Presbyterian Register Abbreviations

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Ang Anglican app appointed
arr arrived Ass Assembly
Aust Australia b born
Bapt Babtist BC Bible Class
BCU Bible Class Union Ch Church
Chapl Chaplain Chch Christchucrh
Ch Ex Church Extension Ch Colonial
Coll College Com Committee
cong congregational Cong Congregational
Co-op Co-operating charge CS Ch of Scotland
d died Deac Deaconess
div divorced Ecum Ecumenical
FC Free Church of Scotland fr from
hall Theological Hall h husband
HM  Home Missionary Ind Inducted
lic licensed m married
Mem Memorial Meth Methodist
min minister/ministry miss mission/missionary
Mod Moderator Mt Mount
Mth month Ord Ordained
OSyn Synod of Otago & Southland OU Otago University
PCE Presb. Church of England PCI Presb. Church of Ireland
PCNZ Presb. Church of New Zealand PD&M Parish Development & Mission Dept.
PIC Pacific Islanders Church Pr  Presbytery
prch preacher pred predeceased
prob probationer Pt Port - or Point
PWTI Preb. Womens Training Institute recd received
rem remarried Rep Report(ed)
res resigned ret retired
Scot Scotland Sen Min Senior Minister
serv service SS Stated Supply
stud student Supt Superintendent
thr through TTI Teachers Training Institute (Vanuatu)
UF United Free Church of Scotland UP United Presb. Church of Scotland
univ university w wife
wthd withdrew yr year


NP Northland Presbytery (earlier North Auckland Presbytery)
NSP North Shore Presbytery
AP Auckland Presbytery
SAP South Auckland Presbytery
NthP Northern Presbytery
BPP Bay of Plenty Presbytery
WkP Waikato Presbytery
KP Kaimai Presbytery
Ak Te Aka Puaho
GP Gisborne Presbytery
HBP Hawkes Bay Presbytery
GHBP Gisborne / Hawkes Bay Presbytery
TkP Taranaki Presbytery
WgP Wanganui Presbytery
MnP Manawatu Presbytery
MWGP Manawatu / Wanganui Presbytery
WpP Wairarapa Presbytery
WnP Wellington Presbytery
NMP Nelson-Marlborough Presbytery
WsP Westland Presbytery
ChP Christchurch Presbytery
AsP Ashburton Presbytery
SCP South Canterbury Presbytery (earlier Timaru Presbytery)
NOP North Otago Presbytery (earlier Oamaru Presbytery)
DnP Dunedin Presbytery
ClP Clutha Presbytery
MtP Mataura Presbytery
SP Southland Presbytery
COP Central Otago Presbytery (earlier Dunstan Presbytery)
SthP Southern Presbytery