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"Radiant Young Queen to Wise Matriarch: The New Elizabethan Age"

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The Queen and the Minister

Royal Visit 1970 – Gisborne Presbyterian Church
“The Queen and the Minister”

The Queen in Conversation with the Rev. Owen Robinson outside. St. Andrew’s Gisborne 

[Ref: CS.10-36-5243]

“Their Great Moment”

‘While the Queen was worshipping in the Church the Children of St. Andrew’s Gisborne were at a service in the Hall.  Afterwards they came out to see her.’
Three ladies were delighted to be greeted by Queen Elizabeth II.

[Ref: CS.10-36-5246]


After the Service


Outside St Andrew's Gisborne

Outside St. Andrew’s Gisborne

Seats were provided to the left of the building and loudspeakers set up to enable members of the congregation who were unable to have seating in the Church to participate in the service.  Crowds gathered around to gain a glimpse of the Royal Party including Prince Charles and Princess Anne as they left the Church.

[Ref: CS.10-36-5251]

State Farewell Dinner Auckland, 26 March 1970.
Attended by the Moderator of the General Assembly, the  Rt. Rev. Owen T. Baragwanath

[Ref:OT Baragwanath 399/34/1]


State Farewell Dinner


The Queen in Vanuatu

Visit to Vanuatu (New Hebrides) 15-16th February 1974

This appears to be the only visit the Queen made to Vanuatu.   The Royal party, Queen Elizabeth II, the Duke of Edinburgh and Princess Anne, visited Vila, Santo, Port Vila, Fila Island, Pentecost.  Many ni-Vanuatuans came from outlining Islands to join the festivities.

The Royal party were greeted to the sound of Tamtams, they were entertained with custom dancing and singing, land diving and other traditional activities.  The Queen planted a tree in honour of her visit at Park Anthonioz, they made a visit to the French Hospital on Santo, and several local schools.

In a recorded special message from the Britannia, the Queen commented, ‘It has been a great happiness to me to visit the Hew Hebrides and to see the unique blend of cultures – Melanesian and European, New Hebridean, British and French – which you have here… In all your work, in all your planning, in all your thinking, aim to build for the future… but do not discard the past.  The traditions of a country are important …

[Janet Taege NZ667/2003/52/7]

Rev. Alexander Sutherland Escorting Queen at the Interfaith Church Service held at the National Stadium, Suva, Sunday 31 October 1982.

The Rev. Alexander Sutherland was given the honour of escorting the Queen in his capacity as the Convener of the Fiji Council of Churches.

‘I count it a tremendous, yet humbling, priveledge to represent the Church people of Fiji before the Commonwealth leaders and to have the honour of escorting Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II at the Interfaith Service.   These experiences deepen my commitment to ecumenism and physical unity of the Church, and, particularly in FiJi to interfaith dialogue.  We have much to learn – especially about devotion and commitment – from those of other faith.’

[Ref: CD1:19-1-2]


The Queen in Fiji



Invitation to the Royal Luncheon

Invitation to Luncheon

[CD 1:19-32]

Menu for the Royal Luncheon


[CD: 19-35]

Letter of Thanks

Letter of Thanks

Rev. Sutherland arrived in Fiji in November 1981. Within a few months of his arrival he was appointed Chairman of the Fiji Council of Churches. In this capacity he had the responsibility for the organising of the Queen's Visit in 1982.

[CD: 19-37]

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