Purpose, Aims & Policy

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Purpose of the Register :

The main purpose of the Register is to have an accessible and near complete list of ministers who have served the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand from 1840 up to the present day.

Aim of each entry :

  1. To give as much information as is possible that reflects the personal ministry of each dividual.
  2. To offer ready access to parishes, presbyteries, Presbyterian Church Central Office and the Synod of Otago and Southland staff who wish to seek out information on past ministries.
  3. To provide for researchers from all disciplines a source that is reliable and informative.

Policy :

  1. The ongoing task of amending and maintaining the Register is undertaken by the Presbyterian Church Archives Office.
  2. Names of Ministers, Missionaries/Overseas workers and Deaconesses will be included.
  3. That only lay people who have served as Moderator of the General Assembly, Assembly Executive Secretary or a General Assembly appointment is included.
  4. New, additional or amended information to be obtained from published Presbyterian Church sources including: Presbyterian Church newspapers & journals, General Assembly Reports and Proceedings, official obituaries, Parish & Presbytery Newsletters and Histories, and published biographies and autobiographies.
  5. Information in entries will include place and date of birth (pre 1930), name of spouse and date of marriage, qualifications, Training Institutions/University and dates; place and dates of service, official Church positions, date of retirement /resignation, date of death and extracts from obituaries. (Ref. Clause 7)
  6. To comply at all times with the terms of the NZ Privacy Act 1993 including subsequent amendments. Dates of birth from 1930 onwards will not be entered.
  7. Re-marriages to be noted and the names of the previous spouses retained.
  8. Additional or amended information contributed by interested parties may be included if the data falls within clauses 3 & 4, or is verified to be accurate.
  9. Copyright is retained at all times by The Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand . Permission to reproduce any part of this database is to be sought in writing from the Director of Archives.
  10. The Director of Archives may need to seek further permission (clause 9) from the Assembly Executive Secretary or equivalent.
  11. Use of all or any part of this database for financial gain is contrary to the NZ Privacy Act of 1993.