1921 to 1930 Maori Mission Photographs

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Acc No Provenance Title Description Date Ref No
O/S Maori Missions Returning From Taupo A Cadillac 'Open Top' Service Car From The Hawkes Bay Motor Company Ltd, Carrying Missionaries Back Home From A Conference At Taupo.
Photo Taken On A Narrow Road, Along A Bush Covered Hillside.
'Returning From Taupo (to Ruatahuna) - Passenger Service Car Which Came 98 Miles For Sisters Annie, Dorothy. Jessie. Grieve, Miss Tweed, --- Mr. Laughton, Mr & Mrs Currie And Mr. Laughton (senr) A 10 Day Conference Was Held At Revd Fletcher's Taupo
Group Includes -
Sr Annie Henry, Sr Dorothy Keen , Sr Jessie Grieve, Rev J.G.Laughton, Rev J & Mrs Currie , Mr J Laughton ( Snr), Miss Tweed.
Dated: May 1922
1922 P-A21.10-40
O/S Maori Missions Putorino Manse An Old Truck Parked Outside A Conglomeration Of Huts, & Outside Toilet Visible At Left.
-'Putorino Manse 2, Kaiwaka - Mohaka Charge '
c.1930 P-A21.11-44
O/S Maori Missions School Residence, Maungapohatu The School Residence At Maungapohatu, Showing A Hut Built Of Corrugated Iron.
Nb.....Flowers In Foreground.
c.1930 P-A21.11-45
O/S Maori Missions Sister Annie's First Home At Ruatahuna Sister Annie Henry's First Home At Ruatahuna, Shown In Later Years, In A Semi-Derelict State. Built Of Slats Of Wood, Roughly Fastened To The Walls.
(Building Occupied By Sr Annie In 1917)
c.1925 P-A21.11-46
O/S Maori Missions Mr Fletcher Rather Blurred Snapshot Of Mr Fletcher, (Possibly Rev H.J.Fletcher) c.1930 P-A21.13-53
O/S Maori Missions The Missionary At Work. An Unknown Missionary Pulling A Tooth From A Maori Man, Seated On A Chair Outside. c.1930 P-A21.13-54
O/S Maori Missions Preparing To Open Door Of Mission House A Group Assembled By Doorway Of An Unknown Mission House, Including Ren Hay(?) (left) & Sister Annie Henry (right).
Sister Annie , Preparing To Open Door Of Mission House After Having Received Key From Convenor.
Notice Key In Her Hand.
Widow Of The Chief Who Gave The Land In Front (Rug Over Shoulders)
c.1924 P-A21.3-8
O/S Maori Missions Sr Annie Henry Sr Annie Henry, Wearing A Patterned Maori Cloak, & Standing Beside Some Flowers Next To A House. c.1925 P-A21.3-9
O/S Maori Missions Teacher's Residence, Kawerau A Group Of Maori Children, Sitting Outside Kawerau Cottage, The Teacher's Residence - A Small Cottage, With Built In Porch/Verandah c.1930 P-A21.5-18
O/S Maori Missions Turakina Maori Girls College Prefects , 1929 Studio Portrait Of 5 Prefects From Turakina Maori Girl's School, Marton, Along With Ethel Kinross ( Principal).
- These 5 Girls Came From Nth Auckland; Waikato; Whakatane; Nuhaka & Waimana
Photographer : Royal Studios, Broadway, Marton.
1929 P-A21.5-19
O/S Maori Missions Whare-Puni At Ruatahuna 3 Unknown Women, Sitting Outside The Wharepuni (Old Sleeping House) At Ruatahuna - A Miniature "Meeting House"
With Carved Boards On Front Eave And Recessed Front Wall.
c.1925 P-A21.5-20
O/S Maori Missions Two Unknown Women & A Child Two Unknown Women (One Older) And A Child, Taken In A Bush Setting.
(See Also Photo # P-A21.56-146)
c.1925 P-A21.58-154
O/S Maori Missions Wedding Feast At Ruatahuna A Large Group At Ruatahuna, Dining In The Open, The Food Laid Out In A Long Strip (On A Cloth), With Everyone Sitting/Kneeling.
Note : The Fern Leaves Also Laid Out.
c.1930 P-A21.7-28
O/S Maori Missions Lady Alice Ferguson Visits Ruatahuna A Group Gathered At Ruatahuna During Visit Of Lady Alice Ferguson (On Horseback). c.1925 P-A21.8-29
O/S Maori Missions Group Photo At Ruatahuna(?) Group Photo, Including -
Back Row - Rev John E Laughton ; Rev George Budd (Moderator Of Assembly)
Front Row - Unknown Woman
c.1930-31 P-A21.8-30
O/S Maori Missions A Road Around The Cliff Face. A Road, Across A Rocky Scrub-Covered, Cliff Face, A Lake Below.
- "The Rugged Tuhoe - A Road Around The Cliff Face."
c.1930 P-A21.9-35
496/47 Maori Missions Pohatu, Rev J G Laughton & Tuhiwai. Rev J G Laughton, Sitting Outside A Tent, Wearing A Maori Cloak Decorated With Feathers, 2 Maori Girls Beside Him. Incl (Left To Right) :
Pohatu ; Rev J G Laughton ; Tuhiwai.
c.1923 A-S8-39.1-1
496/47 Maori Missions "Wee Mary Laughton & Her Grandfather." Mr John Laughton (Snr), Holding His Granddaughter, Mary Laughton ( Aged Approx 1 Yr ). Photo Taken Standing In Front Of Carved Post Of A Meeting House. c.1923 A-S8-39.2-3
496/47 Maori Missions The Manse : Maungapohatu. The Manse At Maungapohatu, Built Of Split-paling With A Shingle Roof. c.1923 A-S8-39.2-4
496/47 Maori Missions "The Laughton's Homeward Bound From Waimana." A Rather Indistinct Photo Of The Laughton Family On Horseback, Along With A Packhorse, On A Rather Dusty Road.
-"The Laughtons Homeward Bound From Waimana To Maungapohatu - 50 Miles."
c.1923 A-S8-39.3-5
496/47 Maori Missions Manse & School Maungaphatu. The Manse & School At Maungapohatu Sitting Up On A Hill. Bush-Clad Hills At Rear. c.1923 A-S8-39.4-6
496/47 Maori Missions Upper Pa - Maungapohatu. A Group Of Huts , Built On A Low Hill ; Bare Tree Trunks From Milled Or Burnt-Over Bush Visible At Rear.
c.1923 A-S8-39.4-7
496/47 Maori Missions "Paora - A Chief." "Paora", A Chief At Maungapohatu, Standing By The Carved Frontage Of Maori Meeting House (Or Similar), At Maungapohatu. c.1923 A-S8-39.4-8
496/47 Maori Missions "Four Little Brownies" Four Maori Girls, Sitting On Porch Of The Meeting House At Maungapohatu, Each Holding Onto "Golliwog" Dolls. c.1923 A-S8-39.5-10
496/47 Maori Missions Unknown Group In A Field, Maungapohatu. An Unidentified Group Of Europeans & Maoris, Pictured In A Field At Maungapohatau. c.1923 A-S8-39.5-9
496/47 Maori Missions Mission Store-House, Maungapohatu. View Of The Mission Store-House At Maungapohatu, A Small Hut, Raised Up On High Piles, The First Mission House Visible At Rear. c.1923 A-S8-39.6-11
496/47 Maori Missions "Come And Have A Game With Me." An Unknown Maori Girl At Maungapohatu, Sitting On The Grass, Holding A Ball(?) c.1923 A-S8-39.6-12
496/47 Maori Missions "A Feast At Maungapohatu." A Group Of Maoris At Maungapohatu, Sitting Down In The Open-Air To A Feast, Laid Out On A Long Strip.
Some Unknown Wooden Huts & Burnt-Over Bush Visible At Back, Including Smoke (From The Hangi?)
c.1923 A-S8-39.11-18
496/47 Maori Missions "My Little Brother." A Maori Boy, Pictured With His Younger Brother, Sitting In A Field.
Note - The Fence Constructed Of Posts And Boards.
c.1923 A-S8-39.13-20
496/47 Maori Missions "Has Not Missed School For Two Years." A Maori Boy, Wearing A Bowler Hat, Pictured Standing With His Arms Around A Pole. c.1923 A-S8-39.13-21
496/47 Maori Missions "Ready For College, Maungapohatu." 7 Maori Schoolboys At Maungapohatu, Pictured In Front Of A Tree-Trunk.
-"Mr Laughton's Boy's Last Year."
1921 A-S8-39.14-22
496/47 Maori Missions School Group Photo, Maungapohatu. School Group Photo Of Pupils At Maungapohatu, Including The Teachers - Sr Jessie Grieve
(Back Row On Left)
- Sr Dorothy Keen (Back Row, 3rd From Right)
c.1923 A-S8-39.15-23
496/47 Maori Missions "Timata Making A Speech." "Timata", Making A Speech In Front Of The Maori Meeting- House At Maungapohatu, Two Men Seated On The Porch Behind Him, Including -
Mr John G Laughton (Snr) At Right.
c.1923 A-S8-39.16-24
496/47 Maori Missions Unknown Group In A Field, Maungapohatu. An Unidentified Group Of Europeans & Maoris, Pictured In A Field At Maungapohatu. c.1923 A-S8-39.16-25
496/47 Maori Missions "Views Of Rua's Home." A View Across A Stream And Gully, Towards (The Maori Prophet) Rua's Home And Other Buildings Set Up On A Hill, At Maungapohatu. c.1923 A-S8-39.17-26
496/47 Maori Missions "Views Of Rua's Home." A Rather Indistinct View Across A Field Towards Rua's Home And Associated Buildings At Maungapohatu. c.1923 A-S8-39.17-27
496/47 Maori Missions "2 Of Rua's Wives & Some Of His Children." 2 Of ( The Maori 'Prophet') Rua's Wives And Some Of His Children And Dependants, Pictured On The Porch Of Rua's House At Maungapohatu. 1921 A-S8-39.19-29
496/47 Maori Missions Rev Comrie, Rev Laughton & Rua At Ruatahuna. A Rather Indistinct Photo Of Rev W J Comrie (General Treasurer PCNZ) ; Rev J G Laughton ; And (The Maori 'Prophet' Rua) ; Standing In A Field At Matahi. c.1923 A-S8-39.20-30
496/47 Maori Missions Rev W J Comrie On Horseback Rev W J Comrie (The General Treasurer Of The PCNZ), Pictured On Horseback At Matahi. c.1923 A-S8-39.20-31
496/47 Maori Missions Waterfall @ Matahi A Waterfall, Pictured At Matahi. c.1923 A-S8-39.21-32
496/47 Maori Missions Maori Missions Workers Rally At Matahi. Group Photo Of Maori Missions Workers Who Attended A Rally At Matahi In May 1924; Including :
- Miss Ethel Roseveare (3.5cm From Left, 3.4cm From Top); Rev.HJ Fletcher (5.9cm From Left, 3cm From Top).
1924 A-S8-39.22-33
496/47 Maori Missions "Meal Time" Group Photo Of Maori Missions Workers (During The Rally At Matahi), Sitting Dining On The Porch Of The Mission House. 1924 A-S8-39.22-34
496/47 Maori Missions "Chorus- Smile Please." Arranging Everyone For The Group Photo (As Seen In A-58.39.22-33), During The Maori Missions Workers Conference At Matahi. 1924 A-S8-39.22-35
496/47 Maori Missions "The First Home, Matahi." Sr Euphemia W Doull, Standing Outside The First Mission Home At Matahi :
A 'Whare', With Split - Paling Walls, Nikau Palm Thatched Roof & Corrugated Iron Roof.
Note - The Washed Clothes Laid On Bushes To Dry.
1922 A-S8-39.23-36
496/47 Maori Missions "The Second Home, Matahi." The Second Mission House At Matahi : A Hut Of Plank Walls, Corrugated Iron Roof And Chimney. The First Mission House At Rear. c.1923 A-S8-39.23-37
496/47 Maori Missions The First School At Matahi. A Rather Indistinct Photo Of The Matahi School Pupils In Front Of The Meeting House, Having Been Used As The First School Building. 1922 A-S8-39.24-38
496/47 Maori Missions "Opening Day Of New School - Matahi." Assembled Residents And Children, Pictured In Front Of The New School Building At Matahi, On Opening Day. 1922 A-S8-39.24-39
496/47 Maori Missions "Children At The River, Matahi." 4 Maori Children, Playing By The River At Matahi. c.1923 A-S8-39.25-40
496/47 Maori Missions "A Spare Tent." A Temporary(?) Hut, Possibly With A Canvas Roof, Set In Among Bush At Matahi.
"A Spare Tent. 'Co-----.'Matahi."
c.1923 A-S8-39.26-41
496/47 Maori Missions Te Rahui & Friends 'Te Rahui', & An Unidentified Maori Woman & Child, In Front Of A Small Thatched Hut At Matahi. c.1923 A-S8-39.27-42
496/47 Maori Missions 'Taiepa' & Family, Matahi. 'Taiepa', A Maori Gentleman At Matahi, Pictured With His Wife And Two Of His (?) Children. c.1923 A-S8-39.27-43
496/47 Maori Missions "First Cooking House." A Group Of Maori Children, Standing Outside A Long-Low Hut, Built Of Roughly Sawn Planks, With A Neatly Tied Thatched Roof & Lean-to At The Back.
Photo Taken At Waiohau.
c.1923 A-S8-39.28-44
496/47 Maori Missions "Mission House For 5 1/2 Years." A Woman, 2 Maori Children & A Dog, Pictured Outside The (Old) Mission House At Waiohau : A Simple Wooden Building With Porch, Iron Roof & Chimney.
Note- The Outdoor Cooking Stove At Left Of House.
c.1923 A-S8-39.28-45
496/47 Maori Missions School Dwelling. A Group Of Girls At Waiohau School Doing Exercises With Pois On The Lawn In Front Of The New Mission School House. c.1923 A-S8-39.28-46
496/47 Maori Missions 'Winiata.' A Maori Man At Waiohau, Pictured Holding A Tennis Racket During A Game, His Opponent Pictured At Rear. c.1923 A-S8-39.29-47
496/47 Maori Missions Rev J A Asher & Children At Waiohau. Rev J A Asher (Maori Missions Convenor), Pictured With A Group Of Maori Children On The Porch Of The Old Mission House At Waiohau. c.1923 A-S8-39.29-48
496/47 Maori Missions "Blowing Bubbles." 'Merihi' & 'Rawhini' , With Ribbons Tied Around Their Heads, Blowing Bubbles (Using Pipes ?).
"Little Mission House Girls - Waiohau."
c.1923 A-S8-39.30-49
496/47 Maori Missions 'Merihi' & ' Rawhini.' 'Merihi' & 'Rawhini', (Plus Cat), From Waiohau, Pictured Standing Together.
"Little Mission House Girls - Waiohau."
c.1923 A-S8-39.30-50
496/47 Maori Missions 'Elice Hare' 'Elice Hare', A Maori Woman From Waiohau, Pictured Standing Wearing A Coat Or Cloak Made Of Rabbit (?) Skins. c.1923 A-S8-39.31-51
496/47 Maori Missions 'Rangi Bird' A Maori Woman, With A Baby ('Rangi Bird') On Her Back, A Tartan Shawl/Rug Wrapped Around Both Of Them. c.1923 A-S8-39.31-52
496/47 Maori Missions "A Little Girl Of Waiohau." Close-Up Of A Young Maori Girl, Wearing A Ribbon Tied Around Her Head. c.1923 A-S8-39.32-53
496/47 Maori Missions Mission Hospital - Nuhaka. 2 Nurses And A Woman Outside The Mission Hospital At Nuhaka - A Large Modern Building , With Sash Windows, Iron Roof & Polite (?) Walls. c.1923 A-S8-39.33-54
496/47 Maori Missions "Making The Railway." Navvies Digging A Cutting (For The Napier-Gisbourne Railway Line) At Nuhaka, Using Shovels. c.1923 A-S8-39.34-55
496/47 Maori Missions "Playing Marbles." A Group Of Maori Boys At Nuhaka, Playing Marbles.
-Note- The Outside Washing Facilities By The Tank.
c.1923 A-S8-39.34-56
496/47 Maori Missions "A Happy Group." An Unknown Group Of Maori Girls, Pictured At Nuhaka. c.1923 A-S8-39.35-57
496/47 Maori Missions Outside The Mission Hospital, Nuhaka. 3 Unknown Maori Women, Pictured Together By The Porch In Front Of The Mission Hospital At Nuhaka ; An Iron Bed Visible At Left. c.1923 A-S8-39.35-58
496/47 Maori Missions 3 Unknown Maori Women At Nuhaka. 3 Unknown Maori Women, Pictured Sitting On The Lawn Outside The Mission Hospital At Nuhaka. c.1923 A-S8-39.35-59
496/47 Maori Missions Maori Cooking - Nuhaka. A Group Of Maoris, Outside The School Building (?) At Nuhaka, Preparing A Hangi. c.1923 A-S8-39.36-60
496/47 Maori Missions Maori Cooking - Nuhaka. A Group Of Maori Women, Around A Pile Of Steaming Food (Just Removed From A Hangi ?) At Rear Of School Building (?) , Nuhaka. c.1923 A-S8-39.36-61
496/47 Maori Missions "Donald At Nuhaka." 'Donald', A Student From Nuhaka, Pictured In A Blazer With A Badge :
- "Donald , For 2 Years At......
College Through Generosity Of The Wa..........."
c.1923 A-S8-39.36-62
496/47 Maori Missions Meeting House - Chawa. A Group Of Chawa (?) Maoris Gathered Outside The Meeting House At Ruatahuna.
-Note- 2 Wearing Maori Cloaks.
c.1923 A-S8-39.37-63
496/47 Maori Missions Ohawapa - 8 Miles From Ruatahuna. View Across The Small Maori Village At Ohawapa, Showing A Meeting House & A # Of Other Wooden Huts. c.1923 A-S8-39.37-64
496/47 Maori Missions Group Photos Of Missionaries. A Group Of Maori Missions Missionaries Standing By A Fence ; Incl (L To R) -
Unknown Maori Man ; Mr John Laughton (Snr) ; Miss S E Tweed ; Miss Jackson ; Sr Annie Henry ; Rev J G Laughton ; Miss Ethel Ormsby.
c.1923 A-S8-39.38-65
496/47 Maori Missions Post Office - Store, Ruatahuna. A Passenger Service Car, Parked Outside The Post-Office & General Store Building At Ruatahuna. c.1923 A-S8-39.38-66
496/47 Maori Missions "Getting Pack Horses Ready - Ruatahuna." Preparing & Loading The Packhorses At Ruatahuna, Also Showing A Canvas Tent & A Couple Of Roughly Built Wooden Buildings.
- Mr John Laughton (Snr), 8.5cm From Left.
c.1923 A-S8-39.39-67
496/47 Maori Missions "Games At Ruatahuna School." Children Playing Outside The Schoolbuilding At Ruatahuna, A Wooden Building With Split-Paling Walls And Roof. c.1923 A-S8-39.40-68
496/47 Maori Missions "Lunch Hour At Ruatahuna School." 4 Maori Boys From Ruatahuna School, Pictured Sitting Together On The Ground. c.1923 A-S8-39.40-69
496/47 Maori Missions "At Play - Ruatahuna School." A Group Of Maori Girls At Ruatahuna School Playing A Game. One Of The School Buildings Visible At Rear. c.1923 A-S8-39.40-70
496/47 Maori Missions "Sister Annie On Laddie." Sister Annie Henry, Sitting On A Horse 'Laddie', In A Bush Clearing. c.1923 A-S8-39.40-71
496/47 Maori Missions Rally At The Whaiti. A Group Of Missionaries, Seated On A Grassy Bank, During A Rally.
Incl- (From Left)
- Rev J G Laughton (5cm)
- Mr John Laughton (Snr) (4.2cm)
1921 A-S8-39.41-72
496/47 Maori Missions "Old Type Maori - Chawa." A 'Chawa' Maori, Pictured In Front Of The Meeting House At Ruatahuna, Wearing A Feather Cloak & Holding A Long Spear.
- "Teko Ta...Ga, One Of Te Kooti's Warriors."
c.1923 A-S8-39.42-73
496/47 Maori Missions Rev Laughton At Sawpit. Rev J G Laughton, Standing Watching A Sawpit In Action At Te Whaiti.
- Note-The Man (Blurred),
Manouvering A Plank Over The Sawpit, Using A Pole.
c.1923 A-S8-39.43-74
496/47 Maori Missions 2 Men & Boy Beside Luggage, Te Whaiti. 2 Unknown Men & A Maori Boy "Grant", Pictured By A Building, Luggage Laid Out In Foreground. c.1923 A-S8-39.43-75
496/47 Maori Missions Rev Ward & Sr Alison, Taumarunui. Rev J E Ward & Sr Alison Spence & A Dog, Pictured In A Garden At Taumarunui. c.1923 A-S8-39.44-76
496/47 Maori Missions Whirinaki River, Te Whaiti. Looking Across The Whirinaki River Near Te Whaiti. Hills (& Settlement) In Background. c.1923 A-S8-39.45-77
496/47 Maori Missions "Making Mats." 3 Maori Women, Sitting On The Ground Outside An Unknown House, Weaving Flax Mats (Or Similar). c.1923 A-S8-39.46-78
496/47 Maori Missions "Weaving Flax To Carry (?) Hot Stones." 2 Maori Girls, Together Weaving A Flax Mat, While Sitting Beside A Smoking Pile Of Wood, With Stones Placed On Top (To Be Used For A Hangi). c.1923 A-S8-39.46-79
496/47 Maori Missions "Cooking Outside." A Group Of Maori Girls From An Unknown School, Peeling Potatoes Outside, Presumably To Be Used For The Hangi (See Photo # 79). c.1923 A-S8-39.46-80
496/47 Maori Missions House & School At Te Whaiti. The House & School-House At Te Whaiti, A Tidy, Modern Building.
(Both School & House Joined Together.)
c.1922-23 A-S8-39.47-81
496/47 Maori Missions "Miss Tweed & Miss Grant & School Children." Teachers & Children Outside The Combined House & Schoolhouse At Te Whaiti ;
- Including (Left To Right) :
At Back- Miss S E Tweed (2.3cm); Miss Grant (3.2cm).
c.1922-23 A-S8-39.47-82
496/47 Maori Missions "Sr Edith Starting On Her Round." Sr Edith Walker, Sitting On A Horse, Outside A Church Building, (Presumably) At Whakaki. c.1923 A-S8-39.48-83
496/47 Maori Missions "Sr Edith's Home At Whakaki." Sr Edith Walker, Standing Beside Her Tidy, But Very Small 'Home' At Whakaki. c.1923 A-S8-39.48-84
496/47 Maori Missions "Sr Edith's Home At Whakaki." Sr Edith Walker (?) Standing Outside Her Hut At Whakaki. A Canvas Tent Set-Up At Right. c.1923 A-S8-39.48-85
496/47 Maori Missions "Ready For Turakina." Three Unknown Maori School-Girls, Sitting On A Bank At Kokako.
-"Waiting For The...."
c.1923 A-S8-39.49-86
496/47 Maori Missions "Mission House Boy's Carrying Water." 2 Maori Boys, Carrying A Tin Filled With Water, Suspended From A Pole. A Horse At Rear. Photo Taken At Kokako. c.1923 A-S8-39.49-87
496/47 Maori Missions "Leaving For Holidays." Mission School Teachers, Miss Harlow & Miss Williams, Standing In A Dug-Out Canoe On A River, Surrounded By Children, Some On Horseback.
Photo Taken At Rangiahua.
c.1923 A-S8-39.50-88
496/47 Maori Missions "Leaving For Holidays." A Maori Women ; Mission School Teachers Miss Harlow & Miss Williams ; & 2 Others, Standing In A Dug-Out Canoe In A River At Ragiahua.
Long Poles Being Used To Manouver The Canoe.
c.1923 A-S8-39.50-89
496/47 Maori Missions "Home From The Bus." Two Schoolgirls From The Turakina Maori Girls School, Pictured In Their Uniform, Including Straw 'Boater' Hats, Both Holding A Fern. c.1923 A-S8-39.51-90
496/47 Maori Missions "Isn't It A Joke ?" Two Happy - Looking School-Girls From Turakina Maori Girl's School, Sitting On Some Steps. c.1923 A-S8-39.51-91
496/47 Maori Missions "Minnie On The Swing." 'Minnie', A Pupil At The Turakina Maori Girls School At Marton, Sitting On A Swing.
The School Building At Rear.
c.1923 A-S8-39.51-92
496/47 Maori Missions "The School Rangiahua." Children From The Mission School At Rangiahua, Pictured Outside The School Building. c.1923 A-S8-39.52-93
496/47 Maori Missions Meeting House, Rangiahua. An Unknown European Woman, Dressed In Traditional Maori Clothing, Standing In Front Of The Meeting House At Rangiahau. c.1923 A-S8-39.52-94
496/47 Maori Missions Turakina Prefects, 1924. 4 Girls From The Turakina Maori Girls School, In Uniform, & Standing By The School Building. 1924 A-S8-39.53-95
496/47 Maori Missions "A Happy Trio." 3 Girls From The Turakina Maori Girls School, In Uniform, & Standing By The School Building. 1924 A-S8-39.53-96
496/47 Maori Missions "Crossing The River In Flood." Two Unknown Missionaries & A Boatman Using A Pole, Crossing A River In Flood. c.1923 A-S8-39.54-97
496/47 Maori Missions Sr Jessie & Sr May At Rangiahau. Sr Jessie (Jessie Alexander Or Jessie Grieve) & Sr May Gardiner, Standing Together In A Dugout Canoe, A Boatman Using A Pole To Manouever The Boat. Photo Taken At Rangiahau. c.1923 A-S8-39.54-98
496/47 Maori Missions Miss Benfell, Matron At Turakina Girls School. Miss Benfall, The Matron At Turakina Maori Girls School, Standing In The School Gardens (?), Holding Some Flowers. c.1923 A-S8-39.55-99
496/47 Maori Missions Mission School, Waimana. A Group Of Children From The Mission School At Waimana, Playing Around The New School Building. c.1923 A-S8-39.56-100
496/47 Maori Missions Mission House, Waimana. An Unknown Missionary (Either Sr H Bruce Or Sr M Miller), Standing In The Porch Of The Mission House At Waimana, A Tidy, Modern Bungalow Of Wood & Iron. c.1923 A-S8-39.56-101
496/47 Maori Missions "Piaka, Donor Of 3 Acres To Mission." The Local Chief, Turakuraku Paiaka, Sitting Astride His Horse At Waimana. c.1923 A-S8-39.56-102
496/47 Maori Missions First Mission Home, Waimana. Sr Aileen Arthur & Her Horse, Standing Outside A Little Wooden Hut At Waimana.
First Mission House At Rear.
c.1923 A-S8-39.56-103
496/47 Maori Missions Turakina Maori Girls School A Front View Of The (Old) Turakina Maori Girls School Building At Marton. c.1923 A-S8-39.57-104
496/47 Maori Missions "Miss Kinross & Two Pupils." Miss Ethel M Kinross, The Principle Of Turakina Maori Girls School At Marton, Wearing A Decorated Maori Cloak & Pendant ; Two Unknown Maori Girls Beside Her. c.1923 A-S8-39.57-105
496/47 Maori Missions "Miss Arthur On Chum." Sr Aileen Arthur On Her Horse "Chum" ; Pausing At A Stream For The Horse To Have A Drink.
Photo Taken At Waimana.
c.1923 A-S8-39.58-106
496/47 Maori Missions "Sr Aileen & Mr Craig." Sr Aileen Arthur & Mr Stevenson Craig (Employed As Maori Missions Carpenter), Sitting On A 2 Wheeled Gig, Pulled By A Horse.
Photo Taken At Waimana.
c.1923 A-S8-39.58-107
496/47 Maori Missions "Building The Waimana School." The Mission School At Waimana Under Construction -
The Walls & Rafters Up.
Including (Left To Right) :
Mr J G Laughton ; Mr Stephenson Craig (Maori Missions Carpenter) & Mr John Laughton (Snr).
c.1923 A-S8-39.58-108
496/47 Maori Missions "Opening Of Waimana School." The Teacher & Pupils Of Waimana School, At Official Opening Of School By The Moderator Of The General Assembly (Mr Comrie).
Including : From Left ;
-Mr W J Comrie (5.2cm)
-Sr Aileen Arthur (6.3cm)
-Mr Laughton (2.8cm)
c.1923 A-S8-39.59-109
496/47 Maori Missions "Some Of Sr Aileen's Pupils, Waimana." A Group Of Maori Pupils From Waimana School. c.1923 A-S8-39.59-110
496/47 Maori Missions "In Sr Flora's District." A Maori Family, Outside A Hut, In The Omiriwaka - Waimana Area. Hut Constructed Of Wooden & Punga Posts For Walls With A Thatched Roof. c.1923 A-S8-39.60-111
496/47 Maori Missions "In Sr Flora's District." A Maori Family Pictured Outside In The Omiriwaka - Waimana District. c.1923 A-S8-39.60-112
496/47 Maori Missions "Wi Mutu At Waiohau." 'Wi Mutu', A Maori Gentleman, Pictured Standing & Wearing A Very Smart European Suit, With Long Socks (For Riding?). c.1923 A-S8-39.61-113
496/47 Maori Missions "Every Seat Taken." 5 Maori Children From Waiohau, Sitting Together, Astride A Horse. c.1923 A-S8-39.61-114
496/47 Maori Missions "Dinner Is Ready." Guests Waiting To Dine During A Maori Feast At Waihou -
The Food Laid-Out On A Long
Cloth Strip Laid On The Ground.
c.1923 A-S8-39.61-115
496/47 Maori Missions "Dance Of The Rewas Before A Feast." Guests At A Feast At Waiohau, Lined Up, Carrying Their Plates. c.1923 A-S8-39.61-115
496/47 Maori Missions Maori Meeting House At Tawhana. A Group Of Maoris, Standing Outside The Small, Plain, Meeting-House At Tawhana.
(Left To Right) :
(1st) Timata ; (5th) Tatu (In Maori Cloak)
-"Meeting House, Tawhana, Between Matahi & Maungapohatu."
c.1923 A-S8-39.7-13
496/47 Maori Missions The New School, Maungapohatu. Maori Pupils Standing Outside The New School At Maungapohatu - A Simple Building With Horizontal Plank Walls. c.1923 A-S8-39.8-14
496/47 Maori Missions "The All Blacks." A Group Of Maori Boys & Girls At Maungapohatu, One Holding A Football.
Note- One Boy Wearing An Army Jacket & Hat.
c.1923 A-S8-39.8-15
496/47 Maori Missions Teacher's Home, Maungapohatu. Two Deaconesses Outside The Teacher's Home (Also The First Mission House) At Maungapohatu : Incl - (L To R)
Sr Dorothy Keen ; Sr Jessie Grieve.
c.1923 A-S8-39.9-16
O/S Maori Missions Peka & Rehua At Ruatahuna. Two Residents Of Ruatahuna Mission Station. Incl -
Peka (Left) & Rehua(Right)
"Peka,( Standing) - Before Operation In Rotorua, Legs Useless, Could Only Creep - Now Married, Runs Store & G.P.O.
Rehua ,( Sitting) - Almost Blind - Great Friend Of Mission Folks."
c.1925 P-A21.55-141
O/S Maori Missions Log Bridge Over The Rawiri River. 4 People Sitting On A Log "Bridge" Over The Rawiri (David) River At Ruatahuna, Bush On Either Side.
-"Erected By School Committee"
c.1925 P-A21.55-142
O/S Maori Missions Phyllis & Mavis King At Turakina College Phyliss King & Mavis King, Sitting On The Lawn At Turakina Maori Girls College.
-"Phyllis & Mavis King At Turakina College. Pupils Of The Te Whaiti Native School.
Brought Up By Half-Caste Couple."
c.1930 P-A21.56-145
O/S Maori Missions "Tuki, Ngaki & Mother." Two Maori Girls In Their Gym Frocks, Standing In The Garden In Front Of A House, Together With An Unknown European Woman.
A Small 'Monkey-Puzzle' Tree At Left.
(See Also Photos P-A21.58-153 To 154)
c.1925 P-A21.56-146
O/S Maori Missions "Mekita" "Mekita", A Maori Woman, Standing In Front Of A Picket Fence.
("Lived At Mission House, Ruatahuna")
c.1925 P-A21.56-147
O/S Maori Missions 2 Unknown People Working In A Garden. 2 Unknown People Working In A Garden, Location Also Unknown ; Paddock Visible At Rear. c.1930 P-A21.57-151
O/S Maori Missions Two Unknown Women In A Garden. Two Unknown Women (One Older), Standing In A Garden.
(See Also Photo # P-A21.56-146)
c.1925 P-A21.58-153
O/S Maori Missions Schoolhouse Garden At Te Whaiti View Of The Schoolhouse Garden At Te Whaiti, Miss S E Tweed Standing By The Gate. c.1930 P-A21.58-155
O/S Maori Missions Bush Road A Group Of People, Including Children, Standing On A Bush Road, Between A Stand Of Mature Native Trees. c.1930 P-A36.3-17
O/S Maori Missions The School, Ruatahuna. A View Of The Schoolhouse At Ruatahuna, Sitting Up On A Hill. c.1930 P-A36.4-24
O/S Maori Missions Mission House At Waikaremoana. An Unknown Woman (Possibly Sr Jessie Grieve), Sitting Outside The Small Mission House At Waikaremoana.
Note- The Corrugated Iron Chimney.
1924 P-A36.4-25
O/S Maori Missions Group At Mission House, Waikaremoana. Group Photo Of Missionaries, Taken At Mission House, Waikaremoana; Incl(LtoR)
Back Row ---; Miss Cone ; ---; ---;
Front Row -Mrs Grieve(Jessie Grieve's Mother) & Her Twin Sister ; Sr May Gardiner ; Mrs Gardiner (May Gardiner's Mother).
Dated: Sept 1924
1924 P-A36.5-26
O/S Maori Missions Sr Jessie & Sr Heather At Waikaremoana. Missionaries At Waikaremoana With 3 Unknown Children :
Sr Jessie Grieve (Left) ; Sr Marjorie Heather (Right)
c.1925 P-A36.5-27
O/S Maori Missions A Group At The Meeting House, Kuha Pa. A Group Of Maori Women & Children, In Front Of The Meeting House At Kuha Pa, Waikaremoana (only Partial View). c.1925 P-A36.5-28
O/S Maori Missions Assistant (Miss Cone) At Waikaremoana. Miss Cone, An Assistant At Waikaremoana, Sitting On The Lawn With A Cat & Dog.
-"Miss Cone AtWaikaremoana
(My Assistant), With Our Little Pig-Dog & Mouser."
c.1925 P-A36.5-29
O/S Maori Missions Mission Worker's Conference, Ruatahuna. A Group Of Mission Workers In The Garden At Ruatahuna Mission Station, During A "Mission Workers Conference"
Including Mr John Laughton (Senior) 5th From The Left.
"Sister Annie Henry's First Home In Background - Rangiora Cottage."
Dated: May 1923
1923 P-A36.5-30
O/S Maori Missions Children At Unknown Maori Meeting House. 5 Unknown Maori Children, Sitting Outside An Unknown, Brightly Painted Maori Meeting House. c.1925 P-A36.5-31
O/S Maori Missions Gathering At Unknown Maori Marae. A Large Group Of People Gathered Outside An Unknown Maori Meeting House, Some Other Buildings Visible At Rear. c.1925 P-A36.5-32
O/S Maori Missions "Rua's Dance Hall." "Rua's Dance Hall" At Maungapohatu, A Circular Building With A Conical Roof Built On A Hill-Top Overlooking The Township.
-"Rua's Dance Hall Which Was Our First School In Maungapohatu.Track In Leads Over High Range In The Background. It Can Be Seen Leading Down To Cross The River At The Foot Of The Mission House Where The Cross * Is."
c.1925 P-A36.6-33
O/S Maori Missions Maungapohatu Mission House. An Unknown Women Missionary Outside The Maungapohatu Mission House.
(Note The Wooden Paling Construction).
c.1930 P-A36.6-35
499/10 Murray, Ross (Mr) Maori Mother & Child. A Young Maori Woman, Wrapped-Up In A Tartan Rug, With A Baby On Her Back. c.1930 P-A36.9-46
499/10 Murray, Ross (Mr) Maori House. A Maori Whare, Constructed Of Flax, Sticks & Ponga. c.1930 P-A36.9-48
O/S Maori Missions Teachers And Children At Te Whaiti Teachers And Children Outside The Combined House And School House At Te Whaiti.
(Refer To A-58.39.47-82 For Names)
c.1922-23 P-A36.11-53
O/S Maori Missions House And School At Te Whaiti The Combined Wooden Mission House And Schoolhouse At Te Whaiti. c.1922-23 P-A36.11-54
O/S Maori Missions School House Garden At Te Whaiti Veiw Of The Schoolhouse Garden At Te Whaiti, Miss S E Tweed Standing By The Gate. c.1930 P-A36.13-57
O/S Maori Missions A Maori Missions Concert Party. A Maori Missions Concert Party, Dressed In Traditional Maori Dress, Together With Rev J G Laughton.
(Left To Right) :
Back Row
- 1st Rev J G Laughton
- 4th Mr (Hemi) Nikora
Front Row
- 3rd Sr A A G (Nessie) Morgan
- 4th Mrs Horiana Laughton
(Nee Te Kauru)
c.1925 P-S7-11
O/S Maori Missions Turakina Maori Girl's College, Marton. Frontage Of The Turakina Maori Girl's College At Marton ; Some Of The Girls Gathered Around The Flagpole. c.1925 P-S7-4
497/222 Foreign Missions Ruatahuna Maori Missions School The Teachers And Students Of The Maori Missions School At Ruatahuna Pictured Outside The School Building.
Note The Rough Wood Paling Construction.
c.1925 MLS-1-M-43
499/78 Te Aka Puaho Ruatahuna School Exterior View Of The Ruatahuna School, Built Of Wood Paling.
"Te Kura O Ruatahuna-Ruatahuna School 1827"
c.1925 P-L19-10
497/190 Dept. of Communication M. Tamahou & R. Ripaki copy of a studio portrait of Merihi Tamahou (at left) and Rawhina Ripaki (at right) two young Maori girls dressed in white c. 1925 P-A94.35-79

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