Presbyterian Church Archives Research Centre Access Policy


Policy on Access and Use :

This policy indicates the framework of access to the Presbyterian Archives (Archives) by members of the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand (PCANZ) and the general public.  It is intended to foster open intellectual inquiry within the context of the fundamental beliefs and practices of the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand. It observes several guiding principles :

Accessible Collections :

Collections with Restrictions :

Any rider to access will be complied with. The permission for access must be in the hands of the Archivist prior to research being undertaken

Documents with Special Restriction on Access : 

Special permission to access personal files and bona fide research required by the PCANZ is to be obtained from the Assembly Executive Secretary.

Access for Publishing :

Access to the collections does not mean an automatic right to publish. If unpublished material is to be quoted or photographic images reproduced in any published format  permission must be obtained in writing from the Archivist. It is the researcher's responsibility to be aware of the New Zealand Copyright and Privacy laws.

Parish Loan Procedures :

Parishes who have deposited their collections in the Presbyterian Archives may borrow  them for a specific purpose over a limited time. The borrowing of records from parish  collections is subject to special ‘Loan Conditions’.

Copyright and Royalties :

The Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand is the sole copyright owner of  manuscript items and photographic images held in title by the Archives within the regulations of the Copyright Act of New Zealand (1996).

Photocopying Policy :

The Archives provides copies for personal research use only and permission granted at the discretion of the Archivist.  The Archives retain full rights to all reproductions under its custody.  The Archives are unable to honour requests to copy complete files or large parts of a records series.  Archives and documents which are fragile, faded manuscript records, or those contained in brittle bound volumes, may not be photocopied.
The Archives requests that no photocopies of its papers/documents are to be deposited in other Archives or Libraries. (Archives Form no AG: 03)

Photocopying Fees :  (Refer 'Info, Hours & Charges' page

Photographic Image Reproduction :

The Archives will supply photographic prints of images on request.  Copies will be made for private use, historical research, and scholarly and trade publications. Fees paid for photographic reproduction do not constitute sale of the image or license to distribute.  The Archives retains full rights to all reproductions.

Photographic Reproduction Fees : (Refer 'Info, Hours & Charges' page)

Reference Assistance :


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