Global Peace & Justice

Global Mission endorsed resources and ideas that you and your parish can use to engage with global peace and justice issues within your context. 

Peace Sunday 2022
World Council of Churches Accountability Report October 2021
Twelve Faces of Hope

Peace Sunday 2022

Read a message from the Moderator for Peace Sunday 7 August 2022, and download Peace Sunday 2022 worship resources from Christian World Service here.

World Council of Churches Accountability Report

Acting General Secretary of the World Council of Churches, Rev. Prof. Dr Ioan Sauca writes: “The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the critical role of churches on health in all parts of the world, and we see that it has increased churches awareness and interest in health matters. The WCC wishes to serve the churches in this time and support them in their ministry, so that the current ‘health awakening’ is not lost but strengthened. As people of faith, even in this time of crisis and tragedy, we wish to see what we can harness from this experience and what positive change we can help inspire through our ministry in the future. In the following pages, I offer you a brief overview of the activities in October 2021 in the World Council of Churches.” (As they click on this hyperlink can it open up the attached PDF).

Twelve faces of hope

Twelve residents of Palestine representing different faith traditions and ethnic communities explain their reasons for hope despite the constant threats to peace in their region.  This excellent resource uses short video clips and written reflections that will contribute to valuable discussion and new insights. As one contributor says: “Hope is the water of the soul. We cannot live without it.” Highly recommended.

View or download twelve faces of hope resources

A gift of life

This is a link to a powerful story that should be re-told and not forgotten. It is about how one Israeli family refused to give in to hate and fear and reached out to a Palestinian family with the gift of life, despite having lost their son in a Palestinian-led suicide bombing. It’s a powerful story within the context of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. If only the incredible humanitarian sentiment expressed by this Israeli family could be understood by others, maybe there would be some hope for an eventual lasting peace. Although this happened nearly twenty years ago, the message here is timeless.

Read the story

Joint Statement on the proposed annexation of the West Bank

The Israeli Government has announced plans to annex a large area of occupied Palestinian territory on the West Bank. The following statement protesting against this move has been produced by ecumenical organisations including the World Council of Churches and the World Communion of Reformed Churches (the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand is a member of both groups).

Read or download the statement