Pray for Children week 2-8 Aug resources

This year, for Praying for Children week 2 – 8 August, the Presbyterian Children & Families Ministry (PCFM) have once again partnered with Presbyterian Support to encourage prayer and to provide resources for congregations.

This year’s theme is, “Sowing Seeds of Love” and being inclusive of all children.  You will find that the resources PCFM have provided encourage a specific focus for prayer for each day of the week. They invite you and your communities of faith to think and pray about the inclusion and nurture of all children in our churches, our communities, and our homes.   

Please see the Praying for Children – Karakia Mo Ngā Tamariki resources on the new Presbyterian Children & Families Ministry website – including bookmark, Powerpoint, and music.

PCFM encourage you to distribute these resources, as well as include them in your Sunday service on 2 August.

You can use the resources of the ‘Praying for Children’ initiative to make space, look around and ask some questions like: What would it take to include children who may be a bit different, or have particular challenges? How can we be better?

For the 2020 Praying for Children initiative, a bookmark has been created. On the back on the bookmark are a list of phrases, one for each day -  use for a simple prayer and to give a focus to your prayer for that day.

Copies of the bookmark should be available in parishes after 27 July 2020, or click here for a set of five version to print and share.

Follow along with Rev Roxy Gahegan’s blog Seeds of Love, for prayers and pause points to accompany each of the daily themes.

For more information on Praying for Children week, contact Presbyterian Children & Families Ministry.