1936 Photographs
(excluding Overseas Mission Areas, Maori & NZ Chinese)

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Acc No Provenance Title Description Date Ref No
O/S Home Missions The School, Kawerau. A Small Group Of Maori School Children, Standing Outside The Small Wooden School Building At Kawerau. c.1936 P-A22.25-78
O/S Home Missions Committee Interior, Tokanui Church. View Of The Interior Of The Tokanui Church, With An Attractive Design With Solid Wooden Pews, And White - Panelled Walls With Wooden Slat Decoration.
Photographer: Rev J M Lochhead.
c.1936 P-A22.4-15
O/S Home Missions Committee "Cook-Dunlop Wedding At Niagara Church." A Wedding Group, Standing On The Steps Of The Niagara Church.
-"Cook-Dunlop Wedding. The Second Wedding In The Niagara Church In Over 25 Years - J M Lochhead."
Photographer: Mr J M Lochhead.
c.1936 P-A22.5-19
O/S Home Missions Committee Mr W A Porter, Home Missionary, Whakapara. Mr William A Porter, Home Missionary, Standing Beside His Car, The Manse At Whakapara Behind Him.
- "Starting Off For The Last Trip To Ngunguru, Marua, Whananaki.66 Miles Per Day. The Manse & Historic Tree In The Background."
Photographer: J Taylor, 27 Kitchener Rd, Sandringham.
Dated: Jan 1936
1936 P-A22.5-21
O/S Home Missions Committee Titoki Bridge The Bridge Over The River At Tikoti, Built Of Wood With A Traditional 'Arched' Design, With Additional Suspension Cables Suspended From Towers At Each End. The Titoki Manse At Right Rear.
Photographer: Rev T W Nightingale.
c.1936 P-A22.6-22
O/S Home Missions Committee A Side Road In The Far North. A Home Missioner's Car Stopped In Front Of A Very Rutted Road In Northland.
- "The Home Missioner's Son Keeps His Hand On The Brake While Father Snaps The Scene And Explores The Road."
c.1936 P-A22.6-26
O/S Home Missions Committee "Milking Brownie, Whakapara, Jan 1936." Mr William A Porter, Home Missionary At Whakapara, And His Two Children Milking A Cow In A Byre. c.1936 P-A22.6-27

Stewart, Jessie Bible-Class Summer Conference Group. Outdoors Group Photo Of Delegates To The Summer Bible Class Union Conference At Balmacewen, Dunedin:
Including (Left To Right) :
-2nd Row From Front: Rev.JD Salmond (7th);
....Sr.Kathleen Every (9th?); .....Sr.Flora Wilson (29.2cm From Left, 9.8cm From Top); ...Sr.E.Campbell (21.3cm From Left, 4.8cm From Top).
Dated: Jan 1936
1936 P-S6-41

Church Property Trustees. Mr John A.Thomson. 'Cameo' Portrait Of Mr John Armour Thomson.
-"Member New Centuary Fund Committee 1900 To 1936. Secretary & Treasurer To Committee 1900 To 1906. Convener 1921 To 1936."
c.1936 P-S17-1

St.Stephen's Church (Dunedin). St.Stephen's Christian Endeavour Group. Outdoor Group Photo Of St.Stephen's Christian Endeavour Society Members ; Incl(Left To Right) :
-Back Row : Rymall Roxburgh; Bob Wallace; Bill Allan; Wattie Pullar; J.Graham Miller; Mark Courtier; John Wallace; Robert S.Miller.
-2nd Row : __ ; __ ; Jean Miller; Norah Morris; Vida Glass.
-Front Row : Hazel Roxburgh; __ ; Daisy Brown (?)
c.1936 A-S15-61.41-8

Mosgiel Parish Mosgiel Baptismal Font Laser Print Of A Close-up View Of The Mosgiel Presb. Church Stone Font, Taken At The Dedication Ceremony. The Certificate Above The Font Is Being Awarded To Miss Mary Scott. c.1936 A-S20-97.67-69

Mosgiel Parish Mosgiel Bible Class Picnic Laser Print Of Mosgiel Presb. Church Bible Class Members Sitting In A Bush Clearing At Whare Flat During A Picnic.

(L To R)
J Whitson, M Thomson, L Hendry, Ivy Williams, Don Holland, Alec Thomson, Jim Gibson, Elsie Weddell, Errol Weddell, Lily Aitken, Gwen Pullan, Cora Pullan, Tony Gillon, Jimmy Hodgson(?).

In Front: ___(?)____
1936 A-S20-97.72-74

Mosgiel Parish North Taieri Bible Class And Choir Laser Print Of A Group Photo Of North Taieri Presb. Church Bible Class And Choir Members, Taken In Front Of The Church Building With The Choir And Drama Shields Won At The Mosgiel Competitions.

(L To R)
Back Row:
Henry Pugh, Andrew Craigie, Dave Roxburgh, Bill Williams, Jim Sutherland, Arthur Johnstone, Archie Wilson, Graham Pugh.

3rd Row:
Aubrey Williams, Lyle Fowler, Lucy Williams, Olive Boyd (nee Clark), Nessie Walker (nee Williamson), Connie Findlay (nee Craigie), Thelma Craigie (nee Williams), Ness Miller.

2nd Row:
Kath Kirk (nee Smellie), Hilda Densem (nee Williamson), Tui Pugh (nee Milner), Mrs R Olga Sansom, Rev Norman F Sansom, Robin Smellie, Mrs Williamson, Mrs Smellie, Hazel McLean (nee Miller), Heath Whyte (nee Miller), Elsie Smellie.

Front Row:
Stanley Williams, Murray Miller.
1936 A-S20-97.79-81

Mosgiel Parish North Taieri Church 70th Anniversary Laser Print Of An Outdoors Group Photo Of North Taieri Church Women, Taken At The 70th Anniversary Celebrations With The Anniversary Cake In Foreground. 1936 A-S20-97.82-84

Communication Dept. Rev.T.H.Roseveare. Studio Portrait Of Rev.T.H.Roseveare, Wearing Modetorial Robe.
-"Rev.T.H.Roseveare,BD, Moderator, 1936." (Signed).
1936 P-L11-36

Rev.JG Sinclair. Otago Medical School Staff & Students. Group Photo, In Front Of The Medical School Building, Of Staff & Students Of The Otago Medical School. (Boardmount Signed By Some Of The Students).
Photo : 'Zenith Studios', Dunedin.
c.1936 P-L13-19

Rev.JG Sinclair. Otago Medical School Students. Group Photo Of Senoir (?) Medical Students (Or Lecturers) At Otago Medical School. (Signed).
- Dr.Owen L.Eaton, Front Row, Far Left.
c.1936 P-L13-21

First Church (Dunedin). Opening Of The Sunday School At Russell Street. A Crowd Of Onlookers Gathered & Watching The Opening Ceremony Of The Russell Street Sunday School.
- Rev.Dr.EN Merrington (3cm From Left, 5cm From Top.).
Dated: 14/6/1936
1936 P-L16-24

Communication Dept. General Assembly Group At Christchurch. Group Photo, Taken Outside St.Paul's, Christchurch, Of The Ministers & Elders Who Attended The General Assembly ; Incl (L To R) :
-Front Row: Rev.JA Thomson; Unknown; Rev.JH MacKenzie; Rev.TH Roseveare; Unknown; Rev.HH Barton; Unknown; Mr VG Chapman.
- Rev.DC Herron (31.5cm From Left, 4.8cm From Top); Rev.A.McNeur (26.7cm From Left, 5.8cm From Top).
Dated: Nov 1936
1936 P-P-5

Caversham Church (Dunedin). Combined Bible-Class Camp At Tirohanga. Group Photo Of Bible-Class Members, In Front Of The Tirohanga Camp Building, During A Camp. c.1936 P-A19.48-89

Caversham Church (Dunedin). Combined Bible-Class Camp At Tirohanga. Group Photo Of Bible-Class Members, In Front Of The Tirohanga Camp Building, During A Camp. c.1936 P-A20.47-113

Deaconess Assn. Sr.AO.Steffens. Studio Portrait Of Sr.A.Olga Steffens.
- "Taken While I Was At Tanatana Mission".
c.1936-44 P-A35.9-38

Upper Clutha Parish. Hawea Church. Exterior View Of The Hawea Church, With Concrete Walls & Tile Roof. 1936 P-A46.1-1

Upper Clutha Parish. Opening Door Of Russell St. Manse. Mrs Kingan Opening The Door Of The New Manse At Russell St, Wanaka, On Opening Day ;
Including (Left To Right) :
- Mrs Robert Kingan; Rev.A.Cardno; Mr Bill Hogan.
c.1936-38 P-A46.2-6

Upper Clutha Parish. Opening Of Russell St. Manse. The Minister & Parishioners Gathered Outside The New Wanaka Manse On Opening Day.
- (Rev.A.Cardno, 7cm From Left).
c.1936-38 P-A46.2-7

Sinclair, J G (Rev) Rev T. Tweedie Outdoors Snap Shot Of Rev Thomas Tweedie, The Moderator Of Clutha Presbytery, Taken Outside An Unknown Church. c.1936 P-A50.27-87

Sinclair, J G (Rev) Clutha Presbytery Outdoors Group Photo Of The Members Of Clutha Presbytery, Taken Outside An Unknown Church. c.1936 P-A50.27-88

Sinclair, J G (Rev) Clutha Presbytery Outdoors Group Photo Of The Members Of Clutha Presbytery Taken Outside An Unknown Church.
(Refer To P-A50.27-88 For Names)
c.1936 P-A50.27-89

Sinclair, J G (Rev) Members Of Clutha Presbytery Informal Snapshot Of Three Members Of Clutha Presbytery, Taken Outside An Unknown Church.
(Left To Right)
Rev C A Kennedy; _________ ; Rev T Tweedie.
c.1936 P-A50.28-90

Alexandra- Clyde Union Parish Office Bearers Of Alexandra- Clyde Church Copy Of Nine Printed Photos, Copied From A Page In A Book.
(Left To Right)
Back Row- G Reid; Rev A G Boyd; Mrs Boyd.
Middle Row- W A Theyers; W Theyers; William Hansen.
Bottom Row- William Thomson; Mrs Bethia Dewer; Arch. Ashworth.
1936 P-A55.5-10

Communication Department Roxburgh Presbyterian Church Exterio View Of The Roxburgh Presbyterian Church. c.1936 P-A55.8-20

Niagara Church. New Church - Tokanui. A Couple Of Workmen Standing Outside The Newly Built Tokanui Church, Yet To Be Painted. 1936 P-A57.9-23

Tokanui Church. Tokanui Presbyterian Church. Exterior View Of The Small Wooden Presbyterian Church At Tokanui. - "Opened 3/7/1936". c.1936 P-A57.9-24

St.Columba (Fairlie). Minister & Office-Bearers - St.Columba's, Fairlie. Outdoor Group Photo Of The Minister & Office-Bearers Of St.Columba's Presbyterian Church, Fairlie (Mackenzie Parish) ; Including
Rev.JS Strang, 4th From The Left, Front Row.
c.1936-40 P-A68.21-41

St.Columba (Fairlie). St.Columba's, Fairlie, PWMU. Outdoor Group Photo Of The Members Of The St.Columba, Fairlie, PWMU. c.1936-40 P-A68.22-42

St.Columba (Fairlie). Unknown Girl's Group, St.Columba, Fairlie. Outdoor Group Photo Of The Minister Of St.Columba's, Fairlie, With An Unknown Young Women's Group. c.1936-40 P-A68.23-43

St.Columba (Fairlie). St.Columba, Fairlie Sunday School. Outdoor Group Photo Of The St.Columba, Fairlie, Sunday School Children. c.1936-40 P-A68.23-44

Kent Terrace Church, (Wellington). Kent Terrace Church Copy Of A Printed Image Showing The Exterior Of The Kent Terrace Presbyterian Church, Wellington. c.1936 P-A69.20-43

St Andrews, Suva St Andrew's Church, Suva Exterior View Of St Andrew's Church, Suva, Fiji. 1936 P-A70.24-53

St Andrew's, Suva "Ratu Bola" Ratu Bola, Pictured Standing Outdoors In Suva, Fiji.
-"Fiji Sponge"-"The Cigar Is In His Mouth But Not Very Visible".
1936 P-A70.24-54

St Andrew's, Suva Cable Wireless Station, Suva Exterior View Of The Cable Wireless Station Building In Suva, Fiji. A Large Two Storied Building With Verandas On Both Floors. 1936 P-A70.24-55

St Andrew's, Suva St Andrew's Manse, Suva Rev Alexander Hardie Pictured Standing In The Porch Of St Andrew's Manse At Suva, Fiji.
Dated: 7/4/1936
1936 P-A70.24-56

Rev.J.Paterson. Rev.J.Paterson. Studio Portrait Of Rev.John Paterson.
Photo: 'Erick Studios', Wanganui.
c.1936 P-A71.29-90

Presb. Bookroom. Comm. Presbyterian Bookroom Committee Outdoors Group Photo, Taken Beside St.Paul's Church, Christchurch, Of The Presbyterian Bookroom Committee.
(Left To Right)
Back Row- Rev L M Rogers; Rev J L Robinson; ______;______;
Front Row- ______; Mr W H Rose;
Rev Watson.
c.1936 P-A141.1-1

Trinity Church, Nelson Trinity Kindergarten Class Outdoors Photo Of Miss M Barltrop With The Trinity, Nelson, Kindergarten Sunday School Class. 1936 P-A202.5-10

Mosgiel Parish Mosgiel Baptismal Font Close-up View Of The Mosgiel Presb. Church Stone Font, Taken At Its Dedication Ceremony. The Certificate Above The Font Is Being Awarded To Miss Mary Scott. c.1936 P-AH39.8-8

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