Small grant

Small grants are for made for a maximum of $10,000 and are funded by the Presbyterian Foundation. Established by the 1996 General Assembly, The Presbyterian Foundation is a trust fund, to which bequests and donations may be added, and from which interest is distributed for purposes as defined by the 1998 General Assembly.

At General Assembly 2016, the work of the Presbyterian Foundation was rolled into the work of the PressGo board, who will consider all small grant applications.

Eligible Projects

Projects must be consistent with goals, priorities and policies of Presbyterian Church, as stated by the Council of Assembly. Priority will be given to:

  • Ministry of people to people
  • New creative ventures of mission, outside usual patterns and beyond current church membership
  • Collaborative ventures
  • Pilot programmes related to the above (Give it a Go)
  • Leadership development


It is not possible to support every initiative, even though there are so many worthwhile applications. Please carefully read the exclusions before applying for a grant.

  • Projects over $20,000 (maximum grant is $10,000)
  • Projects where the congregation has not contributed at least 50 percent of the project cost
  • Regular operational costs, including salaries and stipend
  • Applications from Trusts that are not part of the church
  • Vehicles
  • Technical equipment
  • Building renovations
  • Furniture or fittings
  • Ministers’ Study Leave

Who can apply?

All presbyteries, and Presbyterian and Uniting congregations in Aotearoa New Zealand are entitled to make small grant applications.

How to apply

Applications for funding generally close a month before each PressGo Board meeting. Read more about applying to PressGo for a grant including 2020 application deadlines.

Download the application form:

Contact the PressGo Catalyst, Lisa Wells for advice, on making an application.