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Photo Gallery No 11 :

"The China Incident"


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The metal remains of a wrecked plane loaded onto a Chinese Railways wagon, c.1938


Wrecked Plane



Wrecked Sampans


The remains of sampans on a river after being bombed by Japanese aircraft, c.1938

The ingenious method of protecting buildings from bomb blasts - layers of bamboo screens atop buildings. The screens of bamboo poles would explode the bombs and absorb the blast before damage could occur to the actual buildings. Canton c.1938

Canton was bombed both by the Japanese and later by American bombers. During the latter raids, our Missionaries who were interned across the Pearl River at Honam, were confined for some days to barracks for their own safety.


Bomb Protection Device



Bombed Boats


A further scene of aerial bombing damage to sampans, most probably around Canton, c.1938

Chinese searching through rubble for injured after an aerial bombing attack by Japanese forces, c.1938


Searching a Bomb Site



Red Cross Workers Carrying Wounded


Chinese Red Cross workers and soldiers carrying an injured person on a stretcher across rubble after an aerial bomb attack, c.1938
The wounded being taken to hospital on a cart, and attended by two Nurses, c.1938.


On Way to Hospital



Bomb Crater



A bomb crater full of water, giving an idea of the force and extent of an aerial bomb blast, c.1938

A map illustrating bomb hits (marked by small circles) along the main Canton to Hankow railway line running diagonally on upper part of map, and the Mission Hopital itself in lower centre which scored more than one direct hit, causing minor blast damage, 1938. No staff or patients were injured. The School within the Mission Compund had already been moved to Portuguese Macao for safety reasons.


Map of Bombing, Kong Chuen



True Light Red Cross


Members of the (Christian) 'True Light Red Cross' carrying out a medical drill.

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