South Korea

Partnerships with Presbyterian Churches in South Korea

The Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand has two mutual partnerships with Churches in Korea – the Presbyterian Church of Korea (PCK) and the Presbyterian Church in the Republic of Korea (PROK). The PROK originated from a split within the PCK but they now have a good relationship with each other, and share in partnership with us.

Students from the Presbyterian University and Theological Seminary (PUTS ) visit Laidlaw College in Auckland

PUTS students with Rev. Allister Lane at St. John’s Presbyterian Church in Wellington

Presbyterian Church of Korea (PCK)

We focus on three main areas in our partnership with the PCK:

  1. Ministry among the Korean community in New Zealand. Many Korean immigrants find support within Korean Presbyterian Church communities. Our Asian Ministries Coordinator liaises with Korean Churches to resource them, to help Korean immigrants feel at home in New Zealand, and encourage them to contribute to and share in the wider life of the church.
  2. Exchange ministry between churches. Working with our Asian Ministries team we facilitate exchange programmes between youth, and theological faculty staff and students, to enhance the understanding of mission and ministry in both churches and cultures.
  3. Improving ministry to Asian migrants in New Zealand. Asian immigration in New Zealand is still an area of significant missional opportunity for the church. We will continue to explore ways in which the PCK can assist us with this.

Presbyterian Church in the Republic of Korea (PROK)

The PROK is committed to peace and justice ministries, with a focus on the reconciliation of North and South Korea. Our partnership with them has developed in recent years. Examples of this are:

  1. Internships. Opportunities exist for young New Zealanders to serve on short-term internships in their outreach ministries to migrants, and supporting their peace and justice initiatives.
  2. Exchange ministries. A PROK minister, Rev. Kang-Sil Lee, has spent time being hosted by PCANZ congregations in New Zealand on her sabbatical in 2015. Ministers from PROK and the PCANZ who are taking study leave are encouraged to consider similar exchanges.

PCANZ interns have served for a short time at a PROK school for the children of migrant workers in Seoul. Read about Jordan Grimmer's experience as an intern in the Winter 2016 edition of Spanz.

Members of the PCANZ who are interested in participating in our partnerships with the PCK and PROK through internships, exchange ministries, or ministry with Korean congregations, are invited to contact the Global Mission Coordinator Phil King.