1935 Photographs
(excluding Overseas Mission Areas, Maori & NZ Chinese)

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Acc No Provenance Title Description Date Ref No
499/72 Dept Of Communication Sr M Ramsay Copy Of A Studio Portrait Of Sr Margaret Ramsay. c.1935 CS-6.13-2566(B)
499/72 Dept Of Communication Unknown Deaconess Copy Of An Outdoors Photo Of An Unknown Deaconess Taken By A Hut Surrounded By Bush Clad Hills. c.1935 CS-6.46-2740(B)
O/S Home Missions Committee A Working Bee At Putaruru. Group Photo Of A Working Bee At Putaruru, Preparing For A New Hall. An Old Truck Parked At Rear.
- Home Missionary, Mr William T Brabyn, In Centre, 6cm From Left.
c.1935 P-A22.10-38
O/S Home Missions Committee Waipiro Bay, East Coast. The Bay & Township Of Waipiro, As Viewed From A Nearby Hill.
(Nb - Marked On Bottom Of Photo As 'Tokomaru Bay', But Back Of Photo Reads 'Waipiro Bay', Which I Believe Is Correct.)
c.1935 P-A22.12-46
O/S Home Missions Committee Granity Primary & High Schools. The Granity Primary & High School Buildings, With The Township Visible At Rear, As View From The Beach.
-"Taken From Beach Behind Manse."
c.1935 P-A22.14-52
O/S Home Missions Committee Wakari Manse. View Of The Wakari Manse (Dunedin) - A 1920's Style Brick Building With Shingle Eaves & Basement Garage. c.1935 P-A22.2-6
O/S Home Missions Committee Group Photo At Kawerau Mission Station A Group Photo Of Maori Women And Children, Taken In Front Of The Mission House At Kawerau. c.1935 P-A22.25-80
O/S Home Missions Committee Takahue Hall The Takahue Hall (near Kaitaia),
As Viewed From Across The Road.
A Number Of People Standing Outside. A Typical Wooden Rural Hall Building.
-"Takahue Hall, Where Services Are Held Once A Month."
c.1935 P-A22.25-82
O/S Home Missions Committee Kaitaia Manse The Kaitaia Manse, With Mrs Nicholas & Their 2 Sons Standing On The Front Steps.
Photographer: Rev W H Nicholas.
1935 P-A22.27-95
O/S Home Missions Committee The Road To Denniston. Looking Down From A Vantage Point On The Road To Denniston, Showing The Gravel Road Zig-Zagging In Curves Up The Hill, The Coast-Line Towards Westport Visible. c.1935 P-A22.27-96
O/S Home Missions Committee Unknown Man On A Horse, With His Dog. An Unknown Man, Seated On His Horse, Together With Side Packs ;
A Dog Trying To Jump Up Towards Him.
c.1935 P-A22.27-97
O/S Home Missions Committee Church & Wharf, Halfmoon Bay, Stewart Island. A View Of Halfmoon Bay, Looking From The Township Across The Bay Towards The Wharf, The Presbyterian Church Clearly Visible On The Hill At Rear. c.1935 P-A22.27-98
O/S Home Missions Committee Takahue Hall The Takahue Hall (near Kaitaia),
As Viewed From Across The Road, A Number Of People Standing Outside. A Typical Wooden Rural Building.
-"Takahue Hall, 15 Miles From Kaitaia, Service Once A Month."
c.1935 P-A22.4-14
O/S Home Missions Committee Church At Dunback The Wooden Church Building At Dunback, Partially Obscured By Trees. c.1935 P-A22.5-17
O/S Home Missions Committee Manse At Dunback The Wooden Manse At Dunback, With 2 Front Bow Windows, Central Front Door & Corrugated Iron Roof. c.1935 P-A22.5-18
O/S Home Missions Committee On The West - Coast Road At Hokianga. Looking Out Over The Bush & Scrub Covered Hills Towards Hokianga, Taken From The Highest Point On The West Coast Road.
- " The Pencil Cross Shows Just About Where Arthur Was When Teaching At Hokianga."
Photographer: Rev W H Nicholas.
c.1935-38 P-A22.6-23
O/S Home Missions Committee "The Preachers." Mr John Graham, Home Missionary At Waiuku (on Left), & Rev William J Comrie (on Right).
- "Rev W J Comrie Began His Ministry In Waiuku On 15/05/1889."
c.1935-39 P-A22.6-25
O/S Home Missions Committee Unknown Man, Riding A Horse. An Unknown Man, Dressed In Wet Weather Gear, Riding A Horse. c.1935 P-A22.6-28
O/S Home Missions Committee Unknown Church An Indistinct Print Of An Unknown Church, Possibly Under Construction Or Being Repainted. c.1935 P-A22.7-29
O/S Home Missions Committee Ohai Presbyterian Church. The Ohai Presbyterian Church, A Brick Building, With Corrugated Iron Roof, Cast Iron Finials, Roof Ventilators & Porch. c.1935 P-A22.9-34
O/S Home Missions Committee Mrs W.S.Taylor & Bible Class Group, Sefton. B.C. Group At Sefton, Taken On The Manse Steps (?), Including Mrs Wisie G. Taylor (2nd From Left, Front Row ); Edgar Taylor (Back Centre) c.1935 P-A21.13-58
496/78 Bible-Class Movement. Miss EL Saunders. Studio Portrait Of Miss E.Lorraine Saunders. c.1935 P-A29.4-12
496/78 Bible-Class Movement. Sr.BJ Hardie & 2 Unknown Women. Sr.B.Jessie Hardie, With Two Other Unknown Women, All Dressed In Indian Sari's. c.1935 P-A29.6-17
496/78 Bible-Class Movement. Boarders In Kharar Girls Boarding School. Group Photo, Taken Beside The Scholl, Of Boarders In Kharar Girls Boarding School. c.1935 P-A29.6-18
496/78 Bible-Class Movement. Non-Christian Girls In Middle Girls School. Group Photo, Taken Beside The School, Of Some Of The Non-Christian Children Attending The 'Vernacular Middle Girls School' At Kharar. c.1935 P-A29.6-19
499/49 Ryburn, Wm(Rev) The Ryburn Family Outdoors Group Photo Of Rev.W.M. Ryburn, Mrs Ryburn And Family, Taken Presumably At Kharar.
(Left To Right)
Jim Ryburn (3-4 Years); Rev.W.M. Ryburn;
Helen Ryburn (9-10 Years); Mrs Hilda Ryburn;
Nancy Ryburn (0-1 Years).
c.1935-36 P-A29.11-35
42002/6 Saunders, E L (Miss) Missionaries At Bible Class Conference. Outdoors Group Photo Of Missionaries, Taken During The NZ Bible Class Movement Summer Conference At Hastings, Dec 1934 To Jan 1935.

(L To R)

Back Row:
Rev E G Jansen (Accepted As Missionary Candidate), Rev W Mawson (Foreign Missions Secretary), Rev J L Gray (Punjab Mission).

Front Row:
Molly Findlay (South China Mission), Miss E L Saunders (Accepted For India As Bible Class Own Missionary), Sr Eileen Reid (South China Mission).
Dec 1934 to Jan 1935 P-A29.14-47

Mission Committee Annie K Kay Studio Portrait Of Miss Annie Knox Kay, A Volunteer For Foreign Missions Service. 1935 P-A187.6-24

Mission Committee Elizabeth Campbell Outdoors Snapshot Of Miss Elizabeth Campbell, A Volunteer For Foreign Missions Service. 22 Sept 1935 P-A187.7-26

Bible-Class Movement. Unknown Bible-Class Group. Unknown Bible-Class Conference Group. c.1935 P-S10-8(A)

Bible-Class Movement. Bible-Class Conference Group. Unknown Bible-Class Conference Group. c.1935 P-S10-8(B)

Bible-Class Movement. Bible-Class Conference Venue. Conference Groups, Seated On The Lawn, Outside A Large Unknown House. c.1935 P-S10-8(C)

Bible-Class Movement. Rev.H.S.Manson. Snapshot Of Mr Henry S.Manson - Travelling Secretary Of Young Men's Bible-Class Union. c.1935 P-S10-8(D)

Bible-Class Movement. Bible-Class Conference Organisers. Group Photo Of Bible-Class Conference Organisers (?) ; Incl (Left To Right) :
Back Row- Rev.J.D.Salmond (2nd).
Seated - (Rev.?) T.G.Campbell (2nd).
c.1935 P-S10-8(E)

Bible-Class Movement. Bible-Class Conference. Outdoor Group Photo Taken At An Unknown Bible-Class Conference.
- Rev.J.D.Salmon, 2nd Row From Front, 7th From Left.
c.1935 P-S10-10

Bible-Class Movement. Bible-Class Group. A Snapshot Of 8 Unknown Bible-Class Boys. c.1935 P-S10-15(A)

Bible-Class Movement. Two Bible-Class Members. Two Women Bible-Class Members Seated On Chairs Outside On A Lawn. c.1935 P-S10-15(B)

Bible-Class Movement. Bible-Class Conference Group. Group Photo Of Young Women's Bible-Class Members At Palmerston North Conference. c.1935 P-S10-16(A)

General Assembly. Rev.James Moffat. Studio Portrait (Signed) Of Rev.James Moffat, Scottish Minister & Translator Of The 'Moffat New Testament'. c.1935 P-S13-10

Communication Dept. Rev.J.R.Blanchard. Close-Up Studio Portrait Of Rev.Julian R.Blanchard.
-"Rev.J.R.Blanchard, Minister, St John's, Wellington."
Photographer:"Jauncey's Studios", Wellington.
c.1935 P-S16-10

Communication Dept. Rev.H.H.Barton. Close-Up Studio Portrait Of The Rev.Henry H.Barton. - "Moderator, 1935."
Photographer: 'S.P.Andrew.'
1935 P-S16-30

Communication Dept. Rev.D.N.MacDiarmid. Studio Portrait Of Rev.Donald (Don) N.MacDiarmid.
-"With Kindest Regards To The Hon.J.B.Gow & Mrs Gow, From D.N.MacDiarmid."
Photographer: 'Deighton Studio', Napier.
c.1935-37 P-S16-34

Church Property Trustees. Mr Vernon G.Chapman. Close-Up Studio Portrait Of Mr Vernon George Chapman.
-"Trustee 1930-1941, Secretary To Trustees 1929-1941."
c.1935 P-S17-3

Communication Dept. Mr Vernon G.Chapman. Close-Up Studio Portrait Of Mr Vernon George Chapman.
-"General Treasurer & Church Property Trustee."
c.1935 P-S17-24

Anderson's Bay Parish. Rev.G.H.Jupp. Close-Up Studio Portrait Of Rev.George H.Jupp.
Photographer: 'Steffano Webb', Christchurch.
c.1935 P-S18-17

Theological Hall Comm. Rev.Prof.John Dickie. Close-Up Studio Portrait Of Prof.John Dickie.
- Signed "Very Sincerely Yours, John Dickie."
c.1935 P-S18-44

St.David's, Auckland Rev J Moffat Studio Portrait (Signed) Of Rev James Moffat, Scottish Minister And Translator Of The "Moffat" New Testament. 1935 P-S21-25

North Invercargill Church Haldane Georgeson Enlarged Outdoors Photo Of Mr Haldane Georgeson Pictured In Royal Airforce Uniform With Wings.

Silver Plaque With Photo Reads:

"In Memory Of Flight Lieutenant Haldane Georgeson, Accidentally Killed Calshot, England, 7th October 1935. Bible Class Member 1927 - 1933"
c.1935 P-S24-49

Lambert, A M (Mr) Kelburn YMBC Members Of Kelburn Young Men's Bible Class Pictured In Front Of A Tent During A Camp. c.1935 P-S26-16

Lambert, A M (Mr) Kelburn YMBC Outdoors Group Photo Of Members Of The Kelburn Young Men's Bible Class, Taken During A Camp. c.1935 P-S26-17

Trinity Church, Nelson Southland Delegates To Bible Class Conference. Group Photo, Taken On The Steps Up To The Anglican Church, Of The Southland Delegates Who Attended The NZ Bible Class Conference At Nelson.

(L To R)

Back Row:
Caldwell, Rev Ken Crump, Geddes, Rev Dick Dodds (Camp Dad), (?) , Doug McEwan.

2nd Row:
Molly McIlwrick (2nd), Jean McDougall (3rd), Mrs Dodds (Camp Mum) (5th).

Front Row:
Caldwell (4th), Agnes Jenkins (Mrs Doug McEwan) (5th), Nell Smith (7th).
1935 P=L21-40

Lambert A M (Mr) Kelburn YMBC Group Photo Of Members Of The Kelburn Young Men's Bible Class, Pictured In Front Of A Tent During A Dominion Easter Camp At Waikanae. 1935 P-L22-31

Nth Ingill Church Rev W Tanner Enlarged Portrait Of Rev William Tanner, Minister At North Invercargill Church.
"Inducted 21-5-1926, Died 13-6-1938"
c.1935 P-O-106

St.Stephen's Church (Dunedin). St.Stephen's Christian Endeavour Group. Outdoor Group Photo Of St.Stephen's Christian Endeavour Society Members ; Incl(Left To Right) :
-Back Row: Mark Courtier; Bill Allan; James Cook; Dudley Wilden; Ken Roundhill; Bill Wallace; J.Graham Miller; Dave Paulin.
-4th Row : Alan (Alec) Pullar; George Ball; RT Charteris; AG Louden; Alex Marshall; John Wallace.
-3rd Row : Rymall Roxburgh; Chrissie McDonald; Elsie Marshall; May Roy; Alice Sired; Vida Glass; Reg Judson.
-2nd Row : Robert S.Miller; Daphne Maunder; Agnes Fordyce; Rev.Thomas Miller; Mrs Marion M.Miller; Jean Miller; Norah Morris;Ken Meikle.
-Front Row : Beatrice Miller; Hazel Roxburgh; Marjory Wilden; Agnes Allan; Flora McSwain.
Dated: Easter 1935
1935 A-S15-61.44-11

Lambert, Alan M Kelburn Bible Class Album Various Kelburn Young Men's Bible Class Group Photos, Including Individuals And Camps. 1929 - 1935 A-S17-101.1 TO A-S17-101.36

Bible Class Movement "Easter Days Are Camping Days" "Lino" Cut Of A Camp Scene Entitled "Under The Easter Moon.
c.1935 MLS-5-BC-138

Bible Class Movement "Hunua Camp" Distant View Of The Hunua Camp Site.
c.1935 MLS-5-BC-139

Bible Class Movement "Hunua Camp" The Hunua Camp Hut And Tent Site As Seen Looking Down From A Hill Close By.
c.1935 MLS-5-BC-140

Bible Class Movement "Tent Lines-Hunua" Lines Of Tents At The Hunua Campsite With The Camp Hut At Right Rear. "No20" c.1935 MLS-5-BC-141

Bible Class Movement "Camp Tirohanga, Otago" Exterior View Of The Tirohanga Camp Hall And Cookhouse On The Taieri, Taken Shortly After Completion. "No23" c.1935 MLS-5-BC-142

Bible Class Movement "Camp Tirohanga-Otago" A Crowd Gathered In Front Of The Tirohanga Campsite Building, Possibly At The Opening Ceremony. c.1935 MLS-5-BC-143

Bible Class Movement "Tirohanga Tent Lines" Rows Of Tents At Tirohanga Camp Overlooking The Taieri Plain, With Saddle Hill In The Background.
c.1935 MLS-5-BC-144

Bible Class Movement Mairangi Camp A Large Group Of Women Gathered Outside The New Auckland District Young Women's Bible Class Camp Building At Mairangi Bay For An Easter Camp 1932.
c.1935 MLS-5-BC-145

Bible Class Movement "Bay Of Plenty Camp" Exterior View Of Two Camp Site Sleeping Huts At The "Bay Of Plenty"
Bible Class Camp.
c.1935 MLS-5-BC-146

Bible Class Movement "The Camp Ready- Waikanae" Tents Set Up For A Bible Class Camp At Waikanae.
c.1935 MLS-5-BC-147

Bible Class Movement "Study Circles" A "Study Circle" During A Bible Class Camp, With Marquee Tents At Rear.
c.1935 MLS-5-BC-148

Bible Class Movement "Youth Crusade" A "Youth Crusade" March, Possibly Down Queen Street In Auckland, And Led By A Brass Band.
c.1935 MLS-5-BC-149

Bible Class Movement Sports Competition Banner Two Unknown Men Holding The Bible Class Summer Conference Sports Competition Banner. "No95" c.1935 MLS-5-BC-150

Bible Class Movement "All Day Picnic" Delegates To An Unknown Bible Class Conference Pictured Sitting In A Grandstand. c.1935 MLS-5-BC-151

Bible Class Movement "The Camp Among The Trees" Tents Pitched At An Unknown Bible Class Camp. c.1935 MLS-5-BC-152

Bible Class Movement "India Sketches" Coloured Sketches Of Indian Life And Culture. c.1935 MLS-5-BC-153 TO MLS-5-BC-162

Bible Class Movement "David Livingston" Tinted Slides Depicting David Livingston In Africa. c.1935 MLS-5-BC-163 TO MLS-5-BC-168

Southland Presbytery. 70th Anniversary Of Southland Presbytery. Group Photo Of Members Of Southland Presbytery, Gathered On 70th Anniversary.
"Actual 5/4/1935 ; Celebrated31/7/35."
(Refer To 'Desription Sheets' For Names.)
1935 P-L10-36

Southland Presbytery. 70th Anniversary Of Southland Presbytery. Group Photo Of Members Of Southland Presbytery, Gathered On 70th Anniversary.
"Actual 5/4/1935 ; Celebrated31/7/35."
(Refer To 'Desription Sheets' For Names.)
1935 P-L10-37

Pullar, W. (Mr) Mornington Harriers. Outdoor Group Photo Of The Members Of The Mornington Harriers Club ; Incl (Left To Right) :
-Back Row : ......................?
-3rd Row : Stan Lamb (3rd); George Munro (6th); Walter Pullar (9th).
-2nd Row : Alex Marshall (3rd); Charlie McLean (8th); Dave Paulin (11th).
-Front Row : ....................?
1935 P-L12-25

Rothwell, L (Rev) Unknown Man Studio Portrait Of An Unknown Man Wearing An Academic Gown And Holding A Diploma. (From Rev L Rothwell's Papers). c.1935 P-L12-27

Rev. JG Sinclair. Otago Medical School Staff & Students. Group Photo, In Front Of The Medical School Building, Of Staff & Students Of The Otago Medical School.
-"Clan Of Medical Students Who Graduated In 1935. Otago Medical School."
Photo : 'Zenith Studios', Dunedin.
1935 P-L13-20

St.Andrews Church (Dunedin). Rev.Dr H.McLean. Rev.Dr.Hector McLean, Standing Outside An Unknown Building & Wearing A Gown & Academic Hood. c.1935-40 P-L17-5

St.David's, Auckland Mr J Carmichael Studio Portrait Of Mr James Carmichael, An Elder At St.David's Church, Auckland, 1916 To 1936. c.1935 P-L18-13(A)

St.David's, Auckland Rev G B Inglis Studio Portrait Of Rev George B Inglis. c.1935 P-L18-13(B)
498/65 Somerville, JS (V.Rev.Dr.). Knox College. Knox College, As Seen From The North-End Of Knox Street.
Photo: 'George Chance', FRPS, Dunedin.
c.1935 P-O-44

Dunedin Presbytery. Opening Of Tirohanga Camp (?) Outdoor Group Photo, Presumed To Have Been Taken At The Opening Of Tirohanga Bible-Class Camp. c.1935 P-P-11

Dunedin Presbytery. Group At Tirohanga Camp. Group Photo Of Bible-Class Boys, Taken Outside The Tirohanga Camp Building. c.1935 P-P-12

General Assembly. General Assembly Group At Wellington. Group Photo Of Ministers & Elders Who Attended The 1935 General Assembly At St.John's In Wellington ; Including (From Left Edge) :
-Front Row: Unknown.
-2nd Row: Rev.JG Laughton ((cm); Rev.JA Thomson (10.6cm); Mr WA McCaw (?) (43.3cm).
-3rd Row: Rev.GH Jupp (9.2cm); Mr VG Chapman (Treasurer) (11cm); Prof.J.Dickie (31.6cm); Rev.HH Barton (Moderator) (33.3cm); Rev.JH MacKenzie (Clerk) (35.3cm); Rev.DD Scott (39cm); Rev.DC Herron (64.4cm).
-4th Row: Rev.AC Watson (12.5cm); Rev.JM McKenzie (29.4cm); Rev.WH Howes (39cm).
-5th Row: Unknown.
6th Row: Rev.JD Salmond (32.35cm).
Photo: 'AJ.Thomson', Wellington.
1935 P-P-19

Robertson, R J (Mr) General Assembly, Wellington. Group Photo Of Ministers And Elders Who Attended The 1935 General Assembly At St John's In Wellington.
(Refer To P-P-19 For Names.)
1935 P-P-39

East Taieri Church. Ministers At Unveiling Of Memorial Window. Snapshot Of 3 Ministers, Taken Outside The Church, On The Occasion Of The Unveiling Of The Memorial Window To The Late William & Helen Todd ; Incl (Left To Right) :
- Rev.SC Read; Rev.AC Watson; Rev.SC.Francis.
6 Nov 1935 P-A18.7-18

East Taieri Church. East Taieri Church Pulpit & Communion Table. A View Of The Sanctuary In East Taieri, Showing The Pulpit (In Memory To David Sutherland) & The Communion Table (In Memory To Eion Kinmont). c.1935-45 P-A18.27-75

Caversham Church. Group At Tirohanga Camp. Group Photo Of Five People At Tirohanga Camp (Camp Building At Rear) ; Incl (L To R) :
- Mr Kirkwood; Mrs Kirkwood (?); Rev.Dick Dodds; Mr Sinclair McLaren.
c.1935 P-A19.43-74

Caversham Church. Tirohanga Camp. A View, Looking Down Over Tirohanga Camp Building, With 3 Sleeping Huts At Rear & 2 Round Tents In Middle Foreground. c.1935-40 P-A19.46-82

Caversham Church. Bible-Class Group. 3 Senior Bible-Class Men, Standing Together In A Field, Other Sitting Behind. c.1935-45 P-A19.46-84

Caversham Church. Combined Bible-Class Group At Tirohanga. A Combined Bible-Class Group In Front Of The Tirohanga Camp Building. (Note The Weather Screens Pulled Down).
- Rev.JD Salmond, 5th From Left, At Front.)
Photo : 'EA Phillips', Dunedin.
c.1935-45 P-A19.50-92

Caversham Church. Combined Bible-Class Group At Tirohanga. A Combined Bible-Class Group In Front Of The Tirohanga Camp Building.
(R.Stewart Anderson, 8.9cm From Left, 2cm From Top).
c.1935 P-A19.50-93

Caversham Church. Sunday School Christmas Tree Service. Decorated Christmas Trees, With Cards & Presents, On The Stage In Sidey Hall For A Special Sunday School Service.
Dated: 24/11/1935
1935 P-A19.56-104

Caversham Church. Caversham Cobbers Club. Group Photo Of Members & Leader Of The 'Caversham Cobbers Club' At A Boxing Match.
-"Met In The Building At Corner Of South Road & Rutherford St, In Club-Rooms Upstairs".
- Archie McEachran (Leader), In Centre Of 2nd Row From Front.
Photo: 'EA Phillips', Dunedin.
c.1935 P-A20.26-72

Deaconess Assn. Sr.J. Alexander. Studio Portrait Of Sr.Jessie Alexander.
Photo: 'Personality Portraits'.
c.1935 P-A35.1-3

Deaconess Assn. Sr.D.Keen. Studio Portrait Of Sister Dorothy Keen
(Mrs D.Page).
Photo: 'Palmer Portrait Studio', Whangarei.
c.1935 P-A35.4-18

Deaconess Assn. Miss EL Saunders. Snapshot Of Miss Lorraine Saunders.
-"Miss Lorraine Saunders, B.C. Bursary Student At Training Institute & Now Appointed Representative Of The YMBC Union In Jagadhri, Punjab, India."
c.1935 P-A35.20-55

Deaconess Assn. Miss DR Maunder & Miss EL Saunders. Snapshot Of Miss Lorraine Saunders.
-"Miss Lorraine Saunders, B.C. Bursary Student At Training Institute & Now Appointed Representative Of The YMBC Union In Jagadhri, Punjab, India."miss Daphne R.Maunder & Miss E.Lorraine Saunders, Pictured Standing Outside The College Building.
-"The Two B.C. Students At Present At Institute".
c.1935 P-A35.20-56

Deaconess Assn. Unknown; Miss MA Melrose; & Miss I.Willetts. Three Deaconess College Students, Standing Outside The College ; Incl (Left To Right) :
- Miss Mary Ada Melrose; Miss Inez Willetts.
-"3 Young Women Hoping To Return When Trained To The Maori Field."
c.1935 P-A35.20-57

Deaconess Assn. The Group Of Students In Session - 1935. Outdoor Group Photo Of Deaconess College Students Training During 1935 ; Incl (L To R):
-Back Row: Lorraine Saunders; Unknown; Obscured; Alice M.Cook; Unknwon; Daphne R.Maunder; Unknown.
-Front Row: ......2/ Elizabeth A.Allan;...........
1935 P-A35.21-58

Deaconess Assn. First Year Students In 1935. Group Photo Of 7 Deaconess College Students Under The Porch Of The Deaconess College ;
Incl (Left To Right) :
-Back Row: Alice M.Cook; Unknown; Daphne R.Maunder.
-Front Row: .........3/ Ada Melrose; ..........
1935 P-A35.21-60

Deaconess Assn. The 4 Second-Year Students In 1935. Four Second-Year Students, Seen Standing In The Deaconess College Porch ; Incl (L To R) :
-Back Row: Unknown; Lorraine Saunders.
-Front Row: Inez Willets; Elizabeth A.Allan.
1935 P-A35.21-61

Deaconess Assn. Students Recently Appointed To The Maori Field. Outdoor Group Photo Of 6 Deaconesses Who Have Been Appointed To The Maori Mission Fields ; Incl (Unknown Order) :
-"Rina Begg; Mary Lowery; Alma Nicholson; Nessie Morgan; Peggy Garbutt; Eileen Davidson."
c.1935 P-A35.21-62

Deaconess Assn. Excursion To Taieri Mouth. Group Photo Taken Beside A Bus During An Excursion To Taieri Mouth, Of Deaconesses, Lecturers & Friends ; Incl (L To R) :
-Back Row: 1/ Rev.DC Herron;.........................
8/ Prof.J.Dickie.
-Middle Row: 1/ Mrs E.Herron; 2/ Dr.SF Hunter;
............5/ Prof.J.Collie.
-Front Row: 1/ Sr.EJ McKenzie; 2/ Miss Glendinning; .......................
Dated: 26/12/1935
1935 P-A35.21-63

Vivian, A&J Bible Class Camp Outdoors Group Photo Of NEV Church YMBC Members, Taken While Attending A Camp.
- Mr Allan Vivian (Leader) (Middle Row, 4th From Left).
c.1935 P-A49.29-50

St Andrew's (Balclutha) Kaka Point Sports Day A Large Crowd Watching Wood Chopping Competitions At The Kaka Point Sports Day. c.1935 P-A50.26-85

Riversdale Church. Rev.JI Newlands. Copy Of A Printed Photo Of Rev.John I.Newlands. c.1935 P-A51.7-17

Dept. Of Communication. Mataura Presbyterian Church. Exterior View Of The New Mataura Presb. Church. c.1935 P-A51.27-59

Southland Presbytery. 75th Anniversary Of Southland Presbytery. Group Photo Of Members Of Southland Presbytery, Gathered On 70th Anniversary.
-"Actual 5/4/1935; Celebrated 31/7/35".
(Refer To P-L10-36 For Names).
Dated: 31/7/1935
1935 P-A57.18-51

St.Stephen's Church. Christian Endeavour Conference. Outdoor Group Photo, Taken At A Christian Endeavour Conference ; Including :
- Mrs MM Miller (7cm From Left, 6.6cm From Top); Rev.T.Miller (7.15cm From Left, 6.5cm From Top).
c.1935 P-A64.5-8

St.Stephen's Church. Norah Morris. Outdoor Photo Of Norah Morris, A Missionary To The Soloman Islands, Seen Holding A Native Boy. c.1935-39 P-A64.6-10

Knox (Dannevirke). Knox Church & Sunday School Hall - Dannevirke. The 'Romanesque/Art Deco' Styled Knox Church At Dannevirke, The Old Wooden Sunday School Hall At Rear. c.1935 P-A69.4-9

Knox (Dannevirke). Knox Manse, Dannevirke. The Knox Church Manse At Dannevirke - A Weatherboard Villa, With Bow Windows, 2-Sided Porch & A White Picket Fence. c.1935 P-A69.4-10

Knox Church - Fitzroy. Knox Church - Fitzroy. Exterior View Of Knox Church, Fitzroy (New Plymouth). c.1935 P-A69.9-21

New Plymouth Parish. Westown & Vogeltown Church Halls. Exterior View Of Either The Westown Church Hall Or The Vogeltown Church Hall - New Plymouth.
-"Westown & Vogeltown Church Halls - Both Halls Are Alike."
c.1935 P-A69.9-22

Rev.H.Davies. Rev.H.Davies. Studio Portrait Of Rev.Herbert Davies. c.1935 P-A71.10-29

Rev.W.Gilmour. Rev.W.Gilmour. Studio Portrait Of Rev.W.Gilmour, Wearing A Clerical Gown, Bands & Academic Hood.
Photo: 'PH Jauncey', Wellington.
c.1935 P-A71.12-36

Rev.J.Graham. Rev.J.Graham. Studio Portrait Of Rev.John Graham. c.1935 P-A71.13-37

Rev.R.Morgan. Rev.R.Morgan. Snapshot Of Rev.Richard Morgan.
c.1935 P-A71.26-83

Rev.GP Mitchell. Rev.GP & Mrs E.Mitchell. Snapshot Of Rev.George P.Mitchell & Mrs Elizabeth Mitchell, Both Pictured In A Garden.
c.1935 P-A71.27-84

Rev.FW Robertson. Rev.FW Robertson. Studio Portrait Of Rev.Frank W.Robertson.
Photo: 'SP Andrew'.
c.1935 P-A71.30-91

Rev.GF McKenzie. Rev.GF McKenzie. Copy Of A Photo Of Graeme F.McKenzie, Taken From A Larger Group Photo. 1935 P-A71.54-147

Pullar, W. Mornington Harriers. Group Photo Of The 'Mornington Harriers';
- Including (Left To Right) :
- Back Row: Stan Lamb (3rd).
- 3rd Row: Walter Pullar (2nd); Dave Paulin (4th); Bill Wallace (6th); George Munro (7th).
- 2nd Row: John Wallace (7th).
- Front Row: Tom Miller (1st).
c.1935 P-A73.7-15

Pullar, W. Pounawea Convention Group. A Group Gathered Around A Tent-Site During A Convention At Pounawea.
[Refer To 'Descr.Sheet' For Names].
c.1935 P-A73.9-22

Pullar, W. Group At Christian Endeavour Camp. Outdoor Group Photo Of Delegates At A Christian Endeavour Society Camp At Gore,1935.
(Refer To 'Descr.Sheet' For Names).
1935 P-A73.10-25

Pullar, W. Group At St.Andrew's - Invercargill (?) A Group Photo, Taken In Front Of The Doors To A Church,(Possibly St.Andrews, Invercargill). c.1935 P-A73.10-26

Pullar, W. Group At St.Andrew's - Invercargill (?) A Group Photo, Taken In Front Of The Doors To A Church,(Possibly St.Andrews, Invercargill). c.1935 P-A73.10-27

Pullar, W. Chasland's Coast (?) Two Men, Sitting On A Small Navigation Lighthouse Somewhere On The Chasland's Coast. (Stan Lamb At Right). c.1935 P-A73.11-29

Troup, G A (Sir) Sir G A Troup Close Up Portrait Of Sir George Alexander Troup, Early Leader Of St.John's Bible Class, Wellington And Joint Founder Of The Young Men's Bible Class Union. c.1935 P-A113.11-21

Bible Class Movement Bible Class Leaders Outdoors Group Photo Of Bible Class Leaders, Taken At An Easter Camp, 1935. 1935 P-A113.11-22

Bible Class Movement Unknown Young Men's Bible Class Group Outdoors Group Photo Of An Unknown Young Men's Bible Class Group. c.1935 P-A113.11-23

Bible Class Movement Unknown Young Men's Bible Class Group Outdoors Group Photo Of An Unknown Young Men's Bible Class Group. c.1935 P-A113.12-24

North Invercargill Church Bible Class Easter Camp Outdoors Group Photo Of Southland District (?) Young Women`s Bible Class Members Who Took Part In An Easter Camp At Winton, 1935. Taken At The Winton School (?). 1935 P-A194.11-32

Trinity Church, Nelson Mr John K White Outdoors Photo Of Mr John K White, Trinity Church, Nelson, Sunday School Superintendent, Taken During A Camp, A Tent Behind Him. c.1935 P-A202.4-9

Geraldine Co-operating Parish Bible Class Gathering Members Of The Geraldine Senior Young Women's Bible Class Pictured By A Church Doorway.

(L To R)
Audrey Templeton, Lilia McKenzie, Sidney Cowie, Jill Lapthorn, Owen Pugh, Beth Askin.

Jessie McWhinnie, Joyce Hewson.
c.1935 P-A224.2-7
42000/33 Smaill, T (Rev) & H Rev And Mr Frater With Native Teachers Group Photo Of Rev M Frater (At Left Front) With His Son John (?) Frater (At Right Front), With A Large Group Of Paama Native Teachers.
- "Mrs Frater, Nettie And I, Along With The Native Church, Send Loving Greetings"
c.1935 A-S17-79.16-32
42003/51 Port Chalmers Parish Group of Five Women Outdoors group photo of five women, taken in a garden
Names (L to R):
Back row: (?); Jean Harkness
2nd row: Jean Chisholm (Mrs Race )
Front row: Rita Kettle; Myra Hewitson (Mrs Frazer)
c. 1935 P-A56.15-37
497/231 Watson, A. C. (Rev) Rev. Read, Rev. Watson & Rev. Francis Three ministers pictured outside East Taieri Church taken on the occasion of the unveiling of the memorial window to the late William & Helen Todd
Names (L to R):
Rev. S. C. Read; Rev. A. C. Watson; Rev. S. C. Francis
6 Nov 1935 P-A92.4-5
42005/3 PSS Otago Unknown Boy & Girl Studio portrait of unknown boy & girl, presumably from the Glendining Homes

Photographer: J. Webster, Dunedin
c. 1935 P-S27-35

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