Post-graduate faith-based leadership courses

From February 2019, managers and leaders in faith-based organisations will be able to gain postgraduate qualifications via new programmes offered by the University of Otago’s Department of Theology and Religion. 

The qualifications – a Postgraduate Diploma in Faith-Based Leadership and Management and a Master of Faith-Based Leadership and Management – are being offered in conjunction with the Otago Business School’s Master of Business Administration (MBA) programme.  

The new qualifications will provide professional development for leaders in faith-based organisations, those hoping to enter into this sphere of work, and those involved in leadership and management in parish churches, or in ministries based in local churches.

Faith-Based Leadership and Management are offered by Distance Learning, by way of the University’s videoconference network.

Studying Faith-Based Leadership and Management by Distance Learning is also an option for people who live in Dunedin; it is particularly useful for those whose work commitments prevent them from attending lectures during the day.

More information about the papers, programme requirements, costs and other information, see the University of Otago Theology Department website: