Moderator's Cyclone Harold Appeal

The Moderator Rt Rev Fakaofo Kaio has launched a Moderator’s Appeal for Vanuatu after the significant damage caused by Cyclone Harold. Read his letter to the Church which contains details on why funds are needed and how you can donate.

View and download images of the devastation in Vanuatu and watch Brian and Ally Mackay, who recently returned from mission with the Presbyterian Church of Vanuatu, speak about Cyclone Harold-affected Vanuatu. See ongoing updates and images from Vanuatu on the Global Mission Facebook

Read the 20 May 2020 appeal update from the Moderator. As of 15 May, congregations and members have raised $33,000. Well done for giving so generously in the current circumstances. The appeal closed 9 June 2020.

Read the 3 July appeal update from the Moderator. The appeal has raised over $60,000, and the Moderator provides an update on how the funds are being used to support the Presbyterian Church of Vanuatu's recovery efforts.