Canton Villages & South China Mission Photos

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A limited search facility now exists to view recorded details of Canton Villages (South China) Mission related photographs in our collections. This database may be searched via our on-site search engine or manually by clicking below to bring up the databases and then following the instructions at the top of each page.

1897 to 1910
1911 to 1920
1921 to 1925
1926 to 1930
1931 to 1935
1936 to 1940
1941 to 1952

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Lung T'ong Villagers, 1901
Chinese Restaurant
Yan Woh Schoolboys
Blind Girls, Canton
Braille Class, Canton
Chinese Actors
Ancestral Tablets
Inmates of Canton Gaol
First CVM Chapel, Fook Yuen Shui, 1905
CVM Missionaries & Children, 1914
Hat & Shoe Stall, Canton
Kong Chuen Mission Buildings, c.1930
Reception to Governor of Hong Kong

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