Personal Manuscript Papers


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SAGE, David GF. : (MS) "The Jubilee History iof the Young Men's Bible Class Union" by Clive Sage. 1952  
SALMOND, Arthur : Records re. Rev William Salmond 1872-1928  
SALMOND, V. Rev. Prof. James David : Assorted papers and reports, photos, MS "The Theological Hall in Knox College", bibliography of unpublished material, lecture notes, articles in "The Otago Daily Times", "The Star" and "The Outlook", published works and joural articles. c.1955  
SALMOND, James Louis : (MS) "The Story of the Salmond Family" c.1948  
SALMOND, Miss Mary : Graduation photos c.1914  
SALMOND, Rev. William : Sermons and papers 1879-1888  
SANSOM, Rev. Norman : (TS) "Offenders against Army Discipline" c.1943  
SAUNDERS, E. Lorraine : Personal papers re Ludhiana and Jagadhri, books on sadhu Sundar Singh, slides and photos. 1954-1989  
SCARLET, Rev. Albert L. : Diaries, newsletters, ephemera 1949-1985  
SCARROW, Rev, John A. : Memoirs of life in the Ministry c.1945 onwards 1 item
SCHRADER, Rev. Margaret : Address to APW Regionla Conference. 1983  
SCHRADER, Warren J. : Letters re the Hula-Hula Batak Community Centre 1977  
SCHWEITZER, Albert : Letter to a New Zealand congregation 1954  
SCOTT, Rev. Donald D. : Historical papers re - Centennial of the Presbyterian Church of New Zealand 1940; Union of the Presbyterian Church of New Zealand (Northern) and the Presbyterian Synod of Otago & Southland in 1901; Scrapbook. 1842-1939; c.1945  
SCOTT, Rev. Harold S. : Publication papers, reports, Presbytery minutes. 1867-1980  
SEWELL, Eleanor (Later married Gordon troup : Study notes re New Zealand Student Christian Movement. 1925  
SHARKIE, John (Lay Preacher) : Sermons n.d.  
SHEAT, Rev. Norman R. : Theses, sermons, lectures given at Theological Hall. 1956, 1990-1991  
SHEMELD, Mrs W. : Letter of appreciation from Knox Church PWMU [Presbyterian Women's Missionary Union]


SHEPHERD, Alexander : Obituary and Memorial service 1907  
SIDEY, Rev. David : Papers re appointment to St Paul's Napier; Illuminated address from West Calder United Presbyterian Church. 1868-1871, 1871  
SIDEY, Thomas Kay : Photocopy pamphlet of appreciation for Sir Thomas Sidey (an active member of Caversham Presbyterian Church)    
SIMPSON Rev. Archibald : Autobuiographical sketch 1993  
SIMPSON, Mrs Margaret : Address given at Ardgowan PWMU Jubilee "My LIfe in the Manse" 1955  
SIMPSON, R. Allan : Studies, historical papers, sermons, and addresses 1960-1992  
SIMPSON, Mrs Zola (wife of Rev. Archibald Simpson) : "My Faith Journey - Looking Back". 1999  
SINCLAIR, Rev. John G. : Lectures given ny Rev JD Salmond at Theological Hall, various papers on New LIfe Movement and Christian Education. 1950-1955,
SMAILL, Mr John (Jack) C. : Papers re New LIfe Movement, Geering heresy trial, papers relating to Presbyterian Church Offices at 114 The Terrace Wellington (old building), Dalmuir House & Greenoch House, ephemera relating to Centennial of Wellington Presbytery, photos 1957-1981  
SMAILL, Rev Thomas : Photocopies of correspondence sent from the New Hebrides to his family in South Clutha, account of his death in 1902 written by Helen Smaill. 1896-1902  
SMITH, Sr. A. Gladys : photos    
SMITH, Edmund Merritt : Family papers incl. letters & Minute of Appreciation relating to retirement in 1930 of Fred Smith, Factor of the Synod of Otago & Southland; Otago Sunday School Union Examination certificate. 1897-1930  
SMITH, V. Rev. James Douglas : Papers relating to year as Moderator of the PCNZ, ppares relating to Book of Order and Judicial Committee. 1948
Smith, Rev. JG : Photo    
SMITH, Mrs Jane McCosh : Diary, beginning with voyagle to New Zealand in 1870, then covering homes, gardens, people, travel around Otago Peninsula and into Central Otago to the Mt Ida Parish. 1870 onwards  
SOMERVILLE, Mr James : Shipboard diary on the "Blundell", reocllections of Sunday worship in Warepa Parish. 1848, 1890 2 records
SOMERVILLE, V. Rev. Dr. John (Jack) S. : Correspondence, Association of Affiliated Colleges and Halls, Sermons and addresses; papers re Somerville family, University of Otago, Knox College Council; photos. 1910-1993 82 records
SOMERVILLE, Rev. Thomas C. : Sermons and worship service sheets, correspondence on the Geering controversy. 1968-1979
SOMERVILLE, Rev. Robert : Biography covering his Ministry and the lives of his family. 1999  
SPENCE, Sr. Jane Annie (Allison) : "Sister Allison" - Biographical sketch by Maria J. Park (TS and photos); Spence family research notes. 1987,
SPENCE, Rev. William : Autobiography written in 1939 beginning in Orkney, emigration to NZ 1888, training and ordination, induction into Cust Parish South canterbury, moved to Austrlia 1917. 1868-1939  
SPENCER, Rev. Phil. M. : Parish Calls (Knox Gisborne, Te Puke, St Aidan's Northcote) 1959, 1964, 1972  
STANDAGE, Rev. ACW : Photos    
STARNES, John Horace : Children's talk, parish calls, Thesis. 1926-1958 3 records
STEELE, Rev. James T.V. : Sermons, articles 1925-1946 24 items
STEPHENSON, AJ : Photos relating to Pounawea Conventions, St Stephen's North Dunedin parish.    
STEVELY, Rev. William A. : Sermons, call from First Church Dunedin, Free Mason's certificate and medal 1930-1950  
STEVENS, Rev. Andrew : Genealogical chart of family of Mariann Campbell, wife of Andrew Stevens (TS), sermons (22), "Address before Communicating" (MS) 1923
STEVENS, Rev. Ewing C. : Newspaper clippings relating to book written by Ewing Stevens - "Jesus" 1973  
STEWART, Mrs Jessie S. (née Lockhart) : Letters from Bella Currie (known to her friends as "Jim") to her family, letters from William McCaw (Jr.) and James McCaw to Sarah, scrapbooks and newspaper clippings re the McCaw family, ephemera & publications. 1865-1955 18 records
STOBO, Rev. Andrew Hamilton : Diary (photocopy) & other records. c.1865-1877  
STORKEY, Rev. Douglas W. : Sermons and letters of condolence, photos. 1962, 2002  
STOUT, Robert : Letter to Rev D. Fraser (TS) 1867  
STRANG, Dr. Peter J.H. : Medical Mission papers pertaining to Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands incl. Helena Goldie Hospital; Medical articles, letters, clinical diaries, Christian Medical Fellowship, journals. 1970-1993 5 boxes
STUART, Rev. Dr. Donald McNaughton : Correspondence (inward & outward), "Your Mission" poem 1862-1894  
SUTHERLAND, Rev Arthur F. : Biographic sketch by his daughter (TS) 1993  
SUTHERLAND, Sr Violet Jessie : Letter from Kharar, India (MS) 1931  


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