Apply for the CWM New Face Programme

Applications are now open for the Council of World Mission, A New Face 2019 programme, which will be held in Auckland 7 Oct-19 Nov 2019.

About A New Face Programme 2019
ANFP19 will focus on the work and witness of ministers with disabilities. The programme will bring together a number of ministers serving in mission and ministry who live with disabilities. The primary focus of the programme will continue to be an exploration of mission and ministry.  But, we will add to this a focus on the mission and justice issues facing people with disabilities, and exposure will be given to how this is addressed by church and community projects in the Auckland context.  This will enable participants, their member churches and CWM to advocate better the vision and practice of how to be a More Able Church.  (The More Able Church fund was set up in 2016 and four member churches are developing advocacy work as a result). ANF2019 will further deepen this new area of work.

ANF is a full-time residential immersion programme that spans up to six weeks and is designed to give participants a cross-cultural experience of mission. The programme is structured to be contextual and experiential and is available for up to 6 participants. In additional to learning through the theological college, participants explore mission as transformation in their various placement settings.  The College will give participants orientation to mission in the contexts of Aotearoa-New Zealand, Maori people and the culture of the Pacific.  These include New Zealand and Island churches and community projects. Through the church and community projects participants will be exposed to issues like mission in the contexts of changing cultures, urban poverty, migration, homelessness, race and gender justice, sex work, climate change and the arts, as well as share insights into ministry and mission in congregational life. 

CWM and Trinity College will ensure the accessibility of the programme to participants with disabilities and will put in place such support as needed.  The final shape and design of the programme will be put together once we have participants, so that we can tailor location, placements etc to the needs and skills of those selected.  

How to apply
Download information about the programme and the application form. Please note that applications require the endorsement of the Assembly Executive Secretary, so please send applications to no later than the 15 December 2018. Due to the intervening holiday period and anticipated Assembly Office closure during that time, applications must be made in advance of the 14 January date noted on the form, so that there is sufficient time to process the application. Questions regarding application can be addressed to the Presbyterian Church’s AES, Rev Wayne Matheson on 04 801 6000 or email