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The Foreign Missions Office was once the busy administrative centre of our Missions organization. Today it's records are available as an on line resource containing over 600 pages of condensed historical information giving an overview of the Foreign Mission activities of the New Zealand Presbyterian Church from 1867. This material includes India (Madras and The Punjab), South China, New Hebrides (Vanuatu) and the Chinese in New Zealand.

We invite usage of this original material and our vast resource of Missions related records and photos by private individuals, students and anyone with an interest in studying the history of our Missions and of the Missionaries themselves. Our Mission Archives are a unique primary resource for those who wish to study various historical and religious aspects of Mission activity in foreign countries including a wide range of secular, political, ethnographic and racial related issues.

Please Read Before Accessing Manuscript Material :

Prior to accessing the Mission manuscript material, we strongly recommend reading the following information pages first to gain an overview of the material and how it is organized and described. This will assist you to more easily understand and navigate through the various aspects of the Mission organization and its manuscript records.

You may access the manuscript information through the "Subject Categories" section below or by using our search engine above. The search engine will aid in pinpointing general topics throughout the whole manuscript material however accessing the "Subject Categories" pages will give you a more concise and controlled idea of where you are searching. Navigation links on the correspondence pages will guide you further.


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The Foreign Missions Office Library :

Mission Histories :

A history of each of our Mission areas

Mission Photos :

A selection of images from each Mission area. Click on the thumbnails to see a larger image

Missionary Papers :

This link lists old personal papers we hold (eg : personal correspondence, diaries, private family histories etc).

In Memoriam :

A short biographical tribute with photos dedicated to our Missionaries who died on the Mission field or as a direct result of having served on the field.

Our Privacy Policy :

Archive material of a sensitive or personal nature may be restricted for public access at the Archivist's discretion. Staff and financial records for Missionaries still living will not be available and may remain restricted until 50 years after death. Any access will be at the Archivist's discretion for the express purposes of bona fide academic study or immediate family research subject to each individual's circumstances. General public perusal of such material will not be permitted under any circumstances.

Our Copying Policy :

In order to assist the preservation of our archival material, the majority of our Mission material may not be copied except for limited items required for specific and defined research purposes.

This project was initially funded by a special grant from the 'World Council For Mission'.

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Native Chief, Futuna Island, New Hebrides

A Native Chief from Futuna Island in the New Hebrides [Vanuatu], c.1905


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