World Day of Prayer is on 6 March

This year, World Day of Prayer services will be held on Friday, 6 March, using material written by women from Zimbabwe.

The service and Bible study, “Rise! Take your Mat and Walk” focus on the meeting between Jesus and a man in need of healing. In this story, the women of Zimbabwe find hope for their nation.

Remembering their past struggle for independence and the strength of family and community, they invite New Zealanders to join them in prayer and solidarity for the future.

Nonny Mathe, an artist from Bulawayo, painted this year’s image to show the transition from the country’s difficult past to a more prosperous and promising future. The image shows the need for love, healing and reconciliation inspired by John 5:2-9a.

The World Day of Prayer Committee encourages people to use the resources in other services (download resources here). For more information contact your local World Day of Prayer organising group or Zella at

The World Day of Prayer is a global movement of Christian women. Begun in the US and Canada in the nineteenth century, it became a global movement in 1927.