, including serious criticisms leveled at them concerning their dealings and loss of patience with Mr Lamont.  
    Sifting through the debris after the fire, the Church bell was found however it had a crack of some inches in the rim. After being brazed the tone seemed none the worse for it's trial by fire, being subsequent hung in the new Church opened in 1870 and then the new Church built in 1913 where it still resides to this day.
    It is unknown if any records were lost.

Taihape Presbyterian Church -

  • An unspecified fire in 1924 caused £100 worth of damage to the Church. There is no mention of loss of records.

Turakina Presbyterian Church -

  • Baptismal register 1862 to 1877 missing. 

Wanganui Presbytery -

  • The loss of the title deeds of the Church land in New Plymouth in 1884 prompted the Wanganui Presbytery to send an Overture to Assembly to initiate a proper system of safe custody of such documents. It is unknown if the missing Title Deeds re-surfaced. (refer also to "General Assembly Records" on the Lost Archives Home Page).

Westmere Presbyterian Church -

  • The original Church building which had been constructed in 1873 was blown off its piles and wrecked in a heavy storm in 1918. A new Church was constructed of brick in 1924.

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