Presbyterian Church Archives Research Centre Mission Statement


Purpose :

The mission of the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa NZ Archives Research Centre is to serve the broader mission of the Church by providing access to its taonga that supports individual ministry, community life, and the corporate vitality of the national Church. Through preservation of heritage documents the Archives safeguards the memories, sustains the culture and preserves the history that tells of the witness of its faith communities. This shall be pursued through the exercise of two primary functions.

Function 1:

The Archives Office undertakes to preserve and make available documentary evidence of the continuing life, work and mission of the PCANZ. This function is supported by :

Function 2:

The Archives Office advocates proper management and control of the Church's administrative records to ensure the fulfillment of legal and fiscal requirements; the fulfillment of Church polity as outlined in the Book of Order , and long-term security of the archives collections. This function is supported by :


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