1942 Photographs
(excluding Overseas Mission Areas, Maori & NZ Chinese)

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Acc No Provenance Title Description Date Ref No
42000/22 PSS Otago "Time For Malt" Margaret Woodhouse (At Right) Giving A Dose Of Malt To Four Children.
(Peggy Hill Possibly In Group).
c.1942 P-A157.22-62
42000/22 PSS Otago Glendining Homes Boys A Close Up Of Two Boys.
(L To R)- Ian McDonald(?); Bill McLenaghan.
c.1942 P-A157.23-63
42000/22 PSS Otago Glendining Homes Girls Close Up Of Two Unknown Girls Dressed In School Gym Frocks. c.1942 P-A157.23-64
42000/22 PSS Otago Glendining Homes Girls Close Up Group Photo Of Two Unknown Girls, One Older And One Younger. c.1942 P-A157.23-65
42000/22 PSS Otago Ursula Dobson Close Up Photo Of Ursula Dobson (B.1938). c.1942 P-A157.23-66

Rev.Frank Marshall. Studio Portrait Of Rev.Frank U.W.Marshall.
-"To Belle, With Best Love, From Frank, 11th June 1942."
Photographer: 'Bolf(?) Keys', Hastings.
1942 P-S15-4

Hercus M H (Sr) Deaconess College Tinted Exterior View Of "The Deaconess College", Dunedin As Seen Prior To The Addition Of The North Wing. 1942 P-S24-13

Kaarup, C M (Mrs) Sr. C M Patterson Studio Portrait Of Sr. C Mavis Patterson (Mrs C M Kaarup), Taken When Deaconess At St. Andrew's, Ashburton.

Photographer: "Barwell Studios", Ashburton.
c.1942-48 P-S24-45

North Invercargill Church Mr W L Crawford Enlarged Studio Portrait Of Sub-Lieutenant W L Crawford, Dressed In Royal Navy Uniform, Previously A Member Of North Invercargill Bible Class.

"Sub-Lieutenant W L Crawford RNZNVR, Killed In Action In English Channel, July 15th 1942".
c.1942 P-S24-50

North Invercargill Church Andrew Swale Studio Portrait Of Mr Andrew Swale Pictured Wearing An Army Uniform. c.1942 P-S24-52

North Invercargill Church James Fenton Studio Portrait Of Mr James Fenton, Pictured Wearing An Air-Force Uniform And (Half?) Wings. c.1942 P-S24-53

North Invercargill Church Bruce McAllister Studio Portrait Of Mr Bruce McAllister, Pictured Wearing A Royal Air-Force (New Zealand) Uniform And Cap With "Wings".

Photographer: "Keturah Collings", London.
c.1942 P-S25-1

North Invercargill Church Ian Speirs Enlarged Studio Portrait Of Ian Speirs, Pictured In A NZ Royal Air Force Uniform With "Wings". c.1942 P-L20-45

Blyth, D A (Rev) Wedding Of Mr D A And Mrs H Blyth. Studio Portrait Of The Bridal Party At The Wedding Od Rev D Alexander Blyth And Mrs Hilda Blyth.

(L To R)
Back Row:
Mr D A Blyth (4th)
Mrs H Blyth (5th).
12 June 1942 P-L21-48

McKenzie J.W. (Rev). Rev.J.W.McKenzie Playing His Violin At El Alamein. Rev JW McKenzie playing his violin at dusk during an evening service to seated troops in the desert (at El Alamein?). An Army transport vehicle at left. Image by Bob Landry (?), courtesy of "Time Life Magazine", 1942. July 1942 P-L10-18

Communication Dept. Rev.J.G.Laughton. Studio Portrait Of Rev.J.G.Laughton.
-"Rev.J.G.Laughton, Moderator, 1942."
1942 P-L11-40

St.Stephens Church (Dunedin). St.Stephens Christian Endeavour Society. Studio Portrait Of Members Of St.Stephen's Young Peoples Society Of Christian Endeavour ; Incl (L To R) :
-Back Row : D.Ferguson; WSK Moore; IO Roxburgh; M.McKenzie; AG Marshall; V.Duff.
-3rd Row : EJ Mitchell; J.Mellsop; Rf Kenwood; LM Spence; EJ Stephenson; SM Ballantyne; AE Simmers; L.Battrick.
-2nd Row : ME Clark; HJ Roxburgh; GA McKenzie; EA MacMillan; FR Duncanson; J.MacMillan; SI Roxburgh; AM Wilson.
-Front Row : WJ Milligan; EP Baird; RS Roxburgh; Rev.T.Miller; Mrs M.Miller; JA McQueen; HM Miller.
- Sitting : MR Miller; M Meikle; IM McKenzie.
Photo : 'Pattillo', Dunedin.
1942 P-L12-18

St.Stephen's Church (Dunedin). St.Stephen's Christian Endeavour Society. Studio Portrait Of "St.Stephen's Young People's Society Of Christian Endeavour".
(Refer To P-L12-18 For Names).
1942 P-L14-30

Communication Dept. Rev.RW Murray. Studio Portrait Of Rev.RW (Bob) Murray, Dressed In Military Attire. c.1942-44 P-O-68.3

Communication Dept. Rev.HS Scott. Studio Portrait Of Rev.Harold S.Scott, Dressed In Military Attire. c.1942-45 P-O-69.1

Communication Dept. Rev.JG Mathews. Studio Portrait Of Rev.John G.Mathews, Dressed In Military Attire. c.1942-45 P-O-69.6

Communication Dept. Rev.NC Hall. Outdoor Photo Of Rev.Norman C.Hall, Dressed In Military Attire. c.1942-44 P-X-37.2

Communication Dept. Rev.Dr.McDonald. Studio Portrait Of Rev.Donald R.McDonald, Dressed In Military Attire.
c.1942-46 P-X-37.4

Communication Dept. Rev.TG Campbell. Studio Portrait Of Rev.Thomas G.Campbell, Dressed In Military Attire.
c.1942-43 P-X-38.5

Communication Dept. Rev.DR Allen. Studio Portrait Of Rev.David.R.Allen, Dressed In Military Attire.
c.1942-43 P-X-39.5

General Assembly. General Assembly Group At Auckland. Group Portrait Of Ministers & Elders Who Attended The 1942 General Assembly At Auckland;
- Including (From Left Edge) :
- Front Row : Unknown.
- 2nd Row: Rev.EN Merrington (35.3cm); Rev.JG Laughton (Moderator) (48.6cm); Rev.J.Davie (50.2cm); Rev.TH Roseveare (?) (51.7cm); Rev.WJ Comrie (53.2cm); Rev.HH Barton (54.2cm); Rev.GH McNeur (56.2cm); Rev.G.Budd (57.2cm).
1942 P-P-20

St.David's Church, Auckland General Assembly Group, 1942 Group Photo Of Ministers And Elders Who Attended The 1942 General Assembly At St.David's, Auckland.
(Refer To P-P-20 For Names)
Dated: Nov 1942
1942 P-P-30

East Taieri Church. East Taieri Presbyterian Church Interior. The Interior Of The East Taieri Church, Showing The Sanctuary, Writing Above, & The Church Decorated With Flowers.
1942 P-A17.4-9

East Taieri Church. East Taieri Presbyterian Church Pulpit. A View Of The Sanctuary Of The East Taieri Church, Including The Pulpit & Communion Table.
1942 P-A17.4-10

Caversham Church (Dunedin). Group Of 7 People. A Group Of 7 Men & Women, Standing Together In A Line In A Field ; Incl (Left To Right) :
- __ ; Win Lyon; Lorna Chivers; __ ; R.Loan; N.Brooks; D.McFarlane.
1942 P-A20.46-111

North East Valley Church (Dunedin). 7th Dunedin Boy's Brigade Company - 1942. Group Photo Of The 7th Dunedin Boy's Brigade Company (North East Valley), Their Trophies In Foreground ; Incl (Left To Right) :
-2nd Row From Front: ......4/ K.Watson; 5/ H.McKinstry (Captain); 6/ Rev.NE Oakley (Chaplain); 7/ G.Smith; 8/ A.Thomas;..........
Photo: 'Zenith Studio', Dunedin.
1942 P-A49.18-30

Knox Church (Dunedin) Knox Church Ministers And Deaconesses, 1942 Copy Of A Studio Portrait Of The Knox Church Ministers And Deaconesses, Dunedin.
(Left To Right)
Back Row- Sr Catherine Weir; Nurse Jessie Torrance; Sr Mavis Patterson.
Front Row- Rev H W Turner; Rev D C Herron; Rev L Jones.
c.1942 P-A61.4-10

Patterson, R M (Rev) St Paul's Busy Bee Hive. Studio Portrait Of The St Paul's Church, Oamaru, Busy Bee Hive.

(L To R)
Back Row:
Alison Nordmeyer, Peggy Robertson, Jim Paterson, Betty Widdowson, Zona Snell, Annette Stoup, Blair Rodgers.

2nd Row:
Enid (?) Murray, (?) McNeil, John Widdowson, ______, Eunice Boyd, Don Meldrum, (?) Murray, Noeline Amies.

Front Row:
Lois Murray, Robert M Paterson, Wendy McDonald, Jill McPherson, Mrs Henry Hay (Jessie McPhail Hay), Mrs Marjorie Paterson (Wife Of Rev Theo. Paterson). Alan Nordmeyer, Helen McPherson, Robin McDonald.

Photographer: Glencoe Photo.
c.1942 P-A68.44-86

Rev.DR McDonald. Rev.DR McDonald. Studio Portrait Of Rev.Donald R.McDonald. c.1942 P-A71.20-63

Rev.GAD Spence. Rev.GAD Spence. Studio Portrait Of Rev.GA Douglas Spence, Dressed In Army Uniform As Chaplain. (Chaplain, Class 2 - Lieutenant Colonel, Snr Chaplain 2nd NZEF - MEF - 1944 To 1945).
Photo: Pall Mall Photo Studio, Cairo.
Dated: Aug 1942
1942 P-A71.63-171

Mosgiel Parish Rev T M C Hay Studio Portrait Of Rev Thomas M C Hay, Dressed In Army Uniform As An Army Private And Pictured Smoking A Pipe. Appointed Locum Tenens At Mosgiel 1942-43. c.1942 P-A124.8-22

North Invercargill Church Ian Speirs Copy Of A Close-up Snapshot Of Ian Speirs, Pictured Wearing His NZ Royal Airforce Uniform And Wings. c.1942 P-A194.14-37

Trinity Church, Nelson Rev J Hay Printed Copy Of A Studio Portrait Of Rev James Hay, Dressed In His Army Uniform As An Army Chaplain. c.1942 P-A202.7-19

Missions Committee Children Crouching in Trenches Printed image of English children crouching in a trench watching aircraft during the Battle of Britain. Used for a Missions Committee appeal for "The Memorial and Thanksgiving Fund" c. 1942 P-A230.10-11
42005/3 PSS Otago Gnr. Douglas Herbert Outdoors snapshot of Gunner Douglas Herbert
"Taken in Syria June 1942 before going to western desert"
June 1942 P-A239.73-226
42005/3 PSS Otago George H. Coley Studio head & shoulders portrait of Mr. George H. Coley, RNZAF Station, Harewood Aerodrome, Christchurch (ex-Glendining Homes ?) c. 1942 P-S27-36
42005/3 PSS Otago Unknown Man Close-up studio portrait of an unknown man wearing a NZ Air Force uniform, an ex-resident of Glendining Homes c. 1942 P-S27-38
42005/3 PSS Otago Unknown Man Studio portrait of an unknown young Maori man wearing an army uniform, an ex-resident of Glendining Homes.
"On active service"
c. 1942 P-S27-40

St Giles Church,(Christchurch) Pvt. James Graham Outdoors close-up of Private James Graham of St. Giles Parish, Christchurch.
Killed in action, Italy 12th Oct 1944
(84 Blighs Road, Christchurch)
c. 1942 P-A68.45-90

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