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"No other agency can penetrate so deeply, abide so persistently,
witness so daringly, and influence so irresistibly as the printed page"

- Charles Watson

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"Fifty Years Syne" : by Rev James Chisholm, First Edition, 1898. The 50th anniversary history of the New Zealand Southern Presbyterian Church (being the Presbyterian Synod of Otago & Southland which joined with the NZ Presbyterian Church in 1901) from 1848 to 1898. Front hinge separate, and spine pulling away. $20.00

"History of the Presbyterian Church of New Zealand" : By Rev John Dickson 1899. An in depth history of the New Zealand Presbyterian Church from 1840 to 1899 (excludes provinces of Otago / Southland). 322 pages, numerous illustration, with index. One copy, seperated from spine. Otherwise a good used copy. $35.00

"The History of the Presbyterian Church of New Zealand 1840 - 1940" : by the JR Elder. An in depth history of the work of the Presbyerian Church in New Zealand from 1840 to 1940, including its Missionary work. 464 pages, hard bound, 34 illustrations, 4 maps, no dust jackets. De Luxe Edition limited to 100 Copies of which this is No. 41. Autographed by John R. Elder. $50.00

"Presbyterians in Aotearoa 1840-1990" - The 150th anniversary history of the Presbyterian Church in Aotearoa New Zealand. Hard bound with dust cover, 203 pages, 127 illustrations. Three copies. $15.00

"The Story of the Otago Free Church Settlement 1848-1948" : by the Very Rev Prof J Collie, 1948, 368 pages with illustrations, hard cover. Clean pages, no dust jackets. $25.00

"The Church in a Special Colony" - The History of the Presbyterian Church Synod of Otago and Southland from its founding in 1866 to its 125th Anniversary in 1991 by John McKean. 212 pages, 28 illustrations. Good used condition $15.00 Sold

"The Cyclopedia of Otago and Southland", edited by Paul Sorrell and others, published by the Dunedin City Council, two volume boxed set in blue cover and gilt lettering to spine. Near new in quality. The culmination of 150 years of organised European Settlement of Otago and Southland, with articles and essays on people, places, events and local histories, a great achievement. Over 5 kg in weight. $100.00.

"Grace & Truth", a History of the Theological Hall, Knox College, Dunedin, 1876 - 1975, By Prof Ian Breward, Hard Bound, 188 pages, This old publishers stock is in unused condition, $10.00

"The Flame Unquenched" : by Georgina McDonald, published 1956. The history of the Presbyterian Church in Southland from 1856 to 1956. A register of Parishes and their Ministers at rear, hard bound, 186 pages. Clean pages, $10.00

"By Love Serve" : By Rev JD Salmond - The Story of the Order of deaconesses of the Presbyterian Church of NZ, hard bound with dust jacket, 96 pages, 36 illustrations. Published 1962. Good condition but foxing / staining to end papers and name of previous owners written inside cover, two copies, $8.00

"John G. Paton - The true story of thirty years among the South Seas Cannibals" : edited by Dr. James Paton, abridged and revised by A. K. Langridge; London: Hodder & Stoughton Limited, c. 1946. Paper cover, 128 pages.

New Hebrides Calling by Rev. B.C. Nottage, B.A.; issued by the Missions Committee of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of New Zealand on the authority of the Publications Committee, 1940. An account of mission history in Vanuatu. Paper copy, 40 pages, 21 illustrations. $10.00

"New Hebrides - The Road to Independence" : by Chris Plant (ed.) 1977. The rise of political parties and progress towards independence by Kalkot Matas Kele-Kele, Jimmy Stevens, Aime Malere, Vincent Boulekone, Walter Lini, Barak Sope and others. Published by the Institute for Pacific Studies and the South Pacific Social Sciences Association; printed in Suva. 128 pages, map, 15 illustrations, glue spine, one copy is split. $5.00-10.00

"Beyond Pandemonium" : The story of the independence movement in the New Hebrides and the eventual creation of the Republic of Vanuatu, by Father Walter Lini. Chapters cover such topics as the Church and Politics, the Vanuaaku Movement, Political challenges, the John Frum Movement, the Nagriamel Movement, and lingering pre-independence Colonial rivalry. Asia Pacific Books LTD, Wellington, 1980, 63 pages including illustrations. Three copies : clean pages, card cover, good used condition  $10.00 each

"Vanuatu": Written for the independence of Vanuatu. 21 Chapters, various authors, illustrated. 291 pages. Published by the Institute of Pacific Studies, The University of the South Pacific and The South Pacific Social Sciences Association, 1980.

"Break of Day Islands": by Basil Nottage. New Hebrides Diary 1932-1939. Published by the Presbyterian Church of New Zealand 1988. 286 pages.

"A Manual of Doctrine": by J. M. Bates, Presbyterian Bookroom, 1950.247 pages, no illustrations, no jacket.$10.00

"What does the Resurrection Mean? Articles and Correspondence from the Outlook April-October 1966" Articles by L. G. Geering, A. R. C. Leaney, and T. E. Pollard, with Preface by R. M. Rogers and Foreword by J. M. Bates. Published by the Publications Committee of the Presbyterian Church circa 1966. 40 Pages, soft cover. $6.00

"The Third Day He Rose Again: A Contribution to the Resurrection Debate" - edited by J. L. Wilson, with chapters contributed by K. Runia, R. J. Blaikie, G. N. Stanton, D. W. B. Robinson, and B. F. Harris, as 'conservative' scholars. Published by the Publications Committee of the Presbyterian Church circa 1966. 39 pages, soft cover. $5.00

"The Return of Jesus" - Earthing the Christian Hope" by Rev Rob Yule, 1998. A 'Presbyterian Affirm' booklet looking at this subjecy from one viewpoint, including the hope of a Messiah, the restoration of the Jews, the resurrection of the dead, and the renewal of the Earth. Soft cover, 28 pages, higlighter pen on one phrase otherwise unmarked. $6.00 ***Sold Out***

"New Zealand Jesus" by the Rev Dr GAF Knight. A contemporary look at how we can relate to Jesus in a New Zealand context. Published in 1974, card covers, 48 pages. $5.00 to $8.00 each depending on condition. Sold

"Crumbs For the Puppies" - A collection of 16 sermons and notes by the Rev Frank Nichol, Emeritus Professor of Systematic Theology, Theological Hall, Dunedin, 1990. Soft cover, 53 pages. $8.00 each.

"Pious Energy - Presbyterian Personalities and Perspectives" by Rev AK Davidson, Lecturer in Church History at St John's Theological College, Auckland. A 40 page booklet featuring five addresses published 1989. : John Dunmore Lang, Rev John MacFarlane, Rev David Bruce, Presbyterian Church extension, Social Happiness & Good Order - the Presbyterian World. Soft cover. $6.00 to $8.00 each depending on condition.

"Forty Years On - A History of the National Council of Churches in New Zealand 1941 - 1981", by Colin Brown. Published 1981, 358 pages, soft card cover. Two good used copies, one has cover marked with white ink and title written on spine. $8.00

"The God Slot" - The Church and its Broadcasting, by Rev George Dallard, 1989. A brief account of Religious Broadcasting in New Zealand with particular reference to the radio and television ministry of the Presbyterian Church of New Zealand. 51 clean pages, small mark on cover. $8.00

"The Word Made Flesh" - by Feiloaiga Janette Taule'ale'ausumai, 1990. A Dissertation in Pastoral Theology submitted to the Faculty of Theology, University of Otago, Dunedin. New Zealand-born Pacific Islander Culture, Church History and Theology. Paper cover, 45 pages. $8.00.

"Unwrapping His Message" - Jesus' Good News as understood by people of the new milennium, by Alun Richards, 1997. "The new 'worldview' is explained in the first chapter, then it links into it Jesus' real contribution to us all, and finally it sets out where to go from where we are". 106 pages, good used condition. $8.00 each

"Amsterdam 1948" : A 'popular' report of the First Assembly of the World Council of Churches at Amsterdam in 1948, by the Rev Alan A Brash. Soft card cover, 51 pages, 8 illustrations. Good used condition but slight tear to soft covered spine $6.00

"Evanston 1954" : A polular report on the Second Assembly of the World Council of Churches, by JF Bennett., Soft cover (marked), 48 pages, 20 illustrations, some pages slightly stained. $5.00

"Souvenir Booklet - New Zealand Young Women's Presbyterian Bible Class Union 1904 - 1925" - A history, with illustrations, of the New Zealand YWBCU including the history of regional branches. Published in 1925, 64 pages. Soft cover. Three good used copies, some wear to edges of soft covers. $15.00 each

"Life upon Life" by 'Ann Allan' (Mrs IP Brabyn) - A history of the NZ Presbyterian Young Women's Bible Class Union. Published c.1951, hard cover, 99 pages, some illustrations. Foxing to page edges, faded & torn edging to dust jacket, clean pages. $6.00

"A Tribute to Morton Ryburn" - published by the Bible Class Union of the Presbyterian Church of New Zealand, Wellington 1960. 18 pages, 7 illustrations, card cover. Biographical publication on the retirement of Morton Ryburn who had been support as a missionary to India by the Bible Class Union. $5.00

"Challenge and Response" - by PJ Stewart, The history of the Otago Presbyterian Social Service Association from 1910 to 1958, ranging from care of the aged and infirm to children's homes. Hard cover with dust jacket, 102 pages, 13 illustrations, good clean copies $8.00

"Home Mission Enterprise in the Presbyterian Church of New Zealand" by D. D. Scott, before 1945. Published by Reynolds, Lewis, Henderson, Ltd., Printers, Wellington. 6 Studies. 20 pages, soft cover. One copy. $5.00.

"A Pioneering Ministry" by Harold Scott, 1983. A history of the Presbyterian home missionaries from 1860s to 1960s. 18 illustrations, 94 pages, soft cover. One copy. $8.00.

"Order for the Induction of a Home Missionary" no author, no date. Published by Te Waka Karaitiana Press, Taupo. 14 pages, soft cover. One copy. $5.00

"From Relief to Social Service - A History of the Presbyterian Social Service Association Otago 1906-1981" - by Rev Simon Rae, 1981. A history of the Otago PSSA from 1906 to 1981 charting its initial development from care of the elderly and infirm including child and adolescent care to the development of specialised care and counselling programmes relating to social work in later years. Hard cover, 192 pages, 18 illustrations. Two copies, one with slightly marked dust cover, both have very clean pages. $8.00 to $10.00

Orphans to Elderly - 75 Years of Presbyterian Service to the Community 1909-1984 Text prepared in consultation with Rev. Dr James Veitch. 50 illustrations, 32 pages, soft cover. Good condition $5.00

"For Young & Old - The Story of the first 75 years of Presbyterian Support Services Southland 1919-1994" - by Peter Muller. 58 illustrations, 130 pages, soft cover. Very clean used copy $10.00 Sold

"Presbyterian Church in Action 1945-46" : This small 22 page booklet details the work of the NZ Presbyterian Church 1945-46 as ain aid to support by way of giving and by prayer, hole punch through top left hand corner; 28 illustrations $6.00

"The Gospel Then and Now", Prof. AM Hunter, 1978 : Prof Hunter of Aberdeen University considers the old and New Testaments and the life of discipleship which follows from them. Soft cover, 87 pages, very good used condition. $6.00

"Jam on my Bread" - by Sr Jean Alexander, 1985. A recollection of stories of work among families in Auckland after World War Two where Sr Jean served as a City & Parish Deaconess from 1941 to 1956. Most of the women described are struggling with the social conditions and attitudes that existed in Auckland during the late 1940's with her book documenting the support given by the Presbyterian Church. Soft cover, 148 pages, clean pages, covers faded $6.00 each ***Sold Out***

"In Praise of The Secular" : by the Rev Lloyd Geering, 2007. This booklet traces the process of secularisation which is not a threat but is in fact essential for religious freedom. Rev Geering speaks also to those who hold there is no longer a place for religion reminding them of a 'wordly spirituality' and the responsibilities we have toward one another and the earth itself. $8.00 ***Sold Out***

"Healing - A Limitational Approach to a Theology of Health", by Rev Ian Provan, 1979. This publication looks firstly at traditional concepts of health then at limitational theology as being a more relevant and therapeutically dynamic attitude to illness, its philosophy, dynamics and ethics, especially in relation to psychiatric disorders and the institutionalised. Soft cover, 68 pages. $6.00

"The Birth of Jesus : History or Myth?" - by James Veitch, Senior Lecturer in Religious Studies, Victoria University of Wellington, 1997. "Whether one agrees with the conclusions of Dr Veitch or not, he raises questions which we dare not ignore if we want to understand Jesus afresh for our own time". Soft cover, 28 pages. $6.00

"The Romance of the Catholic Presbyterian Church" - by Rev W Gray Dixon, 1918. A reference history neatly divided up into chapters and sections, charting the history of and eventual formation of the universal Presbyterian Church, together with the effect of political and religious factors and the strong and enduring influence of Luther, Calvin & Knox. Hard bound, 163 pages. Good used condition $6.00 each. ***Sold Out***

"Women's Work in the Church" published by the Presbyterian Bookroom after the Women's Work in the Church conference at Feilding House in 1958. Four studies, Appendix I Women's Organisations within the frame-work of the Church, Appendix II Ordination of Women. Paper cover, 40 pages.

"Presbyterian Women on the March" by Elizabeth Dickie with the assistance of the 75th Jubilee Committee of Southland Presbyterial.. A brief history of 75 years work and witness by Presbyterian Women in Southland 1906-1981. Soft cover, 16 pages, $5.00

"Women of the Burning Bush" : The report of a survey of Women Ministers in the Presb. Church of New Zealand after 25 years of ordination, written by Vivienne Adair and published by the PCNZ 1991. 67 pages. Soft card cover, very good used condition. $10.00

"A Handful of Grain" : The centenary history of the Baptist Union of NZ Volume 4 - 1945 to 1982 by SL Edgar. Soft card cover, 115 pages, 22 illustrations. Good clean copy $8.00

"From Scotland With Aroha - Exploring our Presbyterian Heritage" by Peter Mathieson, Professor of Church History, Theological Hall, Dunedin, 1988. Soft bound, 17 pages. Two copies, excellent used condition $5.00 each.

"Mark of a Non-Realist - A Contemporary Reading of the Second Gospel" : By the Rev Ian J. Cairns, published 2004. Influenced by the Sea of faith, Rev Cairns embarked on a major rethinking of his whole theological outlook. This book is the fruit of his labours and indicates what the churches will have to go through if they are to survive in the new millenium. Soft cover, 307 pages. Excellent used copy. $20.00

"Living Without Anzus" by Ray Galvin in 1984 at a time when we were still (just) a full member of Anzus (Australia New Zealand United States Security Alliance). This booklet explores Anzus, threats to our security, justifications for Anzus, the cost of Anzus, living without Anzus, and a policy for getting out. An interesting snapshot of this contentious issue at the time. Soft cover, as new. $6.00

"The Peace of Christ in a Nuclear Age" by Ray Galvin 1983. This book looks at the very real threat posed by nuclear weapons and outlines for Christians, based on peace being so central to the Gospel, practical ways of putting the peace of Christ into effect in today's world. Soft cover, 166 pages, good used condition. Stampmed with name of previous owner inside cover. $8.00

"Politics not Justice - The Government's Treaty Settlement Policy" - A Joint Methodist Peresbyterian Public Questions committee publication, 1999. 24 pages, soft cover. $3.00 each.

"Windows on Unity - Cooperative Ventures and the Search for Church Union" - Published by the Negotiating Churches Unity Council in 1992 in order to raise awareness and record the present life and experience of the cooperative ventures as well as ercording the history of church union negotaitions. Soft cover, 87 pages, as new. $8.00

"Confident Tomorrows" - 16 Devotional talks by Rev DW Storkey, Minister of Knox Church, Dunedin, published pre 1972. "Old Bones, "There's Glory For You", "Hope Springs Eternal", "Dealing with Worry", "The Ever Rolling Stream", "Undeserved Suffering", "The Cop and the Anthem", "The Responsibility of Being Looked After", "Growing Old Gracefully", "Fault Finding", "No Funeral Gloom", "Roaring Camp", "Religion - First Hand or Second Hand", "The Iodione of the Soul", "Pavement to Heaven", "Second Bests". 56 pages, soft cover. Two copies. $6.00

"Evangelicals and the Ecumenical Movement" - by Rev J.G. Miller & Rev A. Gunn. Published by the Westminster Fellowship 1964. This booklet contains transcripts of two addresses, "The Ecumenical Movement - Threat or Blessing" & "A Positive Approach to the Ecumenical Movement". Soft cover, 28 pages. $8.00

"Why We Remained as a Presbyterian Church" - by Rev. John McNab of the Presbyterian Church of Canada 1925. Re-published by the New Zealand Presbyterian Church League in response to Church Union discussions in New Zealand. Soft cover, 16 pages, 1 illustration. $6.00

"Why Presbyterian? - by Rev. J.C. Jamieson. Printed in Australia by S. R. Laing and Co., Blackburn, Victoria, undated. Soft cover, 92 pages

"To Keep the Faith - The Westminster Fellowship's forty years" - by Les Gosling. Oublished 1990, soft cover, 44 pages, 13 illustrations. Slight scuffing to cover. $5.00

"Report on Maladjusted and Anti-Social Youth" - Prepared by the Special Committee of the Assembly's Social Service Committee for presentation to the 1959 General Assembly. An interesting look at this perennial problem 50 years ago. Soft cover, 28 pages. Good used condition. $10.00

"The Finger of God in the Disruption Scottish Principles and Rewalities 1843-1993" - by Professor Peter Mathieson, 1993. This publication explores how the New Zealand Presbyterian Church has been influenced over 150 years by the rich heritage of the Free Church of Scotland which was born out of the 'Disruption' of 1843 when many left the Established Church of Scotland in search of Religious freedom and autonomy. Soft cover, 53 pages. Three copies, as new. $5.00 to $6.00 each

"Opinions", Compiled by Rev SC Read, published 1973 : A full and varied collection of "opinions" of the NZ Presbytyerian Church selected to assist members of the Judicial Committee, Book of Order Committee, Clerks of Presbyteries and others interested in matters of practise and procedure, includes full index. Now an interesting snapshot of the practise and procedures of the NZ Presbyterian Church almost 40 years ago. 40 pages, foxing to soft card cover. $10.00

"Columba College - The First Fifty Years 1915-65" : A 50th anniversary history of this respected Girls College in Dunedin, hard cover, 110 pages, 20 illustrations. $10.00 ***Sold Out***

"The Waidale Story" : The story of the Waidale Missionary Trust based in Waikaka who in 1967 took upon the idea of fattening livestock in order to support a Missionary Trust which in turn supported the work of Missionaries overseas. Published 1994, 56 pages, 17 illustrations. $5.00 each.

"Alternative Vision - He Moemoea Ano" - From fiscal responsibility to constitutional change - the Significance of the Hirangi Hui - A joint Methodist/Presbytreian Public Questions Committee Occasional Paper, 1996. This 'occasional paper' was put together to assist churches to further understand the implications of the Hirangi Hui. The Hirangi Hui rejected the Government's proposals to settle Treaty of Waitangi claims in favour of constitutional change on the basis of the Declaration of Independence 1835 and the Treaty of Waitangi 1840. 37 pages $8.00 (new)

"Freedom, Religion & Spirit" - A published collection of 8 lectures given by Rev Albert C.Moore to the Dunedin University of the Third Age on Primal cultures & religions, ancient empires & religions, Hebrew Prophets, Abrahamic religions, Hindu tradition, Buddhism, Western modernity & Secular enlightenment, and Spiritual Revolution. c. 2000, soft cover, 84 pages $10.00 (new)

"Religious Studies in Dialogue — Essays in Honour of Albert C. Moore" Faculty of Theology, University of Otago, Dunedin, 1991. Edited by Maurice Andrew, Peter Matheson and Simon Rae. 204 pages. Frontispiece. Four page list of publications of Associate Professor A.C. Moore. 22 contributors, including Lloyd Geering, Robin Irvine, James Veitch. Essays, Anthropology, Art and Religion, Philosophy, Sociology, Theology, New Zealand. $50.00

"Pioneers, Protestors and Pluralism", exploring Presbyterian Identity by Rev Allan K Davidson, 1989, 34 pages, $3.00 (new)

"Voices of Hope in a Suffering World - Reflections on Ecologically Sustainable Lifestyles" - by Rev RJ Eyles, 1991. This book demonstrates in very practical ways what can be done locally to effect global renewal. 120 pages, soft cover, excellent condition $8.00

"Office-Bearers", by M.W. Wilson. Presbyterian Bookroom, July 1947 reprinted October 1957. Paper cover. 10 pages. $3.00

"The Elder and his Work", by G.F. Barbour, D.Phil., Bonskied, Saint Andrew Press, c 1977. Paper cover. 16 pages. $10.00

"A Resource For Elders, Sessions & Parish Councils" - by Rev. Lester J Reid, 1985 : A well laid out and instructive resource book prepared for the use of Parish Elders defining the role of an Elder, their tasks, and other inter-related issues involved in this position of great responsibility. 98 pages, Good used copy $3.00

"The Shorter Catechism" - published by the Presbyterian Bookroom. Pocket sized booklet, 32 pages, no date, $3.00

Plain Guide to Holy Communion by Christopher Smith, Church Extension Association, 1888. Dedication: Florence Munton June 1 1889 from Mrs Henry Finch. Hard cover, spine in poor condition, 72 pages

"The Vision Splendid — Some Verse for the Times and the Times to Come by John Oxenham (pseudonym), 1917 Third Edition. 96 pages. Suede cloth cover. Good condition. $10.00

The Presbyterian Church: A Manual for use of the Members of our Bible Class and the Senior Scholars of our Sunday Schools, edited by Rev. George H. Jupp, issued by the General Assembly's Youth of the Church Committee. Published Dunedin: Otago Daily Times and Witness Newspapers Company, Limited, 1928. Soft cover, 40 pages.

"Your Questions Answered ? - Affirmations of our Faith" The Youth Booklets Number One, compiled by J. D. Salmond. Published for the Youth of the Church Committee by the Presbyterian Bookroom. 16 pages

"First Communion : a book of preparation" by James G. Gould. Published by the Church of Scotland Committee on Publications, and the Presbyterian Bookroom, after 1940. booklet sized booklet, 32 pages

The Confirmation Class : a Manual of preparation for intending First Communicants by William Manson, John McConnachie, and J. Hutchison Cockburn, published by Paul and Matthew of Murraygate, Dundee, June 1962, 40 pages

I do believe... by JG Matheson, published by the Presbyterian Bookroom, 1962, 40 pages

The Elder— Serving the Church by Keith D. Pearson, Neville A. Andersen, Colin M. Dyster, Ian Gillman, Herman J. Sweet, and Stanley C. Read. Published by the Presbyterian Bookroom, 1970, 47 pages

Ask Seek Knock : A Communicants' Manual by the Rev. Samuel J. D. McCay, published with the authority of the Publications Committee of the Presbyterian Church of New Zealand by the Presbyterian Bookroom, 40 pages, not dated. Sold

"What is Our Gospel? Studies preparatory to the Faith and Order Conference, Massey College, February 1964" edited by L. G. Geering, Published by the Presbyterian Bookroom for the National Council of Churches, 1964. Available as a coloured photocopy, 24 sheets of two pages per sheet. $5.00.

"2100 : A Faith Odyssey - The Changing Face of New Zealand Religion" - by Lloyd Geering. This publication sketches the changing character of religion in NZ over the last 200 years and forecasts possible trends in the 21st century, 36 pages, soft bound. $8.00 (new) Sold

"Creating God : Re-imaging the Christian way in a secular world", by Ian Harris, 1994, 44 pages, $3.00 (new)

"The Call of Christ - Good God, They're Gay" - a resource booklet prepared by St Ninian's Parish in Christchurch to assist others in understanding this issue,1992, 86 pages, $2.00 (new)

"The Spiritual Unity of the Home - A Discussion of the Vexed Question of Mixed [Presbyterian / Catholic] Marriages", by the Rev JD Salmond, soft cover 8 pages, published post 1944, $3.00

"Iron Rations" - a booklet written as a teaching aid to increase knowledge of the beliefs and doctrine of the Church in support of the Bible Class Forward Movement, published 1950, soft cover, 35 pages. $3.00

"Together: A Magazine for Church and Home" Published by the Joint Board of Graded Lessons of Australia and New Zealand. Vol. 1, No. 2 May - August 1959, soft cover, 48 pages. $3.00

"Our Church's Faith: A Study Book on Doctrine" Edited by Rev. F. W. R. Nichol. Presbyterian Bookroom, 1962. Soft cover, 95 pages. $5.00

"Synod of Otago and Southland Centenary Thanksgiving Service, March 1948 Order of Public Worship" four page leaflet listing prayers and hymns, 1948.

"Directory for Worship (1995)" Adopted by the 1995 General Assembly, paper cover, 58 pages and Index.

"Directory for Worship (1995)" Adopted by the 1995 General Assembly, 2nd Edition, paper cover, 57 pages and Index

"An Order for the Public Baptism of Infants" Approved by the General Assembly in 1959 for experimental use, to be reviewed in 1962 with a view for final authorization, Published for the Assembly Committee on Church Worship by the Presbyterian Bookroom, 1962. Paper cover, 8 pages.

"Baptism Liturgy" resource kit, unbound: Order of Service, booklet for parents, suggestions for service, 1997.

"Centennial History 1864 - 1964 - The Bible Society of Otago and Southland" - Soft cover, 16 pages. $3.00

"How to keep the young people you have" by Stan Stewart for the Presbyterian Church; illustrated by Chris Fincham. Ideas and strategies which will help traditional churches grow ministry with older youth and young adults. Soft cover, 98 pages. $3.00

"Tower Turmoil: Characters and Controversies at the University of Otago" Published by the Department of History University of Otago, 2005. A collection of essays from the History and English paper Engl404 Writing for Publication, on the theme "Controversies at the University of Otago". 211 pages. $4.00

"Presbyterian Church Archives" - Care & Conservation. Our own handy guide for the keeping of, care, listing & preservation of Church Records & Archives, 44 pages, Free for Parish Use or free with any other order (postage charge only)

Ephesus Series Booklets : 'Project Ephesus' seeks new ways of understanding God and expressing our faith in terms of New Zealand culture and experience. All booklets new or good used condition :

1) "What New Zealanders Believe" - $2.00 each
2) "Attitudes and Life-Styles" ($3.00)
3) "Earthing our Faith in the 20th Century" by Ian Harris & "The Church and the New Era" by James Veitch ($3.00 each)
4) "Bridging the Generations" by Robin Lane - $3.00 each
5) "Salvation and Hope in the New Zealand of the 1990's" - $3.00 ***Sold Out***
6) "The Greening of Christianity" by Bob Eyles - $3.00 each
7) "A Deep Flowing Stream" by Margaret Martin & a network of women - $3.00 ***Sold Out***
8) "Exploring the Meaning of Life" by Neville Glasgow - $3.00

Used Mission Books :

"Christina's Story" - The Realities of family life on an isolated Pacific Island 1938 - 1956 : The engaging story of Mrs Christina Crump, the wife of the Rev Donald Crump who served as a Missionary on Nguna Island in the New Nebrides (now Vanuatu). As new condition, published 2000, 112 pages, numerous illustrations, card cover $30.00 No Copies Available

"The PWMU (1906-1964) & APW (1964-2006) "Harvest Field" Centennial Issue" - 56 pages commemorating the centenary of the Presbyterian Women's Missionary Union and the Association of Presbyterian Women, 23 illustrations) $12.00

"Paul H. Chan, Elder, Chinese Church, Dunedin, N.Z." - by Rev. Alexander Don. Extract from "The Outlook", August 29, 1908. 8 Pages, 1 illustration. $10.00.Sold

"The Canton Villages Mission" - by the Rev. Herbert Davies and published by the Foreign Missions Committee, 1916. 64 pages, 20 illustrations. Two copies, one copy has spine damaged by fire(?) and fold-out map of Canton Village Mission Districts is missing. $25.00 and $10.00. Sold

"The Story of The Canton Villages Mission - Semi-Jubilee 1901-1926" - edited by William Mawson and published by the Foreign Missions Committee, 1926. An enlarged edition of an earlier booklet, published to commemorate the Canton Villages Mission 25th Jubilee. 96 pages, 22 illustrations, 2 maps. 3 copies, one copy has 3 illustrations cut out. $8.00 to $10.00 each depending on condition.Sold

"The Presbyterian Church of New Zealand Atlas and Guide to its Missionary Work 1928" Published by the PWMU Executive in conjunction with the Assembly Committees and Bible Class Unions. 40 pages, 12 illustrations. $10.00.

"Our Missionaries at Work - The Record of a Journey to China and India" - by the Rev Don MacDiarmid. This booklet contains his observations of the Mission work of the PCNZ in South China and the Punjab area of India in 1939. A full first-hand account is given of the difficulties and dangers imposed by the Japanese occupation and 'war' in South China including his hastily arranged departure before all exits from Canton were closed by the Japanese. 47 pages, 13 illustrations, soft card cover. Two copies with yellowing to covers, foxing to inside covers and name of previous owners. $8.00 to $10.00 each depending on condition. Sold

"A Century of Growth" : The history of overseas Missionary work by the Presbyterian Church of New Zealand (including the Synod of Otago & Southland to 1901) from 1869 to 1969 by the Very Rev Stan Murray, Missions Secretary from 1949 to1968. A well written and honest account which includes work in the New Hebrides (Vanuatu), India, South China, NZ Chinese, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, and Papua. 112 pages, 25 illustrations, soft cover, good used condition $5.00 to $8.00 each Sold

"One Small Finger" : The story of overseas Mission work by the Presbyterian Church of New Zealand 1949-69 as told first hand by the Very Rev Stan Murray who ably served as Missions Secretary over this period when the focus of Missionary work had to evolve to meet changing circumstances and needs. 153 pages, soft bound with illustrations. Good used condition (one with library catalogue number on spine but otherwise excellent condition) $10.00 each. Sold

"Twenty Days' Ice & Snow" - A Lantern Tour in Central Otago, July 1899 by Rev Alexander Don : A photocopy of this early descriptive pamplet describing a winter tour visiting Chinese goldminers in Central Otago, 14 pages, $6.00

Memories of the Golden Road - A History of The Presbyterian Church in Central Otago by Alexander Don, edited with a Memoir of Alexander Don by William J. Bennett (1936). Hard-cover book with frontispiece and illustrations, fold-out map inside front cover. 646 pages. Dedication "To Mr and Mrs Willoughby from Murray Deaker, June 1949", "Omakau School House", cutting of sports broadcaster Murray Deaker dated 1997 attached. Also second copy. $30.00

"The Birth of a Nation" : by Rev RG McDowall, 1954. A description of the work carried out by the Missionaries in the New Hebrides [Vanuatu], including descriptive notes on the environment, social conditions, communication, transport, Government, commerce, food, medical work and education, including the problems encountered. 26 illustrations. Soft cover, slight fading around edges, 24 clean pages. $10.00 each

"New Zealand and China" : by Rev. George Hunter McNeur. Addresses delivered at the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of New Zealand, Wellington, November 9-17, 1926 by the Moderator, published by the General Assembly. 20 pages, 3 illustrations. $10.00 Sold

"The Missionary in Changing China" by Rev. Geo. H. McNeur, 1935. Missionary Lectures at the Theological Hall, 1934, published by the Foreign Missions Committee fo the Presbyterian Church of New Zealand. 140 pages, 2 illustrations. $10.00 Sold

"China Changes" : by Rev. J. S. Murray, Secretary of Overseas Missions, published by the Overseas Missions Committee fo the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of New Zealand. Impressions of a visit to the South China Mission, September - October 1949. Card-cover, 24 pages, 9 illustrations. $10.00 Sold

"I was in Prison": by Annie James, 1952, Being a first-hand account of the experiences of one of the staff of the Presbyterian Mission in China at the hands of the Communists. 44 Pages, 1 illustration. $10.00Sold

"The Teeth of the Dragon: The incredible story of a woman's survival" by Roy Belmer, 1964, Epworth Press. Biography of Sister Annie James (Tse Koo) in China during the early Communist government. Hard cover with worn dust cover, 189 pages, 10 illustrations. $10.00 Sold

The Story of the China Inland Mission in Australia and New Zealand 1890-1964 by Marcus L. Loane (1965). Hard-cover with dust cover. 177 pages. Includes bibliographical references and index. Borrowing copy from the St. Andrew's Church, Blenheim Sold

"The Land of the Five Rivers" - a study of our Mission work in the Jagadhri, Kharar, Sirmur and Saharanpur districts of the Punjab province of Northern India, published c.1937, soft cover, 24 pages, 30 illustrations. $10.00 Sold

"That Other Front Line" : by Rev. James L. Gray, with articles by E. L. Saunders and Rev. Abdul Rahim, c. 1940. Overview of Presbyterian Mission Work in North India, includes chapters on Gandhi, Sirmoor State, Women's Work, Casteism, and Church Union in India. Soft cover in poor condition, 36 pages, 9 illustrations. $10.00 Sold

"Christian High School, Kharar, 1891-1951" Printed and Published by Dr W. M. Ryburn at the Masha'l Printing Press, Kharar, Ambala, Punjab, India. Publication for the 60th, Diamond, Anniversary of the School with messages of congratulations and a history of the last ten years since 50th Anniversary. 22 pages, 11 illustrations. $10.00 Sold

"Missionary Project 1968 - Evangelism - Telling the Good News" : Presbyterian Church of New Zealand - Christian Education Department 1968. Soft cover, 54 pages, 32 illustrations. $10.00

"Missionary Project 1970 - Be Doers of the Word, Not Hearers Only" : Presbyterian Church of New Zealand - Christian Education Department 1970. Soft cover, 24 pages, 33 illustrations $10.00

"The Golden Gate of India" : by Miss Alice Henderson, 1922. A useful historical study resource booklet exploring India and the Punjab, including the history of India, Christianity in India, descriptions of the Punjab and it's peoples, the religions of the Punjab, the lives of Indian men, women & Children, the Mission Medical, Educational & Evangelistic work of the New Zealand Presbyterian Church, the Mass Movement, and a description of Evangelistic work in the Sirmur Hills. 95 pages, soft cover, 37 illustrations. $30.00 Sold

"The Shield of India" : by Miss Alice Henderson, 1933. A useful historical study resource booklet exploring India and the Punjab, including the history of India, the Native States, border problems and India's neighbours, the peoples of the Punjab, Indian women, the different religions of India, Christianity in India, and the evangelical, medical and educational work of the Presbyterian Church of New Zealand in India. 72 pages, soft cover, 25 illustrations. Two copies, all clean pages, one with marked cover, one with tearing to binding on spine. $20.00 to $30.00 depending on condition.

"My Yesterdays in Sunshine and Shadow", by Alice Henderson, 1947, being her inspiring and wonderfully descriptive story of educational and evangelistic mission work with the Church of Scotland Madras Mission 1896 to 1909, and with the Presbyterian Church of New Zealand Punjab Mission 1910 to 1933. This book was written for a general readership in a matter of fact style and for us today it gives an honest and often very candid view of India and her difficult life during those times as seen through the eyes of a European women Missionary from New Zealand . 199 pages, 9 illustrations, secure and relatively clean soft cover, clean pages. Three copies, one with library catalogue number on spine, otherwise all clean copies. $15.00to $20.00 each

"India's New Day - A Series of Studies by James L. Gray and Marion W. Gray, published by the Presbyterian Women's Missionary Union Executive and printed by Southland Times Print circa 1942. 25 pages, six studies, no illustrations. $10.00

"Indian Insights - a Visit to the Punjab Mission" : A record of a visit to the Punjab Mission of the PCNZ by the Rev JS Murray, Missions Secretary, 1949. 40 pages, 14 illustrations. Good used condition. $5.00 each

"50 Years in the Punjab 1909-1959" - This booklet briefly details the history of, progress and current work undertaken by the NZ Presbyterian Church Mission in India, published to commemorate the 50th anniversary of work in the Punjab. Soft cover, 48 pages, 101 modern and historical illustrations. Clean to slightly marked covers $5.00 to $8.00 each

"Light and Love - One Hundred Years in North India" written and compiled by Rev Doreen Riddell, Published by Global Mission for the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand (2008). Soft cover, 56 pages, 2 maps, 141 illustrations. $8.00.

"The Church and the Chinese in New Zealand" by George H. McNeur: Published 1951, 56 pages, 28 illustrations. $8.00. Sold

"We Seek a City" - 6 Mission Studies for Centennial year, 1969 : Explores the Church in the New Hebrides, Lesson from the Past - Hong Kong, Mission Work in India, Retrospect of Mission Enterprise in Indonesia, A Bridge to Papua, and The Why of Mission - designed for study and discussion to interest Church groups in what has been accomplished in the past 100 years in the whole field of mission work. 54 pages, soft cover, slightly marked cover. $5.00

"Who's Who In Our Overseas Field's" - Printed photos with biographical notes of all Mission Workers in our overseas Mission fields from 1950 to 1960. Copies available for 1950, 1956 (2 x copies), and 1960 (7 x copies). Enquire as to price and condition.

Live Book 1 by J. Graham Miller, A history of Church planting in the New Hebrides, to 1880. 201 pages. $20.00

Live Book 4 by J. Graham Miller, A history of church planting in the Republic of Vanuatu, 1881-1920. 440 pages. $20.00

Live Book 6 Malekula Ambrym Paama and Lopevi by J. Graham Miller, A history of church planting in the Republic of Vanuatu - the Northern Islands 1881-1948. 534 pages. $20.00

Live Book 7 Santo and Malo by J. Graham Miller, A history of church planting in the Republic of Vanuatu 1886-1948. 544 pages. $20.00

Used Biographies & Autobiographies :

"A Great Coloniser - Rev Dr Thomas Burns" : by Rev EN Merrington, published 1929. The story of Otago's pioneer Minister, the Rev Dr Thomas Burns who accompanied the first of the Free Church settlers to Dunedin in 1848, thereafter becoming the first Chancellor of Otago University. Hard bound, 9 illustrations. $25.00 ***Sold Out***

"A Daughter Remembers" - Papers from the Archives of First Church about Dr Thomas Burns and his family - 8 pages, photocopied. Good used copy, mark on cover $4.00

"The Sikhs of the Punjab": W. H. McLeod. Cover and drawings by Richard Bruce Hunter. Resource Materials for Asian Studies. 32 pages, 33 illustrations. $5.00 Sold

"William Hewitson - First Master of Knox College, Dunedin, New Zealand": edited by John Dickie and J. D. Salmond 1935. Memorial Tributes by students, colleagues, and friends. Soft cover, 40 pages, 8 illustrations, worn cover, stained. $5.00.

"Helmut Rex 1913-1967": by Ian Breward. Biographical monograph, bound typescript. 31 pages. $10.00. Sold

"Book of Helmut Rex" A selection of his writings with memoirs of his life and work, edited by Albert C. Moore and Maurice E. Andrew, University of Otago, September 1980. 280 pages. $12.50.

Blue Banner - The Life Story of The Rev. TD Nicholson by R. Strang Miller, Presbyterian Bookroom, 1960. Hard cover with dust cover, 184 pages with illustrations. $15.00

"A Founding Ministry - Rev TD Nicholson's pioneering role within the Presbyterian Church in Nelson and Marlborough 1848 - 1862" : Soft cover, 45 pages, 31 illustration, published 2007, totally as new condition. $12.00 each

"Margaret - A Daughter of the Manse" - A Memoir of Christina Margaret Sullivan, Daughter of the Rev Charles Sullivan of Caversham Parish, Dunedin. Margaret and her two companions died of exposure while tramping in the Southern Alps and getting caught in bad weather. hard bound, 116 pages, 17 illustrations and two photos, published 1949. $7.50 Sold

"Ship Ahoy and Hallelujah" by the Rev DN MacDiarmid. An autobiography of the life of the the Rev Don MacDiarmid, from a life at sea on a sailing ship, Missionary work among the Nubians in the Sudan, to becoming Director of Missions for the Presbyterian Church of New Zealand. Published in 1968. Soft card cover, 188 pages, 32 illustrations. Good used copy, slight mark on cover. $12.00

"Punjab Pioneers" : 'Incidents from the lives' of Dr William Porteous, the first Presbyterian Church of New Zealand Medical Missionary to India, and that of his wife, Edith Porteous. Dr Porteous was responsible for the establishment of Jagadhri Hospital, our first medical missionary work in India, where he served until 1926. A well written account by R Brodie & PMcC Smith, soft cover, 83 pages, 1 illustration, published 1966. Two good used copies, $10.00 each.

Little Feet in a Big Room - Frances Ogilvie of China" - by Gordon Ogilvie, 1994. An easy to read biography of Miss Frances Ogilvie, a long-serving and popular Presbyterian Church of NZ Missionary Teacher to South China and Hong Kong 1920 to 1960. A dedicated pacifist who held strong views on the subject, she experienced first hand the Japanese occupation of South China, 4 years of internment in Stanley Camp, civil war in China, then emergence of the Communist state. Hard bound, 108 pages, many illustrations.Good clean used copy. $10.00 Sold

"A Braided River of Faith - The Lives of One Hundred Women Vol I": Biographies and pictures of 100 women who have made a significant contribution to the work of the NZ Presbyterian Church, edited by Rev Nan Burgess. 190 pages, illustrations. Two copies - both in almost as new condition, one with library catalogue number on spine. $12.00 to $15.00

"Tse Koo - A Heroine of China - The Story of Annie James" - A brief account by the Director of Missions of the life and work of the indomitable Sr James to 1946; the sole NZ Presbyterian Church Missionary who was able, despite many deprivations, to maintain her work in South China during World War Two. Included are many first hand observations of the brutal Japanese occupation of South China and increasing disruptions, including the consequent danger to herself. Slightly faded soft covers, 32 pages, 7 illustrations, clean pages. $5.00 each Sold

"George Hunter McNeur - A Pioneer Missionary in South China" : by Henry H. Barton, 1955. Soft cover, good condition, 44 pages, map, 15 illustrations. $15.00. Sold

"In Remembrance", - by A. Robert Scott, Minister at St James, 1994. The fascinating memoirs of a minister who served in Middlemarch, Dunedin, Southland and Canterbury. 179 pages, 32 illustrations, soft cover $10.00

"The Catholic Presbyterian", Essays in Honour of Frank Nichol, Professor of Systematic Theology (1963-86) and Principal of the Theological Hall (1971-85), 76 pages, $3.00

"Three Good Men", by Rev MW Wilson, 1955: Biographical sketches of three Ministers of the Presbyterian Church of NZ; Rev James Gibb (1857 - 1935), Rev William hewiston (1860- 1932), Rev James Wilson (1865 - 1936). Soft but very marked cover, 79 pages. $6.00

"James Watkin Pioneer Missionary" By [Rev] Roy Belmer (reprinted 1979 by the Wesley Historical Society) : 34 pages, 1 illustration. Ex library stock with two labels on slightly card discoloured card cover, clean pages. $8.00

"New Vision New Zealand" Edited by Bruce Patrick, 1993: 377 pages. A study on society and leadership for the growth of the Church in New Zealand. Statistics and research. $6.00

"New Vision New Zealand Volume II (1997)" Edited by Bruce Patrick, 1997: 336 pages. To serve the Church in mission and discipleship throughout New Zealand.. Statistics and research. $5.00

"Vision New Zealand Congress" Edited by Bruce Patrick, 1993: 230 pages. Conference Papers. $4.00

Used Maori Mission & Synod Publications :

"The Story of Maori Missions" : being five studies by the Very Rev. George Budd, published by the P. W. M. U., Auckland, November 1939. 1. The Days Before Waitangi, 2. Much Resolved - Little Done, 3. Breaking New Ground, 4. Boring-in Farther, 5. Love Fulfils Itself In Many Ways. Some Notes On Maori Religion by J. G. Laughton. Soft cover, 32 pages, no illustrations. Two copies $10.00. One copy 1924, soft green cover, earlier edition by H. J. Fletcher.

"Upon Them Hath the Light Shined" : by Rev JN Smith, published 1952, being a brief history of the Presbyterian Maori Mission from 1889 (but mainly from 1916) to 1952 including the emergence of Te Hinita Maori (now known as 'Te Aka Puaho'). Maori Mission areas and institutions mentioned include Taupo,Taumarunui, Tokaanu, Nuhaka, Waikaremoana, Ruatahuna, Maungapohatu, Te Whaiti, Waihau, Waimana, Matahi, Te Teko, Kawerau, Opotiki, Turakina Maori Girls' School at Marton and the Maori Boys' and Girls' Hostels at Auckland and Whakatane. 52 pages, very clean soft card cover and pages, no illustrations. $25.00

"Maori and Pakeha in Church and Community - A Symposium" : Foreword (Very Rev. J. D. Salmond), Stating the Problem (Very Rev. J. G. Laughton), The Maori Point of View (Rev. Hemi Potatau), Implications of Common Citizenship (D. N. Perry), The Church's Constructive Contribution (Rev. D. E. Duncan), Implications beyond the Synod Area (Rev. J. Irwin). Soft Cover, 27 pages, no illustrations. $10.00

"From Forest Trail to City Street" : The Story of the work of the Presbyterian Church of NZ among the Maori people by the Very Rev JG Laughton, 1814 to 1961, 100 pages, some highlighted texts on pages, torn and marked soft cover, names of previous owner written in ink at front. A very collectable booklet $20.00

"Christian Work among the Maoris" by J. and A. Irwin, 1963. Published for the Presbyterian Bible Class Movement. Four studies: A Maori Family, Maori Missions, The Maori Moves from the Country, Te Ao Hou. 20 pages, 4 illustrations.

"Te Hinota Maori - The Maori Synod, Maori Spirituality and Ministry" - This resource publication documents the history and work of the Maori Synod, and provides some broad insights into Maori Spirituality, Book 1, published 1992. 31 pages, 2 illustrations, as new or slightly marked condition. $10.00

"Te Maungarongo - The Ancestral House of the Maori Synod" - This resource publication is dedicated to the ancestral house of the Maori Synod, Te Maungaroto, at Ohope Marae, Book 2, published 1992. 39 pages, 21 illustrations. Sold

"Te Kakano O te Aroha - The Church Marae of the Wellington Maori Pastorate" - This resource publication documents the story of Te Kakano o te Aroha, the Wellington Presbytery's urban church marae in Lower Hutt and assists to develop real understanding and action in the journey towards bi-cultural partnership, Book 3, published 1992, 39 pages, 15 illustrations. Sold

"Kawa Marae - A Detailed Guide to Marae Visits" - This informative and practical resource publication documents the usual structure and common protocol of most Maori marae, providing an insight into the nature of marae, the background to behaviour within them, and the procedure for visiting a marae, Book 4, published 1992, 43 pages, 4 illustrations. Good used condition, name of previous owner on cover. Sold

"Mahi Tahi - Practical Resources for Bi-Cultural Partnership" - This is a practical resource for beginning the journey towards bi-cultural partnership, including study papers, music, and advice on practical measures which parishes and congregations can take to expand their bi-cultural understanding and experience, Book 5, published 1992, 55 pages, 3 illustrations. $10.00 Sold

"Murihiku 1970" - A survey of the social situation of the Maori population of Otago and Southland, excluding Dunedin and environs, by Alison Mirams, 1970. This comprehensive report was commisssioned by the Dunedin Presbytery as a prelude to considering the appointment of a Maori Minister to Otago/Southland. Two copies, soft bound cover in very good condition. $15.00 each.

"Who's Where in our Maori Field" - Printed photos with biographical notes of all Mission Workers in the Maori Mission Field in 1961 together with images of Maori Synod institutions. 1 soft bound copy, stained cover. $10.00

"Presbyterian Theology in New Zealand from 1930-1980: A Personal Retrospect: The Question of a Maori Theology" by J. M. Bates. Unpublished Papers from the Archives at Knox College, Dunedin, edited by Clive Pearson, January 1995. Paper cover, 41 pages, photocopied printing. $5.00 Sold

Mana Maori and Christianity, edited by Hugh Morrison, Lachy Paterson, Brett Knowles and Murray Rae. 327 pages. Huia Publishers (2012) $25.00

Presbytery & Synod Histories :

Parish Histories (please enquire for prices - most modern histories are relatively inexpensive) :

  • Alexandra - 1955-1991 "Parish progress, 36 years in the Alexandra, Clyde, Lauder Union Parish" by J.S. Somerville (48 pages, 18 illustrations)
  • Auckland - Beresford 1852-2006 (97 pages, 17 illustrations)
  • Auckland - Clevedon - The Dedication of St Andrew's Centennial Memorial Church Clevedon 1957
  • Auckland - Clevedon 1858-1958 (28 pages, 6 illustrations)
  • Auckland - Clevedon 1858-1983 (40 pages, 6 illustrations)
  • Auckland - Clevedon All Souls 1861-1961 (26 pages, 11 illustrations)
  • Auckland - Ellerslie 1881-1956 (12 pages, 12 illustrations)
  • Auckland - Ellerslie 1881-1981 (24 pages, 33 illustrations)
  • Auckland - Glendowie 1968-1993 (64 pages, 23 illustrations)
  • Auckland - Greyfriars 1915-1965 (18 pages, 15 illustrattions)
  • Auckland - Howick 1873-1973 (16 pages, 7 illustrations)
  • Auckland - Mahurangi 1856-2006 (28 pages, 40 illustrations)
  • Auckland - Mt Albert 1913-1963 (27 pages, 6 illustrations)
  • Auckland - Mt Albert 1913-1988 (48 pages, 18 illustrations)
  • Auckland - Northcote 1888-1988 (48 pages, 44 illustrations)
  • Auckland - Papakura 1855-1955 (32 pages, 15 illustrations)
  • Auckland - St Helliers 1915-1965 (32 pages, 16 illustrations)
  • Auckland - St Helliers 1915-1990 (34 pages, 14 illustrations)
  • Auckland - St Paul's Devonport 1866-1966 (60 pages, 33 illustrations)
  • Auckland - St Paul's Devonport 1866-1916 (15 pages, 9 illustrations)
  • Auckland - Somervell Memorial 1905-1955 (20 pages, 3 illustrations)
  • Auckland - Takapuna (51 pages, 45 illustrations)
  • Balclutha - 1866-1966 "Faith of our fathers" by A.E.D. Dowell (63 pages, 20 illustrations)
  • Blenheim - St Andrew's Centennial Souvenir 1968 (
  • Blenheim - St Andrew's 2004 (120 pages, 59 illustrations)
  • Bluff - St Paul's 1894-1969 (19 pages)
  • Cambridge - Trinity 1872-1932 Diamond jubilee souvenir (20 pages, 11 illustrations)
  • Cambridge - Trinity 1872-1972 100 years edited by T.C. Wallace (32 pages, 6 illustrations)
  • Camp Columba - 1975 (24 pages, 7 illustrations)
  • Canterbury - Amuri 1863-1963
  • Canterbury - Church of the Good Shepherd (13 pages, 7 illustrations)
  • Canterbury - Rakaia 1980 "A brief history of the Presbyterian Parish" (24 pages, 7 illustrations)
  • Canterbury - St John's Southbridge 1882-1982 (74 pages, 15 illustrations)
  • Canterbury - St David's Pioneer Memorial Church Cave 1967 (23 pages, 8 illustrations)
  • Castor Bay - 1933-1983 "In good soil" (13 pages, 5 illustrations)
  • Christchurch - Akaroa 1860-1960 (35 pages, 8 illustrations)
  • Christchurch - Hoon Hay 1959-2009 (52 pages, 36 illustrations)
  • Christchurch - Knox 1880-1955 (54 pages, 20 illustrations)
  • Christchurch - Knox 1880-1980 (85 pages, illustrations)
  • Christchurch - Knox 1880-1980 Notebook of Events (12 pages, 8 illustrations)
  • Christchurch - Kowai 1866-1966 (12 pages)
  • Christchurch - St Andrew's 1856-1956 (52 pages, 36 illustrations)
  • Christchurch - St James Spreydon 1909-1984 75th anniversary (19 pages, 2 illustrations)
  • Christichurch - St James Spreydon 1963-1988 25th Anniversary of the opening of the Church (12 pages, 8 illustrations)
  • Christchurch - St James Spreydon 1909-2009 (20 pages, 2 illustrations)
  • Christchurch - St Luke's Sefton Thanksgiving Service 1991 (8 pages)
  • Christchurch - St Luke's Sefton 1906-2006 (16 pages, 13 illustrations)
  • Christchurch - St Pauls 1864-1914 (47 pages, 21 illustrations)
  • Christchurch - St Pauls 1864-1944 (8 pages)
  • Christchurch - St Pauls 1864-1954 (16 pages, 1 illustration)
  • Christchurch - St Paul's 1864-1964 (56 pages, illustrations)
  • Christchurch - Sumner-Redcliffs 1912-1962 Jubilee history (48 pages, 11 illustrations)
  • Cromwell - St John Cromwell, Lowburn, Bannockburn 1865-1875 (27 pages)
  • Crookston-Dunrobin - 1900-1950 (40 pages, 20 illustrations)
  • Dunedin - Anderson's Bay 1863-1913 (43 pages, 29 illustrations)
  • Dunedin - Andersons Bay 1863-1963 (28 pages, 19 illustrations)
  • Dunedin - Andersons Bay 1988 (97 pages, 50 illustrations)
  • Dunedin - Caversham Jubilee Souvenir 1874-1924 (46 pages, 9 illustrations)
  • Dunedin - Caversham 1874-1974 (32 pages, illustrations)
  • Dunedin - Caversham 1975-1999 (20 pages, 10 illustrations)
  • Dunedin - Caversham - Memorial Windows - Undated (4 pages, 8 illustrations
  • Dunedin - First Church of Otago 1873-1973 (32 pages, 20 illustrations) Sold
  • Dunedin - First Church Handbook 1873-1973 (28 pages)
  • Dunedin - Green Island 1862 - 1962 (32 pages, 23 illustrations)
  • Dunedin - Kaikorai 1868-1918 (64 pages, 33 illustrations)
  • Dunedin - Kaikorai 1928 (48 pages, 30 illustrations)
  • Dunedin - Kaikorai 1868-1968 (23 pages, 9 illustrations)
  • Dunedin - Knox 1860-1960 (30 pages, 11 illustrations)
  • Dunedin - Knox 1860-1976 (35 pages, 11 pages)
  • Dunedin - Knox 1860-1985 (24 pages, 6 illustrations)
  • Dunedin - Maori Hill 1905-1955 Spring up, O Well (31 pages, 19 illustrations)
  • Dunedin - Mornington 1881-1931 (25 pages, illustrations)
  • Dunedin - Mornington 1881-1981 (103 pages, 25 illustrations)
  • Dunedin - Mosgiel 80th Anniversary Celebrations - 11-13 October 1957 (8 pages)
  • Dunedin - Mosgiel 1877 - 1977 (23 pages, 35 illustrations)
  • Dunedin - Musselburgh 1909-1959 Looking back, pressing on (31 pages, 12 illustrations)
  • Dunedin - North East Valley 1882-1982 (84 pages, 31 illustrations)
  • Dunedin - Otago Peninsula (34 pages, 19 illustrations)
  • Dunedin - Port Chalmers 1852 - 1916 (32 pages, 14 illustrations)
  • Dunedin - Roslyn 1901-1951 (32 pages , illustrations)
  • Dunedin - Roslyn 1901-1976 (40 pages, illustrations)
  • Dunedin - Roslyn 1904-1994 (71 pages, 22 illustrations)
  • Dunedin - Roslyn Recipe Book 1999 (75 pages)
  • Dunedin - St Andrew's 1863-1923 (14 pages, 1 illustration)
  • Dunedin -St Andrew's 1863-1963) (48 pages, 7 illustrations)
  • Dunedin - St Clair 1908-1958 (32 pages, 12 illustrations)
  • Dunedin - St Clair 1908-1983 75th anniversary (24 pages, 65 illustrations)
  • Dunedin - St James (South Dunedin) 1880-1980 (40 pages, 4 illustrations)
  • Dunedin - St Stephens Christian Endeav
  • Dunedin - St Stephens 1871-1971 (90 pages, 16 illustrations)
  • Dunedin - St Stephens Leith Valley 1971-1996 (49 pages, illustrations)
  • Dunedin - Wakari 1885-1985 (40 pages, 8 illustrations)
  • Duntroon - 1881-1981 ([64] pages, 43 illustrations)
  • East Taieri Stained Glass [windows] (12 pages, 17 images mostly in colour)
  • Hamilton - St Andrew's Presbyterian Church - A Century of Faith (72 pages, 29 illustrations, insert of corrections) Sold
  • Hokitika - Scots' Memorial Church 1935-1985 (38 pages, 17 illustrations)
  • Hokitika - St Andrew's 1866-1966 (68 pages, 15 illustrations)
  • Invercargill - First Church - a Descriptive Guide to the Church building plus historical notes 1957 (15 pages, illustrations)
  • Invercargill - First Church 1860-1960 (36 pages, 26 illustrations)
  • Invercargill - St Andrew's 1890-1965 (12 pages, 18 illustrations)
  • Invercargill - St Paul's 1876-1976 (42 pages, illustrations)
  • Katikati 1876-1976 (28 pages, 16 illustrations)
  • Lawrence - 1861-1948 Centennial souvenir (39 pages, 40 illustrations)
  • Lawrence Waitahuna - 1948-1961 (8 pages, 3 illustrations)
  • Lower Hutt - 1852-2002 "Knox Alive!" (132 pages, numerous illustrations)
  • Lyttelton - St John's 1864-1964 (24 pages, 2 illustrations)
  • Malvern - 1878-1979 (168 pages, 34 illustrations)
  • Mangapapa - Knox 1913-1963 plus 60th supplement (12 pages plus 3 pages, 7 illustrations)
  • Merrivale - Waiau 1903-1977 (96 pages, 104 illustrations)
  • Milton - Tokomairiro 1854-1929 75th anniversary souvenir (28 pages, 17 illustrations)
  • Motueka - 1865-1965 Motueka-Riwaka centennial celebration (35 pages, 17 illustrations)
  • Napier - St Paul's 1858-1958 (93 pages, 31 illustrations)
  • Nelson - Trinity 1848-1948 (63 pages, 13 illustrations)
  • New Plymouth - Knox 1926-1976 (62 pages, 20 illustrations)
  • North Taieri - 1866-1966 "Fragrant and fruitful years" by R.T. Dodds (26 pages, 4 illustrations)
  • Northland - St Paul's 1914-1989 (16 pages, 18 illustrations)
  • Oamaru - Columba 1881-1931 (34 pages)
  • Oamaru - Lower Waitaki 1871-1971 (42 pages, 41 illustrations)
  • Oamaru - St Paul's 1863-1913 (33 pages, 14 illustrations)
  • Oamaru - St Paul's 1863-1963 "The way we came" by K.C. McDonald (115 pages, 49 illustrations)
  • Oamaru - Waiareka 1878-1938 (33 pages, 14 illustrations)
  • Orepuki - 1885-1985 (30 pages, 2 illustrations)
  • Ormond - 1882-1967 (14 pages, 11 illustrations)
  • Owaka - 1885-1985 (128 pages, 69 illustrations)
  • Palmerston North - 1879-1929 (24 pages, 18 illustrations)
  • Palmerston North - St Andrew's 1878-1960 (31 pages, 7 illustrations)
  • Palmerston North - St Andrews 1876-1976 (80 pages, illustrations)
  • Queenstown - "Hearts of Gold" by JD Salmond 1962 (57 pages, signed by Author)
  • Queenstown / Wakatipu - "Unto The Hills" by JD Salmond 1967 (78 pages, 11 illustrations, signed by Author)
  • Rangiora - 1872-1972 "The course of a church" (18 pages)
  • Rotorua - St John's Souvenir 1921 (9 pages 4 illustrations)
  • Rotorua - St John's Souvenir 1896-1956 (8 pages)
  • Rotorua - St John's Recipes 1956 (30 pages)
  • Rotorua - St John's Souvenir 1896-1971 (10 pages)
  • Rotorua - St John's 1988 "Ninety Years of Thanksgiving" (8 pages, 2 illustrations)
  • Rotorua - St John's 1989 "Opened November 4, 1989" (8 pages, 8 illustrations)
  • Rotorua - St John's 1896-1996 "Step Out In Faith" (104 pages, 76 illustrations)
  • South Clutha - 1856-1966 "Full circle" by Alexa Cross (128 pages, 52 illustrations)
  • Southland - Centre Bush Centenary 1882-1981 (103 pages, 25 illustrations)
  • Southland - Centre Bush Centenary 1882-1982 (36 pages, 24 illustrations)
  • Southland - Forest Hill - The Growth and Development of a Southern Parish - Presbyterianism in the Early Days - by R. G. McKenzie - 1861-1878 The Early Years of a Farming Settlement on the Southland Plains by "Native" (Duncan McNeil) printed 1960.
  • Southland - Forest Hill 1950-1989 "Lift Mine Eyes Unto The Hills" compiled and edited by Phyl Hampton, Barbara Anderson and David Anderson. (112 pages, 20 illustrations)
  • Southland - Gore St Andrew's Gore 1881-1931 Jubilee souvenir (50 pages, 30 illustrations)
  • Southland - Gore St Andrew's Gore 90th Anniversary Souvenir 1957-1971 (18 pages, 8 illustrations)
  • Southland - Gore 1881-1981 "From the Kirk on the hill" by J.F. McArthur (160 pages, 41 illustrations)
  • Southland - Lumsden 1978 "History of Lumsden Presbyterian Parish", C.L. McLean, H.E. Dore and F.M. Henderson (16 pages, 1 illustration)
  • Southland - Orepuki 1885-1939 50th jubilee souvenir booklet ([12] pages)
  • Southland - Otautau 1890-1990
  • Southland - Pukerau 1962 (28 pages, 4 illustrations)
  • Southland - Riversdale-Waikaia "From gold to glory" edited by John A. Cutt 1984 (99 pages, 55 illustrations)
  • Southland - Waikaka Valley 1894-1944 Jubilee (39 pages, 18 illustrations)
  • Suva - St Andrews 1983 (46 pages, 6 illustrations)
  • Taieri Beach - 1859-1976 Recollections by Kathleen Galloway (11 pages)
  • Tapanui - 1864-1964 (64 pages, 36 illustrations)
  • Taradale - St Columba 1866-1966 (55 pages, 15 illustrations)
  • Tauranga - St Peters 1878-1978 (116 pages, 40 illustrations)
  • Te Awamutu - 1872-1972 (20 pages, 10 illustrations)
  • Thames - St James 1868-1968 (8 pages, 6 illustrations)
  • Timaru - Chalmers 1901-1951 (52 pages, 10 illustrations)
  • Timaru - Chalmers 1952-1977 (23 pages, 2 illustrations)
  • Timaru - Chalmers 1902-2002 (116 pages, 24 illustrations)
  • Timaru - St Stephens APW Recipe Book 2003 (78 pages, ring bound spine)
  • Timaru - Trinity 1967 Order of Service for Dedication with An Historical Outline
  • Timaru - Trinity 1967 First Service of Holy Communion and Confirmation with An Historical Outline
  • Timaru - Trinity 1865-1969 (34 pages, 10 illustrations)
  • Tuapeka Mouth - 1909-1959 "Five decades of witness" (28 pages, 1 illustration)
  • Waikato - Huntly 1898-1998 (72 pages, 67 illustrations)
  • Waikato - Piopio 1914-1964 (32 pages, 25 illustrations)
  • Waikato - Te Awamutu 1872-1972 (20 pages, 13 illustrations)
  • Waikato - Thames 1868-1968 (8 pages, 7 illustrations)
  • Waikouaiti - 1863-1963 (48 pages, 32 illustrations)
  • Waitahuna 1874-1974 (35 pages, 14 illustrations)
  • Waipawa - 1877-1977 "Waipawa-Otane Presbyterian church history" (24 pages, 14 illustrations)
  • Wanganui - St Pauls 1853-1953 (39 pages, 20 illustrations)
  • Wellington - Island Bay 1898-1948 (15 pages, 14 illustrations)
  • Wellington - Kelbutn 1909-1959 (15 pages, 20 illustrations)
  • Wellington - Kelburn 1909-1984 (58 pages, 9 illustrations)
  • Wellington - Roseneath 1911-1961 Jubilee (16 pages, 15 illustrations)
  • Wellington - St Andrew's 1840-1940 (24 pages, 7 illustrations)
  • Wellington - St Andrew's on the Terrace 1879-1979 (32 pages, 21 illustrations)
  • Wellington - St Columba Naenae 1942-1978 (60 pages, 16 illustrations)
  • Wellington - St Giles Kilbirnie 1907-1957 Jubilee (16 pages, 11 illustrations)
  • Wellington - St Giles Kilbirnie 1907-1982 (28 pages, 13 illustrations)
  • Wellington - St James Newton 1882-1982 (87 pages, 46 illustrations)
  • Wellington - Tawa Union Parish 1972-1992 "That they all may be one" by Edwin Smith (11 pages, includes anniversary worship service)
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  • Wellington - Wadestown & Wilton (Incl. Onslow) 1866-c.1981 (48 pages, 51 illustrations)
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  • Westland - Greymouth Uniting Church 1911-1996 (18 pages, 5 illustrations)
  • Westland - Greymouth Centennial(?) Booklet, (34 pages, typescript, paper cover)
  • Whangarei 1859-1934 (20 pages, 31 illustrations, back cover missing)

Presbyterian Historical Society

Printed and bound booklets containing the annual lecture given to the Presbyterian Historical Society of New Zealand.
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Publications (New)

1973 : "The Very Rev James Gibb : Patriot into Pacifist", by LH Barber, (Now out of print - photocopy or scanned copy available at $5.00)
1974 : "Missionary Propaganda - Its Early development & Influence With Respect to the British Missionary Movement & India", by AK Davidson, (Now out of print - photocopy or scanned copy available at $5.00)
1975 : "The Rev James Duncan - First Presbyterian Missionary to the Maori", by WW Gibson, (Now out of print - photocopy or scanned copy available at $5.00)
1976 : "The Ministry of  Rev John Moir (1809 - 1895), 1st Moderator of the Wellington Presbytery", by DG Bound, (Now out of print - photocopy or scanned copy available at $5.00)
1977 : "The Growth of an Inward Looking Church on the Mission Field", by AC Herron, $2.00
1979 : "Religion & New Zealand Society", by Ian Breward, $2.00
1980 : "James Hamlin", by HJ Ryburn, $2.00
1980 : "Thomas Chalmers & the Mission of the Church", by WJ Roxborogh, $3.00
1981 : "The Church in Vanuatu since 1945", by Neal Whimp, $3.00
1982 : "Changing Patterns of Presbyterian Social Service", by Simon Rae, $3.00
1983 : "A Church in Mid-Life Crisis, The debate of 1966 - 1970", by James Veitch, $3.00
1984 : "From Dependency to Autonomy", by James Irwin, $3.00
1985 : "The Gospel in the Southern New Hebrides 1839 - 1958", by GS Parsonson, $3.00
1986 : "Rutherford Waddell : Man and Parish", by RJ Eyles, $3.00
1987 : "The Presbyterian Church of New Zealand and the Chinese", by Dr. James Ng, $3.00
1988 : "Mission and Oecumene : The NZ Presbyterian Experience 1969 - 1988, by Simon Rae, $3.00
1990 : "Rev. John Gibson Smith - The Story of the 1908 Heresy Trial", By James Veitch, $3.00
1991 : "A Time of Sifting - Evangelicals & Liberals at the Genesis of NZ Theology", By Peter Mathieson, $3.00
1992 : "The Road to Secularisation in Presbyterian Dunedin : The First Fifty Years of the Otago Settlement", by John McKean, $3.00
1993 : "Girdle Round the Earth : New Zealand Presbyterian Women's Ideal of Universal Sisterhood, 1870 - 1918", By Yvonne M Robertson [Wilkie], $3.00
1994 : "The Theological Case of JM Bates", by Clive Pearson, $3.00

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