Wellington Presbytery Records

Island Bay Presbyterian Church -

  • A serious fire in 1915 "caused by a juvenile incendiary" resulted in the partial destruction of the 16 year old Church building, including furnishings, causing £273 pounds worth of damage. It is unknown if any records were lost.

Kelburn Presbyterian Church -

  • Session minutes from 1919 to 1933 are missing on a listing of Parish records compiled in May 2009.

Kent Terrace Presbyterian Church, Wellington -

  • Session minutes 1907 to 1916 missing; Deacon's Court minutes 1898 to 1908 missing (all noted missing in 1954).
  • No Communion rolls prior to 1918; no Presbyterian Women's  Missionary Union minute books prior to 1935.

Khandallah Presbyterian Church -

  • The Khandallah Parish Archivist advised in 1996 that a lot of earlier church records, including photos of Ministers and Church groups, were destroyed when the whole ground floor of the old wooden Church building (having been moved in three sections to a site right in Khandallah village and then used as the Church Hall) was gutted by fire - during a service in the new brick Church - on the evening of the 14th March 1971. The new lower floor area of the hall also suffered severe water damage. A brief listing of Parish archives is held dated 1954 which may be able to provide information on what early records may have been lost. The photographs of Ministers were replaced in 1996-1997, parishioners also being asked at this time if they could locate any photographs, some were forthcoming.
  • No Communion roll prior to Sept 1922; Marriage registers are held from 1900 onwards.

Kilbirnie Presbyterian Church -

  • Board of Managers minutes 1908 to 1923 missing.

Knox Church, Lower Hutt -

  • Marriage registers 1913 to 1921 missing (?); no Baptismal register 1857 to Aug 1909; Board of Manager's minutes 1857 to 1881 and 1930 to 1944 possibly missing (noted as missing in 1954).

Levin Presbyterian Church -

  • Board of Manager's minutes c.1904 to 1932 missing, Marriage registers prior to Mar 1909 missing (noted as missing in 1954).

Plimmerton Presbyterian Church -

  • A record from 1931 states that "No records [held] other than in [current] use"
  • The Parish advised in 1954 that records prior to 1939 "were burned or destroyed".
  • No Marriage registers prior to 1941; Board of Manager's minutes survive from 1926 and Session minutes from 1939. 

Roseneath Presbyterian Church -

  • Marriage registers c.1921 to Oct 1937 missing; Session minutes c.1921 to Jun 1927 missing (all noted missing in 1954).

St Andrew's on the Terrace Presbyterian Church, Wellington (The "Scotch Kirk") -

  • Some records were destroyed or damaged when the Church was completely gutted by fire on the 16 August 1920 - Session minutes c.1840 to 1879 and 1901 to 1905 lost; Board of Managers minutes c.1840 to 1866 lost; Marriage Registers c.1840 to 1864, 1881 to 1901, 1904 to 1907, and 1916 lost;  Marriage registers 1865 to 1880, 1902 to 1903, 1908 to 1915, and 1917 badly damaged in fire; no Communion Rolls prior to 1921; no Baptism rolls prior to 1904; no Presbyterian Women's Missionary Union minutes prior to 1923; no Young Men's Bible Class minutes prior to 1919; no Young Women's Bible Class minutes prior to 1940.
  • Among the items placed under the foundation stone on Monday the 25th June 1866 was a large commemorative and attractive vellum address drawn by Mr William Wylie. Apart a small missing portion (which may be attributable to other reasons such as damp), the vellum survived the fire of 1920 and as at 1990 was recorded as being framed and hung in the present Church vestry.

St David's Presbyterian Church, Upper Hutt -

  • Session minutes c.1878 to 1912 missing and from 1923 to 1933 missing (?); no Communion rolls prior to 1913; no Baptismal rolls prior to 1909 (all noted as missing in 1954) 

St Giles Presbyterian Church, Wellington -

  • Baptismal register 1907 to 1952 missing (?) (noted as missing in 1954).
  • The back of the Church Hall was damaged by fire c.1953-54, believed to have been started by an arsonist, causing £215 pounds worth of damage. 

St James' Presbyterian Church, Newtown, Wellington -

  • Baptismal register prior to 1915 missing; no Communion roll 1906 to 1917. 

St John's Presbyterian Church, Wellington -

  • The Church and adjoining Sunday School Hall were completely destroyed by a fire that started at 7am on the morning of Friday the 9th May 1884. The church noticeboard was saved (now deposited in the Alexander Turnbull Library), the "american organ" (probably a harmonium), the hymnbooks and the pulpit Bible were saved. The time capsule under the foundation stone was removed intact, added to, re-sealed, then placed under the foundation stone of the new (and still current) church. Session records and Marriage certificates also survive from prior to 1884.
  • Board of Managers minutes prior to 1877 missing; Baptism register prior to 1902 missing; Young Men's Bible Class minutes 1904 to 1906 missing; no Communion rolls prior to 1897, from 1904 to 1908, and from 1919 to 1926; no Young Men's Bible Class minutes 1911 to 1916; no Young Women's Bible Class minutes 1904 to 1945.

St Ninian's Presbyterian Church, Karori, Wellington -

  • The Parish advised us in 1984 as follows : "A large number of minute books - Managers, Women's organizations etc were destroyed last year". This action was taken by the Parish without Historical Records Committee - and probably Wellington Presbytery - approval.
    Session minutes, Baptismal rolls and Marriage registers survive from the establishment of the Parish in the 1920's.

St Stephen's Presbyterian Church, Lower Hutt -

  • Board of Managers minutes 1970 to 1972 missing (noted 2000).

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