GA18 Video

Watch the Presbyterian Church video channel for video of the General Assembly opening highlights and inspirational speakers.

Sermon by Moderator Right Rev Fakaofo Kaio

Installation of Moderator Right Rev Fakaofo Kaio  

Address by outgoing Moderator Very Rev Richard Dawson

Address by Rev Hamish Galloway’s incoming Moderator designate

Keynote speaker address by Rev Ned Ripley presented by Moderator Rt Rev Fakaofo Kaio

Keynote speaker address by Very Rev Marg Shrader

Keynote speaker address by Rev Dr Graham Redding

Address by Assembly guest Anglican Archbishop Most Rev Philip Richardson

Address by Very Rev Ray Coster on the World Council of Churches

Address by international guest Rob Floyd, Uniting Church in Australia (UCA)

Address by international guest Rev Tere Te Akaraanga-Marsters

Address by international guest Rev Tui Sopoaga, Pahina o Tokelau Church Community