Neighbours Day

Held in March every year!

The kaupapa of Neighbours Day Aotearoa is:

  • to encourage people to connect with their neighbours, and
  • reaching out to those around us is part of the mission of our Church.

People today recognise they are isolated from their neighbours yet are unsure what to do about it. Neighbours Day Aotearoa aims to help bring people together by encouraging intentional connection with their neighbours, whether that be organising a street party or just saying ‘Kia Ora!”.

About Neighbours Aotearoa - formerly Neighbours Day

Started in 2009, Neighbours Aotearoa is a collaborative campaign organised and supported by Lifewise, Inspiring Communities, The Mental Health Foundation, Christchurch Methodist Mission, New Zealand Red Cross, Neighbourhood Support New Zealand, Kāinga Ora, Auckland Council and Housing New Zealand. 

Neighbours Aotearoa (formerly Neighbours Day Aotearoa) is a community development initiative dedicated to growing, connecting and strengthening neighbourhoods across the country. It is a place-based and local approach – neighbours linking up in their local communities. Each year in March they encourage everybody to do something small - or large! - to know a neighbour a bit better.

From humble beginnings, Neighbours Aotearoa has evolved and grown - initially being just one day, it then expanded to 10 days. In 2023, they will see the initiative span the entire month of March. Their vision is to see locally driven year-round activities, participation and organising that makes longer-term and more deeply ingrained changes to the social fabric of Aotearoa.

Thousands of neighbours, organisations, local government and local businesses have been involved, bringing neighbours together every March, every year since 2009.  

Regardless of where you live, knowing your neighbours matters. Neighbours Aoteraroa organisers say that every connection you have with your neighbours makes your neighbourhood more friendly, fun and safe.  By encouraging better connected neighbourhoods and more everyday ‘neighbourliness’, neighbours can be stronger and more resilient, significantly enhancing the wellbeing of individuals, family/whānau and the wider community. It is believed that stronger neighbourhoods can be part of the successful antidote for many social issues within Aotearoa.

Neighbours Aotearoa continues to be a catalyst for thousands of New Zealanders to connect with their neighbours and turn their streets into neighbourhoods.

Getting involved

Every year parishes around Aotearoa New Zealand get involved in Neighbours Aotearoa - sometimes in partnership with their local Presbyterian Support, particularly Presbyterian Support Northern (PresCare), or another agency, or on their own. For inspiration and ideas about how to get involved, check out the Neighbours Aotearoa website and see past Church Neighbours Day projects on the left hand menu.

Community Connectors

 Neighbours Aotearoa has Community Connectors who will help activate Neighbours Aotearoa  across the motu, spread awareness and work alongside communities to put on Neighbours Aotearoa events. They are go-to people for any advice, tips, or support! See Neighbours Aotearoa here.