From the Moderator

Dear Friends

In this second edition of the Justice and Action booklet, we are reminded again of just how central the incarnation of Christ is for the Christian faith. That Jesus came as a human to be with us in our humanity has forever determined the way we should be in the world. We cannot but be involved in the lives of others, their struggles and their needs. A fundamental principle of life as the Church is that our plenty should be shared with those who have little.

This doesn't only relate to money. Money is important but our time and our advocacy is just as significant. We should maintain a preferential interest in the poor and dispossessed so that they may share in the goodnewss of God. This is evangelism in action. The way we are speaks so much louder than what we say, and what we say must accord with how we are. 

I challenge you to take the material in this booklet to heart and to decide how you might be involved in the movement for justice in this country and elsewhere. We have a proud history of leading the world in justice initiatives but this history threatens to be just that - a history without a future. We can all contribute in some way and we can help to bring the message of the Gospel in a practical way to our communities by simply doing something to further the cause of justice in this nation and "to the ends of the earth".

Let's say "yes" to the cries of those around us. Let's act.

Rev Richard Dawson
Moderator Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand

Download the foreword to the first edition of Justice & Action, written by then-Moderator, Andrew Norton.