Marriage celebrants

The Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand is recognised as a religious body under Schedule 1 of the Marriage Act 1955. This means that the Presbyterian Church has the authority to add ordained ministers to the denominational list.

Adding an ordained minister to the list

Once a minister has joined the list they are on there "for life" unless:

  • The presbytery clerk requests that their name be removed; or,
  • The minister requests that their name be removed; or,
  • The Assembly Executive Secretary advises that the minister is no longer on the roll.

Contact details must be kept up to date. Please notify your Presbytery of any changes. All other changes to the denominational list are made as they are notified.

Contact information

To request to be added or deleted from the denominational list, or to assess eligibility please contact your presbytery clerk. To update details on the list, please contact Kate Wilson. To become a marriage celebrant in your own right please contact Department of Internal Affairs.