Sources of funding

Financial resources administered by General Assembly are a small portion of the total resources available within the Church; congregations also hold significant resources which can be deployed for mission. Some of the key sources of funding administered by General Assembly are noted here.

Presbyterian Foundation

Established by the 1996 General Assembly, the Presbyterian Foundation is a trust fund, to which bequests and donations may be added, and from which interest is distributed for purposes as defined by the 1998 General Assembly.

Grants from this fund are made to projects that promote the ongoing regional and other mission of the Church, as well facilitating the development of innovative mission opportunities conceived at a local and regional level. Grants from this fund can be applied for under the small grant criteria, and are for a maximum of $10,000.

In 2016 by a decision of General Assembly, oversight of the Presbyterian Foundation funds moved to PressGo. Learn more about applying for a small grant

Mission Enterprise Fund

The 2014 General Assembly decided that 10 percent of the net sale of property proceeds, where exclusions do not apply, are released to the Mission Enterprise Fund (MEF) for the purpose of funding mission initiatives. Parishes may also opt to add a small percentage of the interest on their funds held in the Presbyterian Investment Fund into this fund if they wish.

The Mission Enterprise Fund is overseen and administered by the PressGo board. This fund makes grants to support ministry among the vulnerable and socially disadvantaged communities via Aroha grants, and MEF grants (formerly known as development grants). Learn more about applying for an Aroha grant or a MEF grant

Presbyterian Development Society

Formerly known as PSDS, Presbyterian Development provides significant support to the Presbyterian Church by way of grants. Over the years, PDS has been able to give many hundreds of thousands of dollars via hundreds of small and medium sized grants, to support local ministers and churches as well as regional and national ministries. Learn more about applying for a Presbyterian Development Society grant

The Tindall Foundation

As a Faith-based Donation Manager for The Tindall Foundation, Presbyterian Support NZ invites applications from Presbyterian churches, Co-operating Ventures, presbyteries, Presbyterian Support regional organisations and Trusts associated with the Presbyterian family.  Applications are for projects under the “Family” criteria, which is further described here.  Each year applications open in April and close late June, please see for more information.

Study awards

Knox Centre for Ministry and Leadership administers a variety of scholarships, awards and grants to support continuing study including the ministers’ life-long learning grants (formerly ministers' study grants). Learn more about study awards and grants

Best Travel Fund

The Overseas Travel Fund was renamed the Bill and Margaret Best Travel Fund in 1990 in memory of former Assembly Executive Secretary Rev. W.A. Best and his wife Margaret. The purpose of the Fund is to assist church workers wanting to further develop their area of service to the Church. The Personnel Work Group administers the Fund. More about the Best Travel Fund

External funding sources

Funds are also available from sources outside the Church. Learn more

 “Presbyterian Savings & Development Society Inc. exists solely for the purpose of serving the Presbyterian and associated churches.  It provides finance at less than market rates to churches for capital projects and grants to individual churches and national projects where funds are available”   -  then a link to our website