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Brockville Church Visit to South West Bay, Malekula
Vanuatu Short Term Mission Report

Read about one Wellington couple’s experience supporting mission in Vanuatu

“It definitely challenged a lot of my assumptions, and I think it is going to affect where and how I do ministry once I am ordained.” – Jordan Redding (Jordan participated in Face to Face, a CWM cultural immersion experience for theological students).

“Being involved in mission in Vanuatu has enlarged our appreciation of being part of a worldwide church – it has enlarged our perspective and helped us to grow as global followers of Jesus.” - Rev. Ron Mills (Hibiscus Coast church have a partnership with the church in Vanuatu).

“I had a fantastic time and grew a lot in my faith and how I express my faith not only in words but in my everyday life activities. I think that through this trip God opened up some doors that I had closed firmly and I am really interested where these may lead me in the future.” - Claire Salmond (Going Global trip to Vanuatu 2014).

“It has inspired me to see what positive change I can make before my time is up on this earth.” – Max Westropp (On his Global Mission internship to Seoul in the summer of 2013-2014).

“We came away from Vanuatu humbled by meeting so many devout Christians. We felt proud as members of the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa NZ when we saw the many worthwhile projects the Church is assisting with and the very cost-effective way they are doing this.” – Roy and Dawn Ferguson (Reflecting on their short term visit supporting Global Mission in Vanuatu).

“This experience helped me see what is really important in life. Relationships, yes - but also some of the key things that make relationships up. Like trust, joy and transparency. This reinforced for me what shouldering your cross can in fact look like. It has made me more aware of both the wider world outside New Zealand and also the smaller ethnic groups within NZ. It pushes me to look more outside of myself but at the same time to question and challenge areas inside of myself and my life.” – Gwyneth Key (On her Going Global trip to Myanmar)