Presbyterian Church Archives Research Centre Study Leave Reports


Call No: Author: Title: Year Physical Description: Subject Headings:
SL AIO AIONO, Numia Retirement. 1995 15p. Study Leave Report - Retirement
SL ALL ALLAN, R A Sampler of funeral resource pack. 1998
Study Leave Report
Funerals - Resources
SL ALL ALLISON, Judy Ecumenical formation. c.1998
Study Leave Report - Ecumenism - New Zealand
SL AND ANDERSON, Robert Ecumenical chaplaincy. 2002
Study Leave Report - Chaplaincy - Hospital Chaplains - Counselling
Rest Home Care
SL ASH ASHTON, Glen Travel to United Kingdom and United States of America. 1993 25p. Appendix. Study Leave Report - Christian Counselling
Waverley Christian Training Centre
Hensol Clergy Course
Bill and Delores Winder Ministries
SL AYE AYERS, Barry Leadership and Church growth. 1997 17p. Study Leave Report
Presbyterian Church - New Zealand
Leadership - Church Growth
A focus on leadership. 2004 12p. Resource List Study Leave Report - Evangelism
Ministry - Leadership - Mission
SL AYE AYRES, Barry Baby-Boomers : the missing generation. 1991
Study Leave Report
SL BAK BAKER, Martin Strategic leadership in non-profit organisations 2001 3 p. Study Leave Report - Leadership - Non-profit organisations
SL BAK BAKER, Winston J Good worship in small rural non-growth New Zealand communities. 2003
Study Leave report - Rural Communities - Rural Churches - Worship
SL BAL BALL, Ken Identity - in search of an understanding. 1992 42p. Study Leave Report - Identity
SL BAL BALLANTYNE, John God is calling His Church to restoration. 1983
Study Leave Report - Restoration - Renewal - Ministry
Presbyterian Church - New Zealand
SL BAR BARRETT, Tony Preaching for transformation. (A comparison of propositional and narrative theology and style.) 1997
Study Leave Report - Preaching - Ministry
Narrative Theology - Style
SL BAR BARTON, Alex S A semester at Southern Baptist Seminary. 1985 9p. Study Leave Report
Pastoral Care
SL BAR BARTON, Alex. S Christian Scriptures and the practice of Ministry. 1985
Study Leave Report - Pastoral Care - Hospital Chaplaincy
SL CRO BEALE, Rangi, TAVILEA, Mana, ALLAN, Murray Council for World Mission report - June 1999, Samoa. 1999
Study Leave Report
Council For World Mission - Report
SL BED BEDFORD, Chris Ministry issues in rural cooperating parishes. 2006 13p. Study Leave Report - Rural Parishes
Ministry Issues
SL BED BEDFORD, Judith Reviewing the reviews. 2001
Study Leave Report - Reviews - Quinquennial Visitation
SL (BEE) BEERE, P.C. Local parish ministry in Melbourne 1976 24 p. Study Leave Report - Uniting Church of Australia - Melbourne
Church of Christ - Melbourne
SL BEL BELL, Alison Prophetic call. 1987
Study Leave Report - Prophets
Bible, Topical
Clinical Pastoral Education. (CPE) 1993
Study Leave Report
Pastoral Care
SL BEN BEN-UNU, Tau Conflict.

Study Leave Report - Conflict and the Church
SL BID BIDDLE, Netane Jim Report on the 6th International Congress on Pastoral care and Counselling. (ICPCC). 1999
Study Leave Report - Pastoral Care - Counselling
SL BOR BORRIE, Don Reflections on a visit to the Democratic Peoples' Republic of Korea. 2004
Study Leave Report
Democratic Peoples' Republic of Korea
SL BOT BOTTING, Des Leadership in the congregation. 2005 70p. Bibliography. Study Leave Report
Ministry - Leadership - Mission
SL BOT BOTTING, Des. Clinical pastoral education. n.d. 10p. Reading list. Study Leave Report - Pastoral Education
SL BOT BOTTING, Desmond A Christian mission today. 1997 57p. Study Leave Report - Mission
Moravian and Methodist Group Ministry
SL BRI BRINSLEY, John R Pastoral care of new clergy in their first parishes. 1985
Study Leave Report - Pastoral Care - Clergy - Conflict resolution
SL BRO BROOK, John Prayer and life of the Spirit. 1986
Study Leave Report - Prayer - Holy Spirit
SL BRO BROWN, Denzil J Study Leave Report 1983
Study Leave Report
SL BRO BROWN, Lionel Facing issues. (7 pamphlets.) 1995
Study Leave Report
Pastoral Care
SL BRO BROWN, Neal R Turning away or towards. 1996
Study Leave Report
Spirituality - Psychotherapy - Integration
SL BRO BROWN, R A Parish life. The whole Gospel for the whole Church. 1985
Study Leave Report - Parish Life - Pastoral Care - Ministry
SL BRO BROWN, R Andrew What constitutes a New Zealand theology? 1992
Study Leave Report - Theology - New Zealand
SL BRU BRUERE, Robert Listen to the land. 1996
Study Leave Report - Trans-Tasman Rural Ministry Conference
Rural Population Decline
Landcare Movement
Rural Ministry
SL BUT BUTLER, Noel My future ministry in Dunedin South Church. 1998 4p. Bibliography. Study Leave Report
Ministry - Dunedin South Parish
SL CAL CALDWELL, David Christian Community. 1983
Study Leave Report - Christian Community
SL CAL CALDWELL, David B School of Christian counselling / Christian community 1994
Study Leave Report
Christian Counselling - Christian Community
SL CAR CARLEY, Keith The Bible and the Earth and Ecojustice 2000 6 p. Study Leave Report - Ecology - Religious Aspects - Christianity
Ecology - Biblical Teaching
Human Ecology - Religious Aspects
SL CAR CARMICHAEL, David K Narrative preaching and storytelling. 1994
Study Leave Report - Story Telling - Story
Narrative Theology - Narrative Preaching
SL CAR CARMICHAEL, David. Gospel and culture. 1996 24p. Study Leave Report - Gospel - Culture - Readings
Stories from Israel's Golden Age: The reign of King Solomon. 1999
Study Leave Report
King Solomon
SL CAU CAUHLEY, Ruth Leadership at Willow Creek Community Church. 1999
Study Leave Report
Willow Creek Community Church - Leadership
SL CAV CAVIT, Brian "More Lord." - Study leave in Israel and Toronto, 1996. 1996 30p. Study Leave Report - Israel
Airport Christian Fellowship
Toronto Blessing
SL CHA CHAPMAN, Maurice A Evangelism / Revivals. Welsh Revival 1904 / Worldwide Evangelism Crusade. 1983 9p. Study Leave Report
Evangelism - Revival
Worldwide Evangelisation Crusade
SL CHU CHURCHER, Neil The professional development for ministry. n.d. 5p. Study Leave Report
Professional Development - Ministry
SL CLO CLOW, Dennis A parish minister reflects on Creation Spirituality. 1989 42p. Bibliography. Study Leave Report - Spirituality - Christianity
A parish minister considers the ministry of divine healing. 1995
Study Leave Report
Divine Healing
SL COL COLGROVE, Richard Contextualization in Thailand. 2002
Study Leave Report - Mission - Christianity - Thailand
SL COS Coster, David R. The grief process and the funeral liturgy. 2000 20p. Bibliography. Study Leave Report - Grief
Funeral Liturgy
SL COS COSTER, Ray Riding on the shoulders of the Lord. 1993 24p. Study Leave Report
St George's College, Jerusalem - Palestine in Time of Jesus
Waverley Abbey House - Christian Counselling
SL COT COTTER, Jean An Australian experience. 1985
Study Leave Report - Churches, Australia - Ministry
Social Services, Australia
SL COT COTTER, Jean Y An Australian experience. 1985
Study Leave Report - Social Services - Australia
Looking at mental health services in outer East Melbourne. 1992 14p. Study Leave Report - Mental Health Services

SL COU COUTTS, John To Britain and back : a brief look at some growing churches in Great Britain where prophetic ministry is functioning. 1993
Study Leave Report - Prophetic Ministry
Great Britain - Church Visits
SL COW COWIE, Neil Religious and Biblical travel. 1993
Study Leave Report
American Church visits. 1998
Study Leave Report - Churches - North America - Visits
God's presence ; a reflection on my life and ministry. 2003 4p. Study Leave Report
Concepts of God - Reflections
Nature of God - Reflections
SL CRO CROOK, John & Lynn General Assembly Republic of South Africa. 1999
Study Leave Report
Act of Union - South African Presbyterian Church - Report
SL CRU CRUMPTON, I S Towards a multicultural church. 1997 10p. Study Leave Report - Multiculturalism
Multicultural Church
SL CUL CULLINGFORD, Don Crossroads Discipline Training School. 1986
Study Leave Report - Crossroads Discipline Training School
Youth With a Mission (YWAM)
SL DAN DANIEL, Wilson E Report of Study Leave 1982
Study Leave Report - Wasley Centre - Psychodrama - Sociodrama
SL DAW DAWSON, Richard A brief inquiry into Christian community. 1998 15p. Study Leave Report - Christian Community
Obed Mission Fellowship
L'Arche Christian Community
SL DEB de Bres, Pieter H Migrating to New Zealand. 1979 18p. Study Leave Report - Migration

SL DEA DEASON, Warren Study Leave Report 2001
Study Leave Report - Mystical Church
SL DEV DEVERELL, Bruce Interfaith reflections - a Journal. 1992 9p. Study Leave Report - Interfaith
SL DOI DOIG, Barry Group building, Renewal and other points of interest. 1981
Study Leave Report - Charismatic Renewal - Group Building
SL DRU DRUMMOND, Grahame Patterns of renewal. 1988 14p. Study Leave Report
Church Renewal
The person and the work of the Holy Spirit. 1996 4p. Study Leave Report - Holy Spirit
SL DUN DUNN, Andrew 1. Spiritual Directors' International.
2. Supervision conference.
3. Modern British Celtic communities.
4. Relevant Celtic themes for today.
Study Leave Report - Spiritual Directors' Conference
Supervision Conference
British Celtic Communities
Celtic Themes - Celtic Christianity
SL ELL ELLERY, Geoff Researching Kiwi churches. 2009
Study Leave Report - New Zealand Churches
Worship and Mission
SL ELL ELLIOT, Chris Companion on the journey. A resource on spiritual care with the terminally ill. 1997 48p. Study Leave Report
Spiritual Care of Terminally Ill
SL (ELM) ELMES, Jenni Celtic Christianity and spirituality 2003 13 p. Study Leave Report - Celtic Christianity
SL ELV ELVIDGE, John Farm stress. 1986 17p. Study Leave Report - Stress
Farming Conditions - American Midwest
SL ENG ENGLISH, Colin Christian spirituality and the thoughts of C G Jung. 1994 19p. Study Leave Report
Christian Spirituality
C G Jung
Inner city parishes : New Zealand and Australia. 1997
Study Leave Report - Inner City Parishes
SL ENN ENNOR, L H Organisation, management and business communication. 1997
Study Leave Report - Organisation - Management
Business Communication
SL ENN ENNOR, Laurence Making disciples : the Pacific College for Evangelism. 1992
Study Leave Report - Pacific College for Evangelism
Mission - Evangelism
SL ETU ETUATA, Tom Aspects of ministry, mission and bilateral relationships between Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand and Ekalesia Niue including information about Niuean people. 1999
Study Leave Report Presbyterian Church - New Zealand - Niue - Ministry
Mission - Ekalesia Niue
SL EVA EVANS, David C The Old Reformation and the New. 1992 17p. Study Leave Report
Reformation - John Calvin
New Reformation
SL EVA EVANS, John Oliver Changes in Church: Observations from Israel, USA, and the UK. 1988 11p. Study Leave Report
Church - Renewal - Reform - Reconstruction
SL FAR FARMER, Mark Let go and let God. Experience with the present outpouring of the Holy Spirit. 1995 27p. Study Leave Report - Holy Spirit - Toronto Blessing
SL FEI FEIST, Donald C Communication Theory. Education through worship. 1985
Study Leave Report - Communication Theory
Christian Education - Worship
SL FEN FENDALL, R P Aspects of worship and outreach ministry 1983
Study Leave Report - Worship - Mission - Outreach
SL FEN FENDALL, Robert P Refreshment for preaching 1995 6p. Study Leave Report - Preaching
SL FER FERGUSON, Graeme Journey of discovery through 9 cities. 1998
Study Leave Report
SL FOS FOSTER, Jack The place of spirituality in growing parishes. 1985 5p. Study Leave Report - Spirituality
Parish Ministry - Growth

SL FRA FRANCIS, Kim Study Leave Report. 2002
Study Leave Report - Burma - Myanmar - Missions
SL FRA FRANCIS, Lorraine A Introduction to Study Leave sermons. 1990
Study Leave Report - Wisdom - Sermons
SL FRI FRITH-UPSON, Lynne Report on Study Leave, 3rd July - 6 August 1985. 1985 5p. Study Leave Report - Forum '85
SL GAL GALLOWAY, Hamish Will the Church be swamped by the New Age ? 1989
Study Leave Report - Western Society - New Age Movement
Christian Theology for the New Era
Shape of the Church in the New Era
SL GAL GALVIN, Ray A précis on visit to Austria and Germany. 1997 6p. Study Leave Report - Narrative Therapy
SL GAR GARRETT, Russell Visit to Synod of Alaska Northwest Presbyterian Church (USA). 1990
Study Leave Report
Church and Youth
Youth Ministry
SL GLE GLEN, Frank Preparation work for MPhil. 1990 - 1991
Study Leave Report
Missionaries - Taranaki War 1860 - 1861
SL GOR GORDON, Colin R Study Leave Report 1998
Study Leave Report - Facilitation - Management - Leadership
SL GRA GRANT, David Jerusalem. 1998 17p. Study Leave Report
SL GRA GRANT, David R Experiences : Kadoma, Zimbabwe. 1991 18p. Study Leave Report - Africa - Zimbabwe - Kadoma
Methodist Church - Exchange Experiences
SL GRA GRANT, David R. Study Leave Report - Jerusalem, September - October 1998 1998
Study Leave Report - Israel
SL GRA GRANT, Gowrie R A personal commentary on Colossians. 1983 5p. Study Leave Report - Bible
New Testament - Colossians

1994 12p. Study Leave Report
Visits, Jerusalem, Turkey
SL GUL GULLICK, John A paper on the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand. 1994
Study Leave Report - Presbyterian Church - New Zealand
SL HAL HALLIDAY, Clive Living Wisdom School of Counselling. 1999 6p. Study Leave Report
SL (HAM) HAMILL, Bruce The Soteriological basis for taking Church seriously 2009 n.p. Salvation
Bible. New Testament
Jesus Christ - Resurrection
Study Leave Report
SL HAM HAMPTON, Lawrie Visit to China, Hong Kong and Japan. 1985
Study Leave Report - Churches, Asia
SL HAR HARRAY, Helen "Getting in amongst it around the world." 2007 44p. Study Leave Report - Kinesthetic Learning.
SL HAR HARRAY, Ken Learning from the experiences of other parishes. 2001 25p. Bibliography. Study Leave Report - Evangelism
Ministry - Leadership - Mission
Post Modern Families
SL HAS HASZARD, Ian Study leave report. 1994 53p. Bibliography. Study Leave Report
Haszard, Ian - Anecdotes - Farming - Christian Aspects
Presbyterian Church - New Zealand - Clergy
Rural Clergy
Introduction to Christian Counselling 1999 12 p. Study Leave Report - Counselling
Presbyterian Church - New Zealand - Ministry - Counselling
SL HAW HAWKSWORTH, Alan Who's upstream anyway? A study leave project to look at the impact of fun on church growth in rural communities. 1996 30p. Study Leave Report - Church Growth - Rural Communities - Ruawai
SL HEG HEGAN, Donald Taking the Church into the 21st century. 1998 11p. Study Leave Report - Mission
Evangelism - Discipleship
SL HEL HELLYER, Bruce Building the Church through caring cell groups. 1995
Study Leave Report
Church Building - Small Groups
Cell Groups
SL HEN HENRY, Kimi The changing Church in the Cook Islands and how those changes affect the Cook Island congregations of the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand. 2001 8p. Photos. Study Leave Report - Church - Cook Islands
SL HIL HILLS, Derrick G, "Don't ask a fish what the water is like !" 1996 89p. Study Leave Report - Communities
SL HOL HOLDAWAY, Graeme Power and powerlessness and the role of women in the church. 1984 Reading list. Study Leave Report - Church - Role of Women
Repent and believe the Gospel. 1988
Study Leave Report - Spirituality Assessment - Questionnaire
SL HOL HOLLAND, Dick Break through for growth. A biased view of a dying church and a future hope. c.1991 66p. Study Leave Report - Church Growth - Church Decline
Wakey-Wakey...or don't. Christian Church Trends in New Zealand. With a look at the effectiveness of Auckland Central Churches. 1996 67p. Charts, map. Study Leave Report - Auckland Central Churches
Christian Church - New Zealand
SL HOR HORREX, Philippa To produce original liturgical material for Advent and Christmas. 2002 4p. Study Leave Report
Liturgy - Advent - Christmas
Spiritual leadership. 2004
Study Leave Report - Spiritual Leadership
SL HOW HOWARD, Les A. Ministry. 1986
Study Leave Report - Presbyterian Church - New Zealand - Ministry
Kiwi ministers : introducing life in the Ministry of the Presbyterian Church of New Zealand. 1989
Study Leave Report - Presbyterian Church - New Zealand - Ministry
SL HOW HOWELL, John Faith and Reason 1986 31p. Study Leave Report
Faith - Belief - Reason
SL HUD HUDSON-OWEN, Sandra Dreams. 1991
Study Leave Report - Dreams - Dreamwork
SL HUN HUNT, John Study Leave report to Presbytery. 2003
Study Leave Report - Celtic Spirituality
SL HUN HUNTER, J T Cultural barriers to evangelism in Indonesia. 1994 26p. Study Leave Report
Evangelism - Cultural Barriers
SL HYS HYSLOP. Ian Christian counselling, worship, preaching and evangelism. 1994 30p. Study Leave Report - Counselling
Worship - Preaching
SL JAC JACKSON, Neville Spiritual Director's Training Programme. 1989 6p. Study Leave Report - Spiritual Director's Training Programme
Spiritual Direction
Counselling training. 1999 11p. Study Leave Report - Counselling Training
Living Wisdom School of Counselling
SL JEN JENKIN, Sylvia Community ministry and counselling training. 1980
Study Leave Report
Community Ministry
Counselling Training
Theology, Pastoral
SL JOH JOHNSTON, A E B Charismatic experience and Human Potential Movement. c.1981 3p. Study Leave Report - Charismatic Renewal
Report on study leave. n.d.
Study Leave Report - Creative Leadership - Parish Planning - Church Growth
Leadership Training
SL (JOH) JOHNSTON, M.H. Perspectives on Vancouver: Conflicting understandings of life 1982 20 p. Study Leave Report
SL JOH JOHNSTON, Mark. Emerging church developments in the 21st century. 2003
Study Leave Report
Church Development - 21st Century
SL JOH JOHNSTON, Neil The boundary between the Church and the World. 1984 7p. Study Leave Report - Church Growth
Personal reflection and a study of 'Signpost Communications' material. 1992 3p. Study Leave Report - Evangelism
Signpost Communications Study Materials
Fundamentalism. 2007 27p. Study Leave Report - Church History - Theology
Fundamentalism - Contemporary Religions
Fundamentalism and Terrorism
SL JOH JOHNSTONE, Brett Readings around the Jesus Seminar. 1999 7p. Study Leave Report - Jesus Seminar - Readings
SL JOH JOHNSTONE, Paul Bridging the gap. 1997
Study Leave Report - Mission
Church Growth
SL JON JONES, Allan The Opotiki Personal Help programme. 1989
Study Leave Report - Opotiki Personal Help Programme
SL JOU JOURDAIN, Steve Evangelism and mission-orientated churches. 1992 17p. Study Leave Report
Evangelism - Mission
SL JOU JOURDAIN, Steve. Evangelism and mission-oriented churches. 1992
Study Leave Report - Evangelism - Mission
SL KER KERR, Alan Teaching in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Evangelical Theological College. c.2003
Study Leave Report
Teaching - Addis Ababa
Ethiopia Evangelical Theological College
Research at Tyndale House Library: St. John's Gospel 1995 unpaged Study Leave Report - Bible. N.T. John - Criticism, Interpretation, etc.
SL KER KERR, Allan Johannine studies. 1995
Study Leave Report
New Testament - Gospels - John
SL KIM KIM, Paul G Y Walking the vision. 2000
Study Leave Report - Korean Churches - United States of America - Presbyterian Church - New Zealand - English Ministry
SL KIN KING, Phil Infant baptism in other denominations. 1995 17p. Study Leave Report
Infant Baptism
SL KIN KING, Philip Attending the Presbyterian Church of Canada Assembly. 1999
Study Leave Report
Presbyterian Church of Canada - Assembly Report
Presbyterian Church of U.S.A. - Assembly Report
SL KIN KINGSBURY, John Rural Church growth. 2004
Study Leave Report - Rural Church
SL LAM LAMBERT, Murray Sunday Morning Worship Service : Reaching the lost. 1997 10p. Study Leave Report - Seeker Service
Evangelism - Service Format
What kind of prayer facilitates transformation in churches and their communities? 2005 10p. Bibliography. Study Leave Report
Spirituality - Prayer - Intercession
Church Growth / Evangelism.
SL LAU LAU'ESE, Motua'i "Joseph" 1991
Study Leave Report
Bible Study - Joseph
Old Testament - Genesis
SL LAW LAWRENCE, Rex 1. Thriving in ministry through excellence in leadership.
2. Developing a focused ministry for mission.

Study Leave Report - Ministry - Leadership
SL LAW LAWRENCE, Richard A passage to India. 1989
Study Leave Report - Missions - India
SL LEN LENDRUM, Douglas Total ministry. 1992 22p. Study Leave Report - Total Ministry
Parish Ministry

SL LIN LINDSAY, Stephen Church leadership in the context of mission. 1994
Study Leave Report
Church Leadership
Report on Caleb Ministries Leadership course. 1999
Study Leave Report
Caleb Ministries Leadership Course
SL LIV LIVESAY, Dana W Searching for the God of Aotearoa New Zealand. A new way of thinking about God. 1992
Study Leave Report - God - Christianity - Theology - New Zealand
SL LIV LIVINGSTONE, Glenn Mission in the new millennium. 1997 35p. Appendix. Study Leave Report - Mission - Christchurch North Parish
Redwood - Belfast - Community Survey
SL LOV LOVEDAY, Paul The relevance and implications of the gospel and its impact on mission. 2006 12p. Study Leave Report - Gospel - Mission
SL LUX LUXFORD, Rose Exploring forgiveness. 2003
Study Leave Report - Forgiveness - Reconciliation - Atonement
SL MAC MACDONALD, W John From Adelaide to Melbourne to Sydney to Brisbane by plane boat coach car and train.

Study Leave Report - Mission - Mission Projects
Pastoral Care - Stephen Series
267 (MAC) MACLEOD, Duncan Historical Presbyterian Youth information, compiled by Rev. Duncan Macleod. 1994
Study Leave Report - Historical overview of youth ministry at a national level in the Presbyterian Church in New Zealand
Presbyterian Church - New Zealand - Youth Ministry - History
SL MAC MacRail, Graham Models of community based ministry training. 1990 19p. Study Leave Report
Community-based Ministry
SL MAL MALCOLM, J H Evangelism. 1996 29p. Study Leave Report
SL MAL MALCOLM, John Leadership. 2000 59p. Study Leave Report - Leadership
Pastoral Care
SL MAN MANSILL, Douglas Study Leave Report. 1985
Study Leave Report
Prison Chaplains - Penal Institutions
Iona Community
Peregrini Project
Human Rights
Criminal Justice
SL MAR MARQUAND, Garry Tainui : an overview of the history of Nga Iwi O Tainui. 1991
Study Leave Report - Tainui - Treaty of Waitangi - History
SL MAR MARQUAND, I G An overview of the problem of low self esteem. 1985 11p. Study Leave Report
Self Esteem
SL MAV MAVAEGA, Samoa Forms of worship. c.1992 10p. Study Leave Report - Forms of Worship
Methodism in Samoa. 1997
Study Leave Report - Methodist Church - Samoa
Missions - History
SL MCB McBRIDE, Alistair Reflections on a cross-cultural experience in Thurgau, Switzerland. 1999
Study Leave Report
SL (McB)
An exploration of the Circles of Trust model for Leadership Development 2009 38 p. ill. Study Leave Report - Christian Leadership
SL MCC McCALLUM, Ian Mark's Gospel and the Biblical doctrine of the Holy Spirit. 1979 4p. Study Leave Report - Gospel of Mark
Holy Spirit - Christian Spirituality
On the doctrine of God in relation to personal ministry. 1992 4p. Study Leave Report - Doctrine of God - Ministry
SL MCC McCAY, Samuel J D Celebrating renewal. 1986 26p. Study Leave Report
SL MCK McKENZIE, Peter Thoughts on funeral ministry. 1996 12p. Study Leave Report - Funeral Ministry
SL MCK MCKENZIE, Roy N Revival, prayer and leadership. 1987 6p. Study Leave Report
Revival - Prayer - Leadership
SL MCK McKINLAY, James Effect of the New Age Movement in the Church and Society. 1993
Study Leave Report - New Age Movement
SL MCK McKINLAY, James T New ways for a new millennium. 1999 4p. Study Leave Report - 21st Century Church
SL MCL McLEAY, Simon Reflections on the MCD Ministries Study School. 1999 6p. Study Leave Report
MCD Ministry School - Ministry
SL MCP McPHAIL, Robert Towards a theology of evangelism. 1990 44p. Study Leave Report - Evangelism
Rise UP NZ Campaign and Strategy
SL MCP McPHAIL, Robyn Values and beliefs among selected contemporary parents.
Roles for Church and Community assisting schools in values and beliefs.
Study Leave Report - Values and Beliefs - Church and Community - Education
SL MCR McRAILD, Graeme Models of community based ministry. 1990 19p. Study Leave Report
Community Based Ministry
SL MIL MILLAR, Ian Visiting churches in North America and Britain. 1989 19p. Study Leave Report - Basic Issues and the Church
SL HAR MILLER-HARDIE, Sylvia Prayer in the life of Jesus 2012 15 p. Study Leave Report - Prayer
Jesus Christ - Example
SL MIL MILLER, Ross The Montreal Benedictine Priory and Christian Meditation. 1990 13p. Study Leave Report - Montreal Benedictine Priory - Meditation
SL MIL MILLICHAMP, Roger Readings in feminist theology. 1999 3p. Study Leave Report
Feminist Theology - Readings
SL MIL MILLS, Ron Study Leave Report. 2005
Study Leave Report - Servant Leadership
SL MIT MITCHELL, Sarah Rolling the stone away : Models of leadership for church women. 1995
Study Leave Report
Church Leadership - Women
SL MOR MORGAN, Harry Evangelism and social outreach, in the context of the local church. 1996
Study Leave Report - Evangelism
Social Outreach
SL (MUN) MUNRO, Graeme Refiring the retiring in an age of choice 2011
Study Leave Report - Retirement
SL MUN MUNRO, Graeme D Church growth and evangelism. 1989
Study Leave Report - Evangelism
Church Growth
SL MUR MURPHY, Robert T Choosing to be different.

Study Leave Report - Counselling
SL MUR MURRAY, Ivan A The presence of state school chaplaincy in New Zealand today. 1999
Study Leave Report - School Chaplaincy - New Zealand
SL MUR MURRAY, John Worship, Reformed and Ecumenical - role of music on Liturgy. 1992
Study Leave Report - Liturgy - Music
Visual Arts - Dance
SL MUR MURRAY, John S Report on overseas study project of centre city churches in Britain and North America. 1988 17p. Appendix Study Leave Report - Centre City Churches - Ministry
SL NEW NEW, Geoff. Study Leave Report. 2003
Study Leave Report - Retreat, St. Francis Priory.
Ignatius Spiritual Exercises
SL NG NG, Eva Grey's Avenue and the Chinese scene, 1890 - 1960's. 2005 5p. Study Leave Report (Essay) - Chinese - New Zealand
Grey Street, Auckland - History
McNeur, Rev. George
SL NIC NICOL, Cris Life changing events: Popular culture, grace and disclosure. 1994 15p. Study Leave Report
SL NOR NORTON, Andrew Andrew Norton Study Tour 2000
Study Leave Report - Regional Church - Networks - Staffing - Funding - Building
Seeds of hope. Church planting in the PCANZ in the 1990's. n.d. 23p. Study Leave Report - Church Growth
Planting New Congregations
SL ORA ORANGE, Wilson Worship and worship styles. 1996 85p. Study Leave Report
Worship Styles
SL PAR PARK, Jim Personal reflection on Clinical Pastoral Education Course, Porirua Hospital. 1979 2p. Study Leave Report - Pastoral Care - Mental Illness
SL PAR PARRY, Nathan Pilgrimage and Festival 2012 n.p. Study Leave Report - Christian pilgrims and pilgrimages - New Zealand
Festivals - New Zealand
SL PAT PATERSON, J F The Church in the new South Africa, 1997
Study Leave Report - South Africa - Church
SL PAT PATRICK, John Reflections on a tour of Uniting Churches in North Victoria. 1980 85p. Study Leave Report - Uniting Churches
Victoria - Australia

SL PAU PAULIN, Allan Signposts for the future. Understanding current trends that will shape the future of the Church. c.2002
Study Leave Report - Presbyterian Church, New Zealand - Social Context - Future Trends - Cultural Norms - Mission - Ministry
SL PEA PEARSE, L J Report on Study Leave. 1998 7p. Study Leave Report - Theology - Narrative Theology
SL PEA PEARSON, Rhys Report on Study Leave 1998
Study Leave Report - International Christian Embassy - Jerusalem - Jordan
An adaptation of "The Time To Build" programme. 1999
Study Leave Report - Time to Build Programme
St Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Wanganui
SL PEN PENNO, R E Will the quiver remain empty? A study of the possibility and advisability for the Presbyterian Church planting new congregations. 1992 18p. Study Leave Report - Church Growth
Planting New Congregations
SL PHI PHILLIPS, Tom The move of God in Colorado Springs. 2004
Study Leave Report - Colorado Springs - Ministry
SL PIE PIERCE, Ivan My experience in England and Germany. 1997 17p. Study Leave Report
Germany - Eldercare Institutions - Chaplaincy
England - Burrswood, Christian Health-care Centre
Seekers Trust
SL POV POVEY, Dennis M The Gospels and Epistles who started it all? An exploration of current debate. 2000
Study Leave Report - Jesus - Paul
SL PRO PROBERT, Isobel J Study Leave Report 1982
Study Leave Report - PSSA - Aged Care
Synoptic Gospels and individual spirituality. 1986
Study Leave Report - Synoptic Gospels
Bible, Topical
Pastoral Theology
SL RAE RAE, Simon Old and new in Karo religion. 1983
Study Leave Report - Karo Religion - Indonesia
Church History
Theology curriculum research. 1999
Study Leave Report
Theology - Curriculum Research
History of Christianity in Indonesia. 2000
Study Leave Report
Christianity - Indonesia - Conference
SL RAE RAE, Simon Theology by train : a visit to India and Singapore. 1997
Study Leave Report - India - Singapore
SL RAM RAMSDEN, Ian Meaning of death of Jesus in relation to justification of faith. 1978 3p.

Study Leave Report - Faith - Justification
Study reflections on parish care: Education for Ministry Course for Parish Ministry. 1981 3p. Study Leave Report - Parish Care
Parish Ministry - Education for Ministry
SL REI REID, Bob Small group structures and the local church. 1993
Study Leave Report - Small Group Structures - Pastoral Work
Church Organisation
SL REI REID, D R Children of the Church. 1989 36p. Study Leave Report - Church - Status of Children
Baptism - Communion
Old and New Covenant
SL RIC RICHARDS, Dave World Mission Course. 1996
Study Leave Report - Mission
SL ROD RODGERS, Blair S Ministry with the Aged. 1990 28p. Study Leave Report - Ministry - Aged Care - North America
Experiences abroad - (a look at aged care.) 1994 28p. Study Leave Report - Aged Care - United Kingdom - Ministry
SL ROG ROGERS, Owen Church in the 21st century. 1997
Study Leave Report
Church - Discipleship - Ministry
SL ROP ROPETI-IUPELI, Marie Pacific Island Christian mission in the PCANZ. 1994 47p. Study Leave Report
Christianity - Pacific Islands
Christian Mission
SL ROS ROSS, Joan 1. Biographical conversations with Rev. Edith Little.
2. Language and subjectivity in writings of Lauris Edmunds.
Study Leave Report
Rev. Edith Little
Lauris Edmunds
SL RUT RUTHERFORD, Irving Contemporary worship. 1993 31p. Study Leave Report - Public Worship
Traditional Worship
Charismatic Worship
SL SCH SCHRADER, Marg. The Church of the Saviour. 1989
Study Leave Report - Church of the Saviour, Washington, DC.
The journey of a soul. 2000
Study Leave Report - Israel - Italy - Croatia & Poland - Arizona
SL SCH SCHRADER, Margaret Feminist theology. 1985 3p.

Study Leave Report - Theology - Feminism
SL SCH SCHRADER, Warren Ministry in an urban church.
World Council of Churches Assembly and the Vancouver School of Theology.
1983 13p. Study Leave Report
World Council of Churches
Vancouver School of Theology
SL SHA SHAW, Donald The hospital chaplain and his work as it is related to the general ministry of the Church. 1974 14p. Study Leave Report - Hospital Chaplaincy

SL SIM SIMPSON, Lester Précis on Regent College, Vancouver, and Pastors Conference 2000 3p. Study Leave Report
Regent College, Vancouver
Pastors' Conference, Vancouver
SL SKI SKILTON, Geoffrey Congregation based ministry to families as units. 1993
Study Leave Report - Family Ministry
SL SKI   Metaphors of "Dark Night" in the writing of Philip Yancey 2005 15p. Study Leave Report - Spiritual Growth Ministries
Ordination in the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand 1900-2010: a reflection on theology and practice from a historical perspective 2010 104 p. Study Leave Report - Ordination
Ordination - Presbyterian Church of New Zealand
SL SMI SMITH, Allan Awareness of God in relation to self-awareness. 1988
Study Leave Report
Self-awareness - God
Self Appreciation
SL SMI SMITH, Dianne Journey to Australia. 1999 10p. Study Leave Report - Hospital Chaplaincy
SL SMI SMITH, Howard Bereavement. 2000
Study Leave Report
SL SMI SMITH, Yvonne Christianity and postmodern conversations. 2000
Study Leave Report
Christianity - Postmodern Conversations
SL SOL SOLOMOANA, Fa'afouina V Comparison of NZ Presbyterian Samoan Church with First Samoan Congregational Christian Church, San Diego. 1996 31p. Study Leave Report
Presbyterian Church - Samoan Church
First Samoan Congregational Christian Church, San Diego
SL SOL SOLOMONA, Fina Study Leave Report 1996
Study Leave Report - First Samoan Congregational Christian Church
SL STE STEEDMAN, David Urban parish development in New York, Edinburgh, East Germany, Hungary, Thailand. 1981 10p. Study Leave Report - Urban Parish Development
SL STR STRICKLAND, David The place of Christian communities in the process of Church renewal. 1981
Study Leave Report - Church Renewal - Christian Communities
SL STR STRICKLAND, David R Church growth analysis. The fastest growing and declining Presbyterian parishes in New Zealand. 1985 24p plus survey. Study Leave Report
Church Growth
SL SU'A SU'A, Talosaga To study "Liturgy" and the part Sunday worship plays in the task of pastoral care. 2003
Study Leave Report - Pastoral Care
Liturgy - Worship
SL SUS SUSABDA, Jusak The Holy Land of Israel 1999
Study Leave Report - Holy Land - Israel
SL SUT SUTHERLAND, Alex Report on a course of advanced pastoral education. 1985
Study Leave Report
Pastoral Education
SL SWA SWADLING, Harry Study Leave Report 1997
Study Leave Report - Pastoral Ministry - United Church of Canada
Prostitution - Thailand - Rahab Ministries
SL TAL TALBOT, Murray Précis of visit to Obed Christian Community and Mt Evelyn. 1997
Study Leave Report - Obed Christian Community
Mt Evelyn Christian Fellowship
Careforce Recovery Ministries
Study Leave Report. n.d.
Study Leave Report -John Winter Conference
SL TEP TEPOU, Liu Joseph Life of the Congregational Church in Tokelau. 1985
Study Leave Report - Congregational Church - Tokelau
SL THA THAWLEY, Michael Summary of reading programme : U.S.A. and Jerusalem. 1997 5p. Study Leave Report
SL (THE) THEW, Russell Pacific Theological College, Suva 1982 6 p. Study Leave Report - Pacific Theological College, Suva, Fiji
SL ROB THOMAS, Lance North American Mega-Churches : what can we learn? 1999
Study Leave Report
Church Growth - Evangelism
Evangelism in the 90's. n.d. 27p. Bibliography Study Leave Report - Evangelism

SL TIB TIBBLES, W J Overseas trends and issues affecting Church Development. 1985
Study Leave Report - Church Development - Trends and Issues.
SL TIM TIMOTEA, Timotea O. Spirituality and mission. 1995
Study Leave Report
SL TOL TOLEAFOA, Aliitasi Church and the World. 2001
Study Leave Report

SL VAU VAUGHAN, David Twenty-one days shaping the next twenty-one years ! 2001
Study Leave Report - Robert H Schuller Institute for Successful Church Leadership
SL VIN VINE, Geoffrey Thoughts from St Elsewhere's. 1992
Study Leave Report - New Zealand Theology
SL WAL WALCH, Helen Styles of response to the urban development. 1980 5p. Study Leave Report - Urban Development
SL WAL WALKER, Brett Churches, culture and communication. 1997
Study Leave Report - Mission - Ministry - Preaching and Communication
SL WAL WALL, Ken Identity. In search of an understanding. 2004
Study Leave Report - Identity
SL WAL WALLACE, Jim Evangelism for the 3rd Millennium. n.d.
Study Leave Report
Celtic Christians
SL WAL WALLACE, Jim A Guide for the Perplexed: The Implications of recent developments in Science for Christianity! n. d. 114p

Study Leave Report - Science

SL WAN WANDEN, Marilyn Growing a vital, healthy lively church. 1987 7p. Study Leave Report
Church Growth
SL WAR WARNER, Sandra Supervision - A ministry and a tool 1998 7 p. Study Leave Report - Pastoral Theology
SL WEE WEEKS, Reg Social disruption as a context for faith. 1992 6p. Study Leave Report - Faith - Disruption - MacLeod, Norman
SL WES WESTRA, Rinny The disappearance of God. 2007
Study Leave Report
God - Theology
SL WHI WHITEHEAD, Nancy Jean Development of theology of loss and grief. 1999
Study Leave Report
Pastoral Care - Theology
Loss - Grief
SL WIL WILKINS, Norman The return of the dove. A new church for free people?
29p. Wilkins, Norman - Study Leave Report
SL WIL WILLIAMS, Ken The governance and mission of the PCANZ today as it relates to the call to ordination to the eldership. 2001
Study Leave Report - Church Government - Mission - Eldership
SL WIL WILLISCROFT, Brian. Evangelism : a gospel imperative for 21st century, or What men talk about and women do ! 1994 32p. Study Leave Report - Evangelism
SL WIL WILLSMAN, Peter H Leadership within pastoral teams. 1994
Study Leave Report - Team Ministry - Pastoral Teams
SL WIL WILSON, Donald The Bible and the Holy Land. 1996
Study Leave Report - Bible - Faith
Holy Land - Judaism - Islam
SL WIL WILSON, W G Baptism and the fullness of the Holy Spirit, the gifts and fruit of the Spirit. 1997 31p. Study Leave Report - Holy Spirit
Gifts - Fruit of the Spirit
SL (WIL) Wilson, W.G. Baptism and fullness of the Holy Spirit, the gifts and fruit of the Spirit 1997 31 p. Study Leave Report
Baptism in the Holy Spirit
SL (WPS) WPS Small churches 1996 6 p. Study Leave Report
Small Churches - New Zealand
Church Work - New Zealand
SL WYL WYLIE, Lex In my opinion. 1998 14p. Study Leave Report - Church Buildings - Layout
Architecture - Church Interiors
SL YAU YAU, Henry Ministry to Taiwanese Immigrants 2001
Study Leave Report - Immigrants - New Zealand - History
Taiwanese - New Zealand
Emigration and Immigration
SL YOU YOUNG, Jim Retreat Experience. 1992
Study Leave Report
Church Unity : Spiritual Directors Training Mid Life Spirituality Workshop. 1996
Study Leave Report - Christian Unity
Spirituality - Training Workshops
SL YUL YULE, Dianne Leadership in "Growing" churches. 2006 25p. Bibliography. Study Leave Report - Church Growth - Evangelism
Ministry - Leadership - Mission
Preaching in the Narrative. n.d. 4p. Study Leave Report - Preaching
SL YUL YULE, Rob The challenge and opportunity of Student Ministry. 1994
Study Leave Report - Student Ministry
Burden by decline : United Reformed Church Assembly, England. 1999
Study Leave Report
United Reformed Church - England - Assembly - Report
Cook Island chronicle. Diary of a trip to Rarotonga. 2001 35p. B&W photos. Bibliography, Index. Study Leave Report - Cook Islands
Cook Island Christian Church Assembly


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