Maori Mission Published Material From “The Evangelist” 1869 to 1879

Please Note : Only articles from "The Evangelist" are listed here. As we do not hold all issues, please click Here for a listing of dates covered including details of other Presbyterian Journals where published material may be found. We hold an index for publications other than "The Evangelist".

Induction of Rev AM Blake as Missionary to the Maori (1.4.1869); Tour of Maori in the North Island by Rev A Honoré (1.8.1969, 1.9.1969); Report of Maori Baptism in Southland by Rev A Honoré (1.12.1869); Tour of the Maoris in the North Island by Rev A Honoré (1.4.1870, 1.6.1870); Report of [including history of] Maori Mission work at Waikouaiti by Rev A Blake (1.6.1870); Article “On the Dying out of the Natives [in the South] of New Zealand” by Rev JFH Wohlers of Ruapuke Island (1.8.1870); Religious based articles written by Rev JFH Wohlers (1.10.1870, 1.11.1870); History of the work of the North German [Bremen] Missionary Society Missionaries in New Zealand 1839 to 1864 [mentions Wohlers, Heine, Riemenschneider, Trost, and Völkner of the Bremen Missionary Society and Honoré of the Hamburg Mission House (1.10.1870); Reference to work at the [Otago] Heads, Waikouaiti and Moeraki by Rev Blake and by the Native Preacher Bartholemew (1.10.1870); Copies of letters between Hori Kerei Tairoa [Chief at Maori Kaik, Otago Heads] and Rev J Copland [Convener of Synod Missions Committee] re financial support for Maori Preacher Bartholemew (1.12.1870); Reports of Mission Work among the Maori people in the Rangitikei and other areas of the North Island by Rev A Honoré (1.4.1871, 1.6.1871, 1.12.1871, 1.4.1872, 1.7.1872, 1.1.1873, 1.4.1873, 2.9.1873, 1.10.1873, 1.4.1875, 1.9.1875); Article on past Mission work among the Taranaki Maori and urgent need for continuing work, by “RW” (1.5.1871); Report of work among the Maoris at the [Otago] Heads, Waikoaiti and Moeraki by Rev A Blake (1.5.1871; 1.6.1871, 1.7.1871, 1.8.1871, 1.6.1876, 1.7.1876); Visit to Maoris at Riverton and in Southland (1.9.1871); Devine Service to Maori prisoners at Dunedin (1.10.1871); The Native School on Ruapuke Island and the difficulties of imposing English language and teaching methods on the Maori (1.2.1872); “The Pakowhai [Native] School”, East Cape (1.7.1872); Reports of the German Mission School on Ruapuke Island by Rev JFH Wohlers (1.7.1872, 1.11.1873); Spiritual oversight of Maoris at Riverton and Colac Bay by a Native Catechist (1.5.1873); “A Visit to the Maori Kaik” [Otago Peninsula] (2.6.1873); Article “How Christianity came to the Maori” (1.8.1873); Article “How the Maori Abandoned Christianity” (1.12.1873); Resurgence of Christianity among the“Hau Haus” in the Hauraki area (1.1.1875); Report of Maori Mission work at “The Neck” on Stewart Island by Mr A Trail (1.3.1876).

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