Reformation resources

A variety of resources are available to support individuals, congregations and study groups engage with, and reflect upon, the Reformation. On these pages you will find a listing of some resources you may find useful. 

Presbyterian worship resources
Reformation on Candour
Kids Friendly resources for children 
Worship and study resources from partners 
Reformation in Spanz magazine
Reformation feature from Radio New Zealand 
Reformation reading 

Presbyterian worship resources

This material has been prepared by the Rev Dr Kerry Enright.

Kerry adapted a Lutheran/Roman Catholic liturgy so that Presbyterian churches can use it. This material was used at a service in Knox Church Dunedin that commemorated the Reformation. The service at Knox was led by the local Catholic bishop and the local Lutheran pastor. Representatives from other churches - Anglican, Methodist and Presbyterian - had roles as well, explains Kerry.

Using the material

It is recommended that this material be used during services in a local congregation where Presbyterians, Catholics and other denominations commemorate the Reformation. Where there is a Lutheran minister it would be appropriate for the Catholic priest and the Lutheran minister to lead the service.

Users may wish to make changes to the material to suit their own context. Download the ecumencial service for commemorating the Reformation 

Candour on the Reformation

Follow the Reformation series on Candour, the Presbyterian Church blog for leaders.

Kids Friendly resources for children

To encourage our churches to include children in their Reformation celebrations, Kids Friendly have developed and sourced a range of resources, download here. They include:

Download Martin Luther and the Reformation PowerPoint story and Download the script for the Martin Luther and the Reformation PPT story by Cheryl Harray, Southern Kids Friendly Advisor.

Plus…arts, crafts and ideas; curriculum; dramas, skits and stories; books and stories; quiz; events; and a Reformation intergenerational worship service.

Worship and study resources from partners

WCRC Prayerful Preparation

The World Communion of Reformed Churches is holding its General Council in Leipzig, Germany this year and will mark 500th anniversary of the Reformation.

The Council's theme “Living God, renew and transform us” is rich and deep, and WCRC has created a resource – Prayerful Preparation – specially made to engage on the theme.

“The 2017 General Council will meet in the context of the common commemoration of 500 years of the Protestant Reformation… The Reformation commemoration is for us not about theological nostalgia. It is about putting the Reformation into the present tense. This means not just the here and now; it means bringing Reformed traditions, theology and the confessing faith stance into the tense present—into the tensions, conflicts, violence, suffering, beauty, wonder and promise of this historical moment.” - Chris Ferguson, WCRC General Secretary in the preface to Prayerful Preparation

Prayerful Preparation contains Bible studies and essays that explore the theme from many different perspectives, with submissions by WCRC theologians from around the world. It is suitable for use individually, in congregations or in many other contexts. It is available in six languages: English, French, German, Indonesian, Korean and Spanish. Download a copy of Prayerful Preparation

Reformation in Spanz magazine

In the Spanz winter 2017 edition [pages 14 and 15], the Rev Dr Stuart Lange and Peter Matheson each explore if the Reformation is still relevant today.

Reformation on Radio New Zealand

Great Ideas is a series, recorded in collaboration with Victoria University, about the ideas that have changed the world. It looks at what it takes to change our perspective and considers why these ideas still matter. In this episode, Megan Whelan is joined by Dr. Geoff Troughton; Professor Kathryn Walls; Dr. Derek Woodard-Lehman, and they discuss the Reformation. Listen to the Reformation podcast

Reformation reading

Hewitson Library has compiled a list of books about the Reformation covering many different aspects of this period in history as well as biographies of some key reformers.

If you aren’t already a member of Hewitson Library – don’t worry anyone can join. Please contact for details about how to become a library member, or if you are already a member, simply check out books through the normal process. Happy reading!

Reformation Christianity

Matheson, Peter  (Fortress Press, 2007)

Perhaps no period in Christian history experienced such vast religious tumult and rapid social change as the European Reformation, when it quickly became apparent that social and political issues – finding deep resonance with the common people – were deeply entwined with religious ones raised by the Reformers. In this book, social historians trace the myriad and profound ways in which Europe's several Reformations played out in the lives of common folk: in their personal spirituality and corporate worship; catechesis and discipline; sexuality and gender roles; mores surrounding marriage, birth, and baptism, aging and death; relations with Jews and Muslims; lay theologies; as well as the utopian and even revolutionary ventures they spawned.

The Reformation : Faith and Flames

Faith & Flames

Atherstone, Andrew (Lion Book, 2011) 

Bringing the period of the Reformation to vivid life, this illustrated guide looks in detail to all aspects of the time period to determine why the Reformation happened, how it was carried out, and what it ultimately achieved. The key figures from the time period are brought to life along with the key debates and controversies surrounding the time period, and are presented together in tandem with the wider political and social implications the Reformation continues to have on religion today.

The Reformation Experience: Living Through the Turbulent 16th Century

The Reformation Experience

Ives, E. W. (Lion Hudson, 2012)

The Unquenchable Flame : Introducing the Reformation

Introduction the Reformation

Reeves, Michael (Inter Varsity Press, 2009) 

Further info about the book, including reviews. Read more

Luther and Calvin on Old Testament Narratives : Reformation Thought and Narrative Text


Parsons, Michael  (Edwin Mellen Press, 2004)

The Reformation

The Reformation

MacCulloch, Diarmaid  (Penguin Books, 2005) 

Further info about the book, including reviews. Read more

The Imaginative World of the Reformation

World of the Reformation

Matheson, Peter  (T & T Clark, 2000)

A Reformation Reader: Primary Texts with Introductions and CD-ROM

A Reformation Reader

Janz, Denis  (Augsburg Fortress, 2002) 

Further info about the book, including reviews. Read more

The Reformation for Armchair Theologians

The Reformation for Armchair Theologians

Sunshine, Glenn S (Westminster John Knox Press, 2005)

Calvin: a Biography

Calvin: a Biography

Cottret, Bernard. translated by M. Wallace McDonald. W.B. Eerdmans Pub. Co., 2000

The Rhetoric of the Reformation

The Rhetoric of the Reformation

Matheson, Peter (T. & T. Clark, 1998)