1921 Photographs
(excluding Overseas Mission Areas, Maori & NZ Chinese)

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Acc No Provenance Title Description Date Ref No
499/72 Dept Of Communication Denominational Caricatures Twelve Caricature Drawings Of Ministers Of Various Denominations.
- Confucianist
- Baptist
- Presbyterian
- Church Of England
- Quaker
- Salvation Army
- Seventh Day Adventist
- Methodist
- Plymouth Rock
- Roman Catholic
- Israelite
- Atheist
Dated: 7 Feb 1921
1921 CS-7.32-3240

East Taieri Church East Taieri Junior Bible-Class. East Taieri Presb. Church Junior Bible-Class Group Photo. Incl (Left To Right) :
Back Row- N.Williams; Janie Allan; Bob Simpson; Alice Kirk; Frances Allan.
2nd Back Row- Ivy Kirk; Elizabeth Massey; K.Garret.
Middle Row- Patience Purvis; Olive Kirk; Olive Allan; Fred Garret; Eveline Rattray.
2nd Front Row- W.Bruce; Jean Allan; Walter Bruce; Emma Gamble; May Williams; Ellen Imrie; Eric Williams.
Front Row- Bessie Miller; Violet Stephens; Hazel Sim; Rev.D.McCosh; Mr William Allan; Mollie Hurst; Vena Sim; Madge Miller.
Front Side- Lex Bruce; Fred Johnston.
2nd Back Row-
c.1921 P-S9-3

St.James' Parish (Dunedin). St.James Sunday School Teacher's Picnic. Group Photo Of Sunday School Teachers & Minister From St.James Parish, Dunedin, On A Picnic At Woodhaugh Gardens.
Including (Left To Right) :
Back Row- Mr Atkinson; Mr Ewart; _ ; Mr McCallum; Mr Roy; _ .
3rd Row - _ ; _ ; Mr McPherson; Mrs Roy; _ ; _ .
2nd Row - Mrs Atkinson; Mrs Harper; Mr Harper (Superintendent); Rankin Harper; Mrs M.L.Fairmaid; Rev.Robert Fairmaid; Mrs Prosser; Mrs McPherson; Miss Sanderson; _ .
Front Row- Miss C.Ewart; Miss H.Smail; Miss D.Mitchell; _ ; Miss Fielden; _ ; Mr Bob Orr.
Dated: 5/3/1921
1921 P-S11-33

St.Andrews Church (Dunedin). Bible-Class (Union?) Executive 1921/22. Studio Portrait Of The 'Bible-Class Executive 1921/22', Possibly For Bible-Class Union.
Photographer: 'J.Webster', Dunedin.
c.1921-22 P-S12-11

Dickie,J.(Prof). Prof.J.Dickie & Family. Studio Portrait Of Prof.J.Dickie & Family.
Including (Left To Right) ;
- Prof.John Dickie; James Dickie; Alex Dickie; Frank Trotter (Brother In Law Of Barbara); John Dickie (Jnr); Barbara Dickie.
c.1921 P-S12-22

Papanui Parish Laying Of Foundation Stone At Papanui. The Laying Of The Foundation Stone Ceremony For The Papanui (?) Church, Showing Assembled Ministers & Others, As Well As A Harmonium.
-"With Compliments From Mr & Mrs Bickerstaff, Papanui."
c.1921-25 P-S12-31

General Assembly. Presbyterian Church General Assembly. Group Photo Of Members Of The Presbyterian Church General Assembly At Dunedin, Outside First Church. (Refer To P-L11-14 For Names).
Dated: Nov 1921
1921 P-S16-23(A)

Vivian, A & J Opoho PWMU, 1921 Outdoors Portrait Of The Members Of The Opoho Church PWMU. c.1921 P-S23-6

Trinity Church, Nelson Trinity Church Bible Class Studio Portrait Of The Trinity, Nelson, Young Men's Bible Class.

(L To R)

Back Row:
A Irwin, A Bruce, K Dalglish, G Dalglish, G H Guppy, G L Ingram, J G Blincoe.

3rd Row:
P Dowdell, L L Elliott, D J Dalglish, K Hunter, A B Ingram, F Trask, G Murdoch.

2nd Row:
J Gribben, H W Robertson (Treasurer), H Rowe (Leader), W McConochie (Vice-President), Rev G H Gibb (President), R Irwin (Vice-President), J L Black (Secretary), P J Pellew, R Irwin.

Front Row:
J Scott, A Harwood, R Simpson, D W Greenem, J Gay, A Howat.

Photographer: "F N Jones", Nelson.
1921 P-L21-37

Ryburn,RM (Rev). Sunday School Teacher's Conference. Outdoor Group Photo Of Delegates To The Sunday School Teacher's Conference, Easter 1921. - Rev.RM Ryburn (2nd Row From Front, 8th From Left). 1921 A-S2-8.16-48

St.James (Dunedin). Sunday School Picnic At Woodhaugh. Group Photo, Taken In Woodhaugh Gardens, At The South Dunedin Sunday School Picnic.
-"South Dunedin Presbyterian Sunday School, 400 Children, G.B.Harper, Superintendent, Saturday 5th March 1921."
-Rev.R.Fairmain, 10.5cm From Left, 8.3cm From Top.
-Mrs ML Fairmaid, On His Right (?)
Dated: 5/3/1921
1921 P-L8-30

General Assembly. General Assembly Group, Dunedin, 1921. Group Photo, Taken Beside First Church, Of Ministers & Elders Who Attended The General Assembly At Dunedin; Incl (Left To Right):
-Front Row: Rev.AL Miller (10th)
-2nd Row : Rev.G.Budd (5th); Sr.A.Henry (10th); Rev.WJ Comrie (11th); Sr.J.Alexander (12th); Rev.JH MacKenzie (13th); Rev.D.Dutton (14th); Rev.W.Hewitson (18th).
-3rd Row : Rev.R.Fairmaid (12th).
Dated: Nov 1921
1921 P-L11-14

St.Stephens Church (Dunedin). St.Stephens Minister & Session. Studio Portrait Of St.Stephens Minister & Session ; Incl (Left To Right) :
-Back Row: M.Carson; T.Tweedie; W.McElrea; Dr FW Dunlop.
-Front Row: CJ Sutherland; Prof.W.Hewitson; Rev.WF Evans; George Mitchell; G.Spence.
c.1921 P-L12-13

Owaka Church. Owaka Church. The Owaka Presb. Church In It's New Position In The Centre Of The Town. c.1921 P-A50.4-16

Owaka Church. Owaka Manse. The New Owaka Presb. Church (Built 1921). c.1921 P-A50.4-17

Popotunoa Parish. Wairuna Sunday School Picnic. A Group Photo, Taken Beside The Wairuna Church, At The Sunday School Picnic, 1921.
(Rev.DS Mason, 4.6cm From Left, 2.7cm From Top).
1921 P-A50.22-67

St.Stephen's Church (Dunedin). St.Stephen's Minister & Session. Copy Of A Studio Portrait Of St.Stephen's Minister & Session.
(Refer To P-L12-13 For Names).
c.1921 P-A64.41-104

St.Stephen's Church (Dunedin). Mrs CH Evans. Copy Of A Printed Photo Of Mrs Christina H.Evans, Wife Of Rev.WF Evans. c.1921 P-A64.43-107(C)
42005/3 PSS Otago Children With Cows Children pictured with cows on the lawn outside Glendining home c. 1921 P-A239.1-2
42005/3 PSS Otago Glendining Home Children & Staff Outdoors group photo of the Glendining Home children and staff c. 1921 P-A239.2-3
42005/3 PSS Otago Glendining Farm(?) Stables Boys with two cows and a calf outside the Glendining Farm Stable

Photographer: "L. Armstrong"
c. 1921 P-L24-14
42005/3 PSS Otago Glendining Home Staff, 1921 Outdoors group photo of the Glendining Home Staff
Rev E. A. Axelsen (PSSA superintendent) in centre
June 1921 P-L24-15
42005/3 PSS Otago Glendining Home Children & Staff Outdoors group photo of the Glendining Home children and staff c. 1921 P-L24-16
42005/3 PSS Otago Glendining Farm Four boys with a horse and cart working on the Glendining Farm c. 1921 P-L24-17

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