WCC Webinar: Churches promoting renewable energy and climate protection

Mr Chris Lambourne, is the manager of the Te Ra Power project of the St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church in Flaxmere, New Zealand, and is one of the guest speakers at this webinar.

Date and time

Tuesday, 18 August from 8:00pm - 9:30pm


We are living in a state of climate emergency. The most recent reports from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change reveal that we are well on our way to exceeding the relatively safe threshold of 1.5°C warming above pre-industrial levels in as little as a decade, with devastating consequences on the global poor.
‘Walking the talk’ on climate justice demands significant changes in the way our churches operate and use energy, in how we conduct our worships and gatherings, and more.
This webinar aims to address the following questions: How can churches transition from use of climate change-causing fossil fuels to renewable energy sources? How can we provide sustainable energy to disadvantaged communities? Are there alternative community-based and climate friendly mobility systems? How do they work and how can churches implement or support them? What else can we do as churches to protect our climate as well as to help build climate resiliency in our communities?

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Dr Mathew KOSHY
Green Church campaigner since 1992, environmental scientist and writer. Mathew is Honorary Director of the Ecological Department of the Church of South India Synod.
Advocate of sustainable energy for all, with a background in the electrical industry. Chris is the manager of the Te Ra Power project of the St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church in Flaxmere, New Zealand.
Environmental scientist with a passion for advocating for the reconciliation and renewal of all creation. Jessica is Director of the Five Leaf Eco-awards and serves as Uniting Earth Advocate at the Uniting Church of Australia.
Climate activist and church worker since youth. Frances heads the Stewardship and Climate Change Team as well as has oversight of all programmes at the Pacific Conference of Churches based in Fiji.

Rev Henrik GRAPE, Senior advisor on care for creation, sustainability and climate justice, WCC
Ms Annalisse ECLIPSE, Intern, Economic and Ecological Justice Project, WCC

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