Building Capacity

PressGo Board members discovered early on that working with congregations to clarify their initiatives was more valuable than scrutinising applications and making a yes/no decision for funding. The relationships and the conversations are a hallmark of the way we work. So the first step is to make contact with the PressGo catalyst and discuss your project.

To ensure the success of mission initiatives and growth projects, we help build capacity in specific skill areas such as finance, property, mission planning and capital fundraising. The PressGo catalyst and members of the PressGo Board are available to congregations and presbyteries to help them plan successful projects.

Ultimately, we want to help churches examine their proposed mission ventures with a critical eye and discern the best way forward by enhancing their planning and understanding of their mission context, finances and other resources. The PressGo catalyst will facilitate a planning process that considers the context of the congregation, its mission objectives, financial position, challenges and imperatives, options and choices.

If a building or redevelopment project is part of the mission initiative the PressGo catalyst will take the church through a fundraising feasibility study or audit process, which will identify the sources of funding for the project. It is expected that a substantial proportion will come from the congregation, current and past, and based on those commitments a business case can be prepared to gain additional external support. Such support may include PressGo seed funding, loans, facilitated partnerships, trust applications, social enterprise and other revenue generating activities.